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100+ Cat Names That Start with Z: Popular Male & Female Ideas

Cats are unique animals, and each has a character that makes them stand out. But they need a recognizable name to fit their personality or appearance in the best way possible. Many owners struggle to name their cats, but we are here to give you some inspiration.

We made a list with many exciting names that start with the letter Z, so stick with us for more ideas.

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How to Name Your Cat

When naming your cat, there are a lot of things you should take into consideration. For example, give them a name that is easy for them to remember and try words that have double syllables. This will make it easier to say their name repeatedly when calling them.

If you have other pets, you can give them a name that rhymes with the other pets’ names, which is adorable. Many owners name their cats after movie or cartoon characters, musicians, and, believe it or not, food. Either way, the most important thing is that you like the name you gave to your cat and that your cat learns to respond to their name.


Cat Names That Start with Z Based On Personality

Naming your cat after its personality can be an excellent option. Zen might be the perfect name if you have a chilled cat that sleeps all day and wakes up when it’s time to eat. On the other hand, if your cat loves to run and play the whole day, you can call them Zoomie.

Here are some other gender-neutral names in this category:

  • Zappa
  • Zee
  • Zeno
  • Zero
  • Zesty
  • Zimba
  • Zuma
  • Zumba
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Image Credit: Janmarcustrapp, Pixabay

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Male Names That Start with Z

You are in the right place if you have a male cat and you still need to name it. Here we will give you a list of male names for every type of cat, from docile and calm to hyperactive and adventurous.

  • Zaboo
  • Zach
  • Zachary
  • Zami
  • Zander
  • Zaney
  • Zap
  • Zeek
  • Zeppy
  • Zhuzhu
  • Zibloc
  • Ziccer
  • Zick
  • Zim
  • Zimi
  • Zinger
  • Zinger
  • Zinko
  • Zio
  • Zodiac
  • Zuni
Image Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

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Female Names That Start with Z

Female cats tend to be more elegant, sometimes acting like real divas. With that said, you should give your female cat a name that can relate to their feminine traits but also consider other characteristics that they have.

  • Zahara
  • Zana
  • Zannah
  • Zaya
  • Zazzles
  • Zebra
  • Zeca
  • Zelda
  • Zera
  • Zeva
  • Zia
  • Ziga
  • Zila
  • Zim
  • Zinnia
  • Zio
  • Ziva
  • Zoa
  • Zoe
  • Zola
  • Zora
  • Zoya
  • Zui
  • Zula
  • Zulu
  • Zuri
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Image Credit: Just-Mila, Shutterstock

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Names That Start with Z Inspired by Movie or Cartoon Characters

If you are a movie or cartoon fanatic, the idea that you should give your cat a name inspired by a character probably crossed your mind at one time or another. So if you are not sure, here’s a list of some iconic movie or cartoon characters whose name starts with Z:

  • Zabuza
  • Zag
  • Zaku
  • Zangief
  • Zaran
  • Zarina
  • Zazie
  • Zazu
  • Zed
  • Zeke
  • Zephyr
  • Zeref
  • Zeri
  • Zetsu
  • Zeus
  • Zig
  • Zira
  • Zombie
  • Zori
  • Zorro
  • Zundapp
  • Zurg
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Image Credit: Katrina Brown, Shutterstock

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Names That Start with Z Inspired by Musicians

A lot of inspiration in our lives comes from popular media and trends that famous singers set. Everybody has their favorite song and favorite musician, so it is no surprise that a lot of people name their cats after their favorite musicians. If you are interested in doing that, here are some ideas:

  • Zach
  • Zack
  • Zak
  • Zara
  • Zayn
  • Zaz
  • Zella
  • Zendaya
  • Zhou
  • Zhu
  • Ziezie
  • Ziggy
  • Zizi
  • Zuchu
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Image Credit: JordiStock, Shutterstock

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Food-Inspired Names That Start with Z

If you are a food lover, you would be surprised at how many food names you can give to your cat. From some of your favorite foods to some less known, here’s a list of some exciting food names that start with the letter Z:

  • Zaatar
  • Zampone
  • Zander
  • Zapote
  • Zeppole
  • Zest
  • Zevia
  • Zima
  • Zingers
  • Ziti
  • Zizania
  • Zoni
  • Zucchini
  • Zuccotto
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Image Credit: Pixel-Shot, Shutterstock

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Getting a new cat is exciting, but sometimes it can be a bit stressful because you want to make everything right, including giving your cat a proper name. You want the name of your cat to describe your cat’s personality and sound beautiful. We gave you a list of all the great words that start with the letter Z based on musicians, movie and cartoon characters, and food. We hope that we helped you in making your decision.

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