Can a Cat Recover From Kidney Failure? (Vet Answer)

cat with kidney failure

Kidney, or renal failure, in cats is a very common condition. Most cats will suffer from chronic kidney failure, which means that, over time, the kidney degenerates and loses the ability to function properly. With chronic kidney failure, there is very little that can be done to help a cat recover. However, there are things that … Read more

Can Cats Recover From Hind Leg Paralysis? (Vet Answer)

Cat using a wheelchair inside the house

If you have a cat with hindlimb paralysis, you would do anything to help them get better. But in the face of this devastating condition, the uncertainties may seem overwhelming and you might wonder—will my cat be able to walk again? In general, the prognosis for felines suffering from hind leg paralysis is, unfortunately, poor. … Read more

Can a Cat Give a Dog Parvo Virus? (Vet Answer)

Sick cat in animal hospital

The short answer is, no. A cat cannot give a dog parvovirus. Both species can become infected with parvovirus, but the virus that affects your cat is slightly different from the canine version, which can cause different problems. In this article we will discuss feline and canine parvovirus, and the key differences between the two. … Read more

Distemper Vaccine for Cats: A Complete Guide (Vet Answer)

Veterinarian at vet clinic giving injection to cat

Distemper in cats is also known as feline infectious enteritis, feline parvovirus, and feline panleukopenia, and is caused by a virus of the same name. Distemper most commonly impacts cats that haven’t had their full vaccine series. This often means kittens less than six months of age, though adult cats or senior cats with a … Read more

Lymph Node Enlargement (Lymphadenopathy) in Cats – Causes and Care Guide (Vet Approved)

Hands checking cat with lymph nodes

Lymph nodes are found throughout your cat’s body, and are an important part of their immune system. Peripheral lymph nodes are located on the outside of the body, which means your veterinarian is able to check them during your cat’s physical exam. Internal lymph nodes are not as easy to assess. Your cat may require … Read more

Anisocoria in Cats – Causes & Care Guide (Vet Answer)

Example of Horner's syndrome in a cat

Cats are known for their beautiful eyes. They even have special pupils that change shape! When fully open (dilated), their pupils are round, but when constricted, they have a vertical ellipse shape. Pupils change size to regulate how much light enters the eyes. This process is not under conscious control; it occurs in response to … Read more

Hemangiosarcoma in Cats: Causes, Symptoms & Care (Vet Answer)

cat skin disease

Hemangiosarcoma is a fancy term for a type of cancer that invades and arises from the blood vessels in cats. It can occur in any part of the body, and it can also spread throughout the body, involving multiple organ systems. While it is a rare form of cancer in cats, it can often be … Read more

How to Care for an Abused Cat (7 Ways to Help)

Sick cat medicines

It can be difficult to know for sure if a cat was abused. Certain signs, such as fear of strangers (or of a certain gender), excessive hiding, misdirected aggression, or extreme aggression, along with a variety of other signs, might indicate that a cat has had a difficult background. Since it is often tough to … Read more

9 Most Common Illnesses and Diseases in Cats (Vet Answer)

veterinarian doctor holds cat

Cats are masters at hiding signs of illness, no matter what age they are. So, it is important to have an understanding of the common illnesses and diseases these wonderful creatures may face—as a little knowledge goes a long way in potentially helping to recognize a disease or illness, before it becomes too much of … Read more

How Common is Heartworm in Cats? Are Cats Likely to Get it? (Vet Answer)

a cat lying on its bed

Heartworm is a disease that we generally think of in dogs. And our experience with heartwork in this species is often all about routine testing, prevention, and rarely, serious illness. However, much less is discussed about heartworm in cats. In fact, most people don’t know that cats can even get heartworm! Thankfully, heartworm in cats … Read more