Hepatitis in Cats: Signs, Causes, and Care (Vet Answer)

vet holding burma cat

You may not have heard of hepatitis in cats (more accurately referred to as cholangitis/cholangiohepatitis), but it is one of the leading causes of liver disease in our feline friends 1. This article will explain the different types of inflammatory liver disease that occur in cats, as well as their causes, signs, treatment, and prognosis. … Read more

Epilepsy in Cats: Signs, Treatments & Causes (Vet Answer)

Sick sad cat lying on the bed

Epilepsy is probably one of the scariest diseases out there. The first time it happens, it’s always traumatic—for the cat and the humans. It is good to review and know what to do during a seizure, even if your cat does not have epilepsy, in case it suddenly happens. Especially since you will not have … Read more

Cat Bladder Cancer: When to Euthanize (Vet Answer)

Sick sad cat lying on the bed

Having to make the decision to euthanize a beloved companion is one of the hardest parts of being a pet parent. Even if your cat has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, knowing exactly when to say goodbye is tricky. Naturally, we want to keep our fur babies with us for as long as possible, … Read more

6 Signs You Need to Change Your Cat’s Food (Vet Answer)

a man feeding his domestic cat

As a cat owner, you want to provide your feline friend with the best nutrition to keep them healthy and happy. But just like people, your cat’s nutritional needs will change throughout its lifetime. There are several possible reasons, such as age, health issues, or a food allergy. In this article, we’ll look at instances … Read more

Warbles (Wolf Worm) in Cats – (Vet Answer) Causes, Signs, and Care

closeup of a cat with ringworm

Warbles and “wolf worm” are colloquial terms that describe the same thing—the larval form of the Cuterebra fly. The adult fly itself is sometimes referred to as the North American rabbit or rodent fly. If a cat becomes infested with the Cuterebra larvae, which encyst or “hide” in different tissues, the cat is said to have Warbles. … Read more

Kidney Stones in Cats (Vet Answer): Causes, Signs & Care

vet holding a pet's kidney stone

Crystals, minerals, and precipitates—these things can form and grow within an animal’s urinary tract system to become what is called a stone (also referred to as a urolith or calculi). Stones can vary both in where they are located in the urinary tract system as well as what they are composed of. When they occur … Read more

Will a Cat Eye Infection Heal On its Own? Our Vet Explains

Cat with eye infection looking at camera

Cats get eye infections for several reasons, with viruses, injuries, and allergies being the most common causes. It goes without saying that the eyes are crucial to a cat’s overall health—they use them constantly to jump, hide, and navigate their environment. However, eyes are also extremely delicate structures, so any abnormality in your cat’s eyes … Read more

Roundworms in Cats: Causes, Signs & Care (Vet Answer)

peaceful happy calico short hair cat with white stomach sleeping ground surface carpet

We occupy the planet with all sorts of creatures, and whilst we don’t particularly like to think about it, worms appear to believe that our pets (and even us!) make comfortable and nourishing homes in which they can thrive. However, unfortunately, this belief isn’t reciprocated by their hosts, and worms can have deleterious consequences for … Read more

Lungworm In Cats (Vet Answer): Signs, Causes & FAQ

the tail of a cat lungworm

Lungworms are a type of parasitic infection seen in cats. Most frequently this is seen in outdoor only, or indoor/outdoor cats, and is most commonly caused by the roundworm parasite. The lungworms will grow and develop in different areas of the respiratory tract, causing issues as they grow and reproduce. Continue reading to learn more … Read more