American Keuda

american keuda kitten

The American Keuda is a wild-looking cat with a slender body, a wedge-shaped head, and long ears. These cats are thought to have come from Spain to the United States, where they first landed in Texas. However, there is not much known about the origins of this breed nor when they were first bred. It … Read more

Asian Semi-Longhair

Asian semi-longhair

The Asian Semi-Longhair is widely regarded as one of the most attractive domesticated cats. They are also commonly called Tiffanies, perhaps more so than Asian Semi-Longhairs. These cats have a similar history to that of the Asian Shorthair, with the primary difference in their appearance being their hair length. These cats are very loving and … Read more

Oriental Bicolor

Bicolor Oriental Cat

Long, slender, and muscular, the Oriental Bicolor is a natural athlete. This cat is a descendant of the Siamese cat, coming from crosses between Siameses and breeds such as Abyssinians, British Shorthairs, and Russian Blues. The breed comes in more than 300 color and pattern combinations. But the defining feature of this cat is its … Read more


amur forest cat and amur leopard in the wild

The Ussuri is a naturally occurring hybrid that originated from Russia in the Amur River region. There is very little information about this breed’s origin, and what we know is conjecture history at best. However, the general view holds that the cat is a crossbreed of small wild cats (Amur Forest cats) and a subspecies … Read more


Cymric cat sitting on a grunge background

The Cymric cat has been the subject of legend ever since it appeared on the Isle of Man many centuries back. Countless stories have been spun around to explain its lack of a tail. But the most interesting one claims the cat lost its tail when Noah accidentally cut it off when closing the door … Read more


Toyger cat on a tree

The Toyger is a hybrid breed, a combination of domestic shorthair tabby cats and a Bengal cat. If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own tiger around the home, the Toyger comes pretty close! While there are no wildcat genetics in this breed, it certainly looks like it, and they have distinctive tiger stripes decorating … Read more

American Curl

american curl

The most distinctive feature of the American Curl is their unique, curly ears which are turned back towards the back of their skulls. The breed is relatively new and actually came about as a mutation in a cat that was born in Lakewood, California. Shulamith was a black cat with long silky hair and ears … Read more

Jungle Curl

curl cat

The Jungle Curl is a hybrid breed, a combination of a domestic cat — typically the American Curl and the African Jungle Cat. These curled-eared hybrids are rapidly growing in popularity due to their wild appearance combined with an affectionate and friendly nature. Jungle Curls are a relatively rare breed due to the difficulty in … Read more

British Semi-Longhair Cat Breed Info: Pictures, Temperament & Traits

British Semi-longhair cat_Wirestock Images_shutterstock

The British Semi-Longhair truly is an ideal companion for cat lovers of all kinds. These brilliantly charming cats have character, intelligence, friendliness, and beauty all rolled into one package. Rather than having long sprawls of hair like some, these cats look plush and fluffy with thick plumes of fur—and they adore affection, so you can pet … Read more

Cat Breeds: Complete List from A to Z (With Pictures)

relaxed kitten in grass

Our comprehensive list of cat breeds to help you find your purr-fect match. Whether you’re looking for a exotic looking Bengal or a goofy little Munchkin … we’ve got you covered!