7 Reasons Cats Bite and How to Stop It (Our Vet Answers)

cat bites the woman's hand

Cat owners the world over know that cats can be unpredictable creatures. One minute you’re having a nice cuddle on the sofa, and the next they lash out. It seems completely random, but cats seldom do things without reason– it’s just that it can be hard for us to work out exactly what’s going on. … Read more

11 Ways to Make a Constipated Kitten Poop (Vet Answer)

Cat poops

If you’ve realized that it’s been a few days since you last cleaned out your kitten’s litter tray, they might be suffering from a touch of constipation. As well as being uncomfortable for your kitten, constipation can cause more serious issues if you don’t treat it right away. Don’t worry, though — this article will … Read more

How to Introduce a Cat to Another Aggressive Cat (Vet Answer)

aggressive cat 2

If you are thinking about adding another feline (or even a third feline) to your household, it is never clear how the two little beasts are going to get along. If one is more aggressive than the other, you will have to find some common middle ground where they both feel comfortable—if you want to … Read more