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Cat Cafes in Texas: 4 Purr-fect Spots for Coffee and Cute Cats

Cats and coffee… could there be a more perfect combination? We don’t think so!

Cat cafes first became popular in Taiwan and Japan, before taking the rest of the world by storm.

Some cat cafes simply offer a quiet place to enjoy some time with the permanent cat residents, while others offer spaces where you can meet adoptable cats and apply to take them home.

If you live in Texas, we’ve rounded up 4 of the best cat cafes in your state – so head on out and enjoy them!cat face divider 2

1. El Gato Coffeehouse

El gato coffeehouse cat cafe

Houston’s first cat café provides a temporary home for adoptable cats from Friends for Life. Since opening in 2017, they’ve rehomed 232 kitties and counting. Online booking is recommended, but once at the coffeehouse, you can choose from a wide range of food and drinks to enjoy with the resident cats… perhaps a LeMEOWnade or a Coconut Meowchata?

Your booking allows for one hour to spend with the cats, although you can also purchase discounted 3 hour passes for weekdays. At El Gato, you can also enjoy a range of events including Yoga with Cats, Cat Lovers Book Club, Meowvie Nights, and more. Sign us up! You can also buy a range of cat-themed merchandise, including clothing, jewelry, and of course, toys for your cat!

  • El Gato Coffeehouse can be found at 508 Pecore Street, Suite A, Houston, TX 77009.

2. The Charming Cat Corner

The charming cat cafe

This large café evolved as a better way to allow members of the public to meet adoptable rescue cats in a more relaxed setting. You can enjoy interacting with all the cats here in a variety of different rooms, including a Victorian Parlor and even a Cardboard Box room… sure to be a favorite with the cats!

The cats who live at the Charming Cat Café come from the rescue organization Kitty Save. So, if you fall in love with a cat over your cappuccino… you can apply to adopt them. The Charming Cat Corner includes a coupon for the nearby food court within their admission fee, so you can choose your food and drink there and take them into the cat café.

  • The Charming Cat Corner can be found at Music City Mall, Vista Ridge, Lewisville, Dallas, TX 75067.

3. The Casual Cat Café

The casual cat cafe
Image credit: The Casual Cat Cafe

All the kitties who live at The Casual Cat Café are ready to go to their new homes! These cats come from a range of different rescue and shelter organizations – so come and enjoy a drink and snack with them while you get to know them better. You can also bring your own food, or even order a takeout to be delivered to you at this cat café!

There’s also a retail section selling a range of cat-themed items – you don’t need to pay an admission fee to browse the selection of Canidae cat food, cat toys, and other merchandise in this area. This café also offers a cat boarding facility – which is separate from the café so your cat can enjoy their own private suite to enjoy while you’re out of town.

  • The Casual Cat Café can be found at 7264 Glenview Drive, Richland Hills, TX 76180.

4. The San Antonio Cat Café

San Antonio cat cafe

This relaxed café offers the chance to hang out with a cool gang of cats and kittens who are all ready to be adopted. You can book a two-hour session online, and enjoy cuddling the cats while sipping your coffee. They also offer a range of fun cat-themed events including Wine and Whiskers, birthday parties, and movie nights.

You can also apply to work with the café as a volunteer – offering help for a wide range of tasks from helping with arts and crafts sessions (cat-themed, of course!) to making blankets for the resident cats.

  • The San Antonio Cat Café can be found at 10458 Sentinel Street, San Antonio, TX 78217,

but note that they are due to move to a new location soon!

cat paw dividerNote: Some of these cat cafes are also open to showing different aspects of cat care, such as shaving, nail trimming, and other interesting ways to care for a cat.

There also used to be a popular cat cafe in Austin, Texas called “Blue Cat Cafe.” However, it sadly had to close down. It’s rumored that it will reopen in the near future. We’ll let you know if it does!

Featured image credit: Olivier Bruchez, Flickrr