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35 Cat Puns: Funny & Adorable Word Play for Cats

Puns are a fun a clever way of adding quirky and quick fire humor bound to create smiles where ever you share them. So what happens when you combine your love for all things feline and a few silly puns? Purr-fection.


Funny Cat Puns

Simple and clever one liners are likely the most common cat puns. Read on for a few zingers sure you get a few laughs.

  • The cat couldn’t stop laughing or crying. He had a case of hissteria.
  • The cat was pawsitive the kitten had been sent to take over his litterbox. 
  • Every time the dog came around the kitten would act catatonic.  
  • The kitten’s presence was furr-midable to the dog so he stayed fur away.
  • My cat thinking he’s a God comes from his ancestors origin of ancient Egyptian Hiss-tory.
  • The cat hated going to the bathroom. He litter-aly avoided his box at all costs. 
  • I wish my kitten had a paws button for the middle of the night.
  • Once the cat was finished giving himself a bath, his owner rewarded by with a round of a-paws. 
  • The cat found getting his nails trimmed to be a-paw-ling. 
  • Working on improving my cat’s mood – he’s got a real cattitude sometimes.
  • Coming home to find your kitten has destroyed your furniture is a real catastrophe.
  • I purr-ceive my cat as happy when I pet her.
  • I don’t know what it is about cats, but I find them incredibly purr-suasive.
  • I tried to give my cat a lemon because he’s always such a sour puss. 
  • The dog thought the cat sleeping in his dog bed was purr-posterous. 
  • My cat may not be the cutest, but he’s got the sweetest purrsonality.
  • I can barely hear my cat meow, it’s like he whispurrs. 
  • Giving your cat a bath is so Faux Paw!
  • The pound had pawable claws to suspect the cat had been a stray. 
  • Where do cats throw away their garbage? The litter box. 
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Cat Puns as Jokes

Pun jokes are irresistibly funny no matter how they are delivered. Add in the feline factor and they become instant hits for any pet owner!

  • What did the cat say to his owner after receiving a new collar for his birthday? Its purr-fect!
  • What did the cat say when he found his food dish empty? You’ve cat to be kitten me.
  • What do felines say to their pet pals on their birthday? Happy Purrthday!
  • What color is every cats favorite? Purr-ple.
  • Where do people take their cats to get their nails trimmed? Claw enforcement.
  • How are you feline? I’m a-mew-sed. 
  • Why does the cat have daily baths? To ensure her fur stays purr-dy.
  • What does a cat hold all of its belongings in? A Purr-se. 
  • How does a rich feline get around? A Furr-ari.
  • Why was the cat locked up for 9 of his lives? Pawsession of catnip. 
  • What does every kitten pack when they go for a sleepover? Pawjamas.
  • What does a cat order on a taco tuesday? A Purrito!
  • What makes a cat feel better when she’s ill? Playing mew sick.
  • What does a cat whose bowl is empty at 3 am say ? Help meowt and fill my bowl!

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We hope that you have enjoyed our list of cat puns. Feel free to sneak these little jokes into your day, and if your feeling creative, take a shot at making a few on your own. They are quite fun once you get the hang of it! 

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