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10 Homemade Cat Treat Recipes (Vet Approved)

Offering your cat the occasional can of tuna may seem like the simplest DIY cat treat around but with a bit more preparation, you can create an adorable and delicious treat your furr baby won’t be able to resist – that is sure to last much longer than a can of tuna! When preparing cat treats it’s important to remember that felines are carnivores and are more likely to appreciate a treat with protein rather than one without.

If you want to learn how to make cat treats – this is a great place to start. Here are our favorite recipes, each receiving approval from our pets and vets alike!

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1. Sardine & Flax Seed Cat Treats

This Sardine & Flax Seed treat is the perfect combination of kitty comfort food and a healthy additive to keep your kitty regular. They won’t even notice that you’ve snuck grains into their treat!

2. Turkey Triangle Homemade Cat Treats

With these delightful triangles, your feline is getting a flavorful punch of turkey, which is a perfect kitty treat for every holiday season!

3. Spinach & Chicken Cat Treats

Chicken is another cat favorite and with a dash of spinach – you have a well rounded and scrumptious cat treat.


4. Tuna Bites

If your cat has a sensitive tummy – there is a treat alternative for them! This Tuna Bite recipe is simple to make, delicious for your cat, and easy on their belly!

5. Pumpkin & Tuna Cat Treats

There is nothing basic about this recipe! You might be surprised to learn that cats also enjoy this fall squash just as much as their human counterparts. Create a pumpkin and tuna treat to share with your cat while you sip on your pumpkin spiced latte.

6. Homemade Salmon Cat Treats

You really can’t go wrong with an easy 3 ingredient treat. Make something new and exciting for your kitty with these salmon cat treats.

7.  Cat Treats from Wet Cat Food

Most cat owners will able to able to throw this simple, 3 ingredient cat treat recipe together in a flash! Most of us have a can of wet cat food kicking around, so why not change it up and serve your kitty something new and exciting?

8. Tuna & Parsley Cat Treats

Tuna seems to be a hot commodity in the feline world. Keep a can or two in your pantry so the next time you make cookies, you are able to provide a simple tuna biscuit for your cat as well!

9. Chicken & Rice Cat Treats

This cat treat recipe is a great alternative for anyone with infants! The secret ingredient? A jar of chicken and rice baby food, of course!

10. Catnip Bliss Ball Treats

Now, for anyone looking to put a little pep in their cat’s step – this is the treat for you. A perfect blend of delicious treat combined with the addicting aroma of catnip – this is sure to be a kitty cat favorite!

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Of course baking any sort of cat treat is sure to leave a scent in the air no kitty can refuse. We hope that you enjoyed learning how to make cat treats by bringing these recipes to life and that your cat enjoys eating them all up!

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