Whipworms in Cats – Causes, Signs & Care Tips

Sick cat medicines

Roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and heartworms are all common internal parasites that can cause many health problems for cats.1 Their presence in your cat’s body can be dangerous for their health and contaminate your environment. But there is another type of worm that is less common in cats in North America: whipworms.2 Let’s learn what vets … Read more

Ear Infections in Cats – Causes, Signs & Care Tips

cleaning the ear of a white cat

It’s always terrible when our cats come down with something. Whether it’s a cold or an injury, we want to get them feeling better again as soon as possible. One of the more uncommon things a cat can come down with is an ear infection; because these are so uncommon in felines, people often have … Read more

Conjunctivitis In Cats – Causes, Signs & Care Tips

cat with irratated eye

Conjunctivitis is a common illness that can affect a cat’s eyes. It has some easily recognizable signs and is fortunately treatable, but it’s vital for owners to be familiar with the condition. If conjunctivitis is suspected, owners must take their cat to the vet to be treated quickly; the condition can be infectious and spread … Read more

How Do Cat Claws Work? (How They Come Out & Retract)

cat claws when kneading

Cats are creatures of mystery and mischief, so much so that even their anatomy is fascinating. But no part of a cat’s body is as mysterious as its claws. A cat’s claws are its weapons of choice; cats flex their talons on toys, scratchers, and sometimes even on their owners! But where do they go … Read more

How Do You Know When Cat Labor Is Over? (5 Signs)

mother cat giving birth to her child

If you’ve ever been in a delivery room or seen a character give birth on a television show, you have an idea of how stressful labor can be. While a cat in labor isn’t exactly comparable, it can still be stressful for you as the cat owner. During your cat’s labor, you may wonder, when … Read more

How Do Cats Squeeze into Small Spaces? (The Surprising Details!)

British shorthair cat hiding

You may have come across a video of a cute kitty sleeping peacefully in a small glass vase or somehow sneaking under a bathroom door. These feats are impressive, and one can only wonder how cats can squeeze into such small spaces. The answer to this question involves multiple aspects of their anatomy. Let’s take … Read more

Are Cats Able to Feel Pain in Their Whiskers? (Vet Answer)

close up of cat whiskers

Your cat is cute as a button, with a friendly face made even more endearing by the presence of whiskers. But aside from their visual appeal, what purpose do whiskers serve in our feline friends? If trimmed or damaged, can cats feel pain in their whiskers? Thankfully, while cat whiskers can transmit sensory information, they … Read more

Can a Cat Catch a Cold from a Dog? (Vet Reviewed Facts)

Cat and Golden Retriever dog cuddling

If you have a multi-person household, you know how common it is to start spreading seasonal sniffles when the time comes. It’s hard to live in close proximity to others and not share illness from time to time. Most of the time, colds are specific to the species. The same is true of our dogs … Read more

Blood Clots in Cats (Aortic Thromboembolism) – Vet Answer on Causes, Symptoms & Care

Sick cat in animal hospital

Feline Aortic Thromboembolism (abbreviated FATE) is a highly fatal disease caused by a blood clot becoming stuck at the aortic trifurcation—the area where the blood supply to both back legs occurs. This condition almost always occurs acutely, and can come as quite a shock to owners. FATE can occur when your cat has shown absolutely … Read more

Can Cats Have ADHD? (Vet Answer) What You Need to Know!

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The short answer is that there is currently no clinical evidence to support the existence of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in cats. We cannot definitively say that ADHD does not occur in cats, but presently, it is not a recognized condition. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), signs of ADHD in people … Read more