Convenia for Cats: Uses, Doses, & Side Effects (Vet Answer)

Veterinarian at vet clinic giving injection to cat

If your feline friend is unwell and has an infection, your veterinarian may give them an injection of Convenia alongside other treatment. So, what is Convenia? When is it used? And what side effects should you watch out for? Key Points Uses of Convenia in Cats Convenia is a long-acting antibiotic that lasts for 14 … Read more

Baytril (Enrofloxacin) for Cats: Uses, Doses, & Side Effects (Vet Answers)

cat_pasja1000, Pixabay

“Baytril” is the brand name of one of Bayer’s veterinary use medications. The active ingredient of Baytril is enrofloxacin, an antibiotic that belongs to the group of fluoroquinolones. Enrofloxacin is considered a broad-spectrum antibiotic, which means that it is effective against a very wide range of bacteria of both the gram-positive and the gram-negative groups. … Read more

Depression in Cats: Signs, Causes, Treatments, and More (Vet Answers)

sad looking cat lying on a table

Clinical depression is a medically recognized and fairly common mental health disease of humans. Feelings of sadness and behavioral changes such as lack of motivation to perform regular activities, or disruption of sleeping patterns are some of the signs of this disease. Depression is considered a multifactorial disease. Sometimes depression is caused by a clear … Read more

My Cat Is Constantly Sleeping, Should I Worry? (Vet Answer)

Sleeping cat on a massage towel with oils_Olga Smolyak_shutterstock

Cats are famous for sleeping anywhere and anytime. You may find them curled up in tight circle with their tails across their faces, or luxuriously lounging, spread out on the arm of the sofa. They often take a catnap in the unlikeliest of places—the sink, a flowerpot, or your computer keyboard. But how much sleep … Read more

Can Cats Overdose on Catnip? Our Vet Answers

cat eating catnip

  There is nothing quite like the amazing reaction many cats have with catnip. While individual cats’ responses to it can vary greatly, most cats will lick, rub, roll, vocalize, and become very hyperactive while playing with it! It really can make cats crazy! The effects are only short-lived, up to half an hour or … Read more

Cat Hiccups: Why They Happen, And What to Do About Them (Vet Answers)

cat burping

  In this article we’ll cover why cats hiccup, what it sounds like, and how to stop a cat from hiccupping. Is it normal for cats and kittens to hiccup? In short, yes! Just like their human counterparts, cats can get bouts of hiccups for a variety of reasons, and it is usually a normal … Read more

Your Cat Has a Swollen Lip? Here’s Why, & How to Act (Vet Answer)

ginger kitten with open mouth_Sharomka_shutterstock

  Cats and dogs have lips just like humans do, although they are usually smaller and less easy to see! Cats also may not let you look at them very closely! Lips are part of what is called a “muco-cutaneous junction.” This means they are the border between normal outside skin and the special skin … Read more

Can Humans Get Tapeworms From Cats? (Our Vet Answers)

savannah cat standing by the window

  Many studies show the benefits of owning cats, but they can come with a few risks, too. There are certain illnesses (called “zoonoses”) that humans can unwittingly catch from their cats. Some of these infections are more well-known, such as “cat-scratch disease” or toxoplasmosis, but there are also certain worms that cats can pass … Read more

Cat Mange and Scabies: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments (Vet Answer)

Grey cat with mange

All pet parents are familiar with the common parasites, fleas, and ticks that can affect our four-legged friends. And we regularly prevent these with various medicines. But there are in fact a whole range of nasty little bugs that can attach themselves to your pet, so what do you do if your pet is itching … Read more

Fading Kitten Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes & Treatments (Vet Answer)

Sad kitten

Having a litter of kittens is always an exciting time. Whether it is a long-planned litter or just an accident, it is thrilling to see new life born and grow. But sadly, not every kitten born will make it through to adulthood. Watching a young kitten fade away is a tragic thing, but thankfully there … Read more