Frontline vs Advantage for Use in Cats: What is the Difference? (Vet Answer)

Cat with fleas_shutterstock_Maja Marjanovic

Fleas are a common issue when owning cats. Preventing and treating fleas is a routine part of cat ownership, but finding a suitable flea product can be challenging. When choosing an appropriate flea treatment, it is important to consider your cat’s age, size, and whether they are breeding. You should always think about the other … Read more

Runny, Watery Eyes in Cats: Causes and Treatments (Vet Answer)

cat watery eyes_osobystist, Shutterstock

Your cat’s eyes are not only pretty but also amazingly complex. Unfortunately, they can be fragile too and need to be taken care of. So, if your cat has runny or watery eyes, you shouldn’t ignore them. Why? Because runny eyes can be the first sign that your cat has an eye problem, and you … Read more

Why Is My Cat Always Hungry But Still Skinny? (Vet Answers)

Skinny cat

You know that something strange is going on with your cat, he appears to be skinny and may even be losing weight, yet his appetite has never been better! What could be causing this, and do you need to worry? This article explores some of the common reasons this could be occurring, and what you … Read more

Why is My Cat Drinking So Much Water? Should I Worry? (Vet Answer)

kitten drinking water_AleksandarMilutinovic, Shutterstock

One of the best ways you can love your feline friend is simply to watch them: watch what “normal” looks like, watch what they eat, when they drink, how they move, whether they come to you demanding a fuss or keep to themselves. Most of all, note any change. Change may be the warning sign … Read more

Cat Stung by a Scorpion? Here’s What to Do (Our Vet Answers)

Young cat fighting with scorpion

Cats by their nature are hunters, used to stalking out prey and pouncing. In many cases, our feline friends no longer need to catch their own dinner but will still stalk and play with creatures they encounter when out and about. This can sometimes lead them to trouble, particularly if the creature involved is a … Read more

Cat Has Bite and Scratch Wounds? Here’s What to Do! (Our Vet Answers)


Cats are territorial creatures, and when roaming the suburbs, they often feel the need to challenge another feline that dares invade their space. This is especially common for highly territorial tomcats however neutered males and females will also fight from time to time. During a fight, cats commonly sustain scratch and bite wounds. Cat bite … Read more

Cat Stung by Bee or Wasp? Here’s What to Do (Our Vet Answers)

cat stung by bee-pixabay2

During the warm summer months, trees, plants, and flowers are flourishing, the birds are singing, and our cats are spending more time outdoors. The local wildlife is reaching peak activity, taking advantage of all of the fruits on offer during summer. Unfortunately, this is a time when insect stings affect both us and our pets … Read more

12 Ways to Give Your Cat a Pill: Tips & Tricks From a Vet

How to Give Your Cat a Pill

As a vet, I often joke that I spent most of the five years at vet school learning how to give cats their pills. This normally gets a giggle before I swiftly pop the pill down the cat’s throat and the owner looks at me like I’m a miracle worker. It’s not easy to tablet … Read more

Why Is My Cat Peeing on My Clothes? & How to Stop It!

why is my cat peeing on my clothes

It’s a very common complaint – you get in from a hard day at work, go to put on your PJs, and they’re covered in urine. Cats often pick the worst places to pee, sometimes even urinating right in front of their shocked owners. But contrary to popular opinion, they don’t do this to ‘make … Read more

7 Reasons Your Neutered Cat Humps & How to Stop It (Vet Answer)

Reasons That Your Neutered Cat Humps Copy

It can be a little embarrassing when your cat starts humping a visitor’s leg or takes a particular liking to a certain toy. While humping is a normal behavior in cats, if your male neutered cat has suddenly started humping things when he never did so before, it might be time to think about why. … Read more