Choosing the right cat food for your furry friend can often be a tiresome and confusing process – there are just so many different brands and flavors to consider. To make the process easier for you, we regularly review the best cat food brands on the market, helping you to make a purchase decision you're confident in!

You can find all of our cat food reviews of different cat food brands below!

Best Cat Food by Type

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Cat Food Reviews By Brand (A to Z)

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Cat Food Ratings - Top 16 Brands

How We Rate Cat Food

Customer Satisfaction

We at Excited Cats understand and value the importance of keeping our readers informed, and we place heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction. When reviewing cat foods, we make sure to comb through every piece of information we can find about the company, the product, and the reviews of real-life consumers. This includes reading hundreds of reviews on major retail outlets like Chewy and Amazon, evaluating feedback on forums, and devouring as many user-based articles as we can get our hands on. We even include a section in our reviews that highlights what users are saying about each product for increased transparency.

Analysis of the Primary Ingredients

We gauge the quality of each label’s main ingredients by measuring the proportion of high-quality elements that make up a balanced, feline diet. In the best cat foods, we expect to see a surplus of quality-sourced meat with minimal fillers. We scour labels for the inclusion of any harmful additives or controversial ingredients and are sure to disclose all our findings in our reviews.

Recall History

Understanding the recall history of a label is influential in any consumer’s purchasing decisions. We offer complete transparency surrounding all recalls that have transpired since the creation of the label, providing information on the seriousness of recall itself along with the company’s response to the incident. We include information on any and all recalls of a brand, whether it be in cat food or another category. This gives our readers the knowledge to make informed purchasing decisions.


Price plays a fundamental role in feline nutrition, which is why we weigh it as an important component when rating cat food. In order to measure price efficiency, we first analyze the ingredient composition of each recipe, taking into consideration the ratio of low-cost fillers to premium produce. Then we compare its makeup to that of other brands offered at the same price point.

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Brand vs Brand Comparisons

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Cat Food Reviews By Category

We also regularly review the best cat foods on the market according to popular categories – breed, size, particular uses, and more! You can find the full list of our cat food reviews in our Cat Food section, and here are a few of them below:

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What Can Your Cat Eat?

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