Calico Munchkin Cat: Pictures, Facts & History (Complete Guide)

calico munchkin cat on black background

Munchkins are a relatively new breed, so you might not know much about them. They’re fun-loving, energetic, and affectionate cats that are unique among dwarf cat breeds because they fit all the other size indicators of normal adult-sized cats, except for their cute, little legs. For a cat’s coat to be known as calico, it … Read more

Seychellois Cat: Breed Info, Pictures, Temperament & Traits

Seychellois cat

The Seychellois cat breed is a rare breed in the Oriental group of cats. They are also quite remarkable, affectionate, intelligent, and just a bit on the vocal side. The breed shares a few characteristics and appearances with the Siamese cat. If you’ve been considering purchasing one of these cats from a breeder, you couldn’t … Read more

150+ Adorable Names for Munchkin Cats: Unique Ideas for Your Little Kitty

munchkin cat playing

Finding the perfect name for your new Munchkin cat can feel like the biggest challenge. There are so many names to choose from; narrowing down your choices is tricky because where do you start? We find that starting with a theme helps. Maybe you want a name that links back to their appearance. Or perhaps … Read more

Tuxedo Cat: Info, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts


The tuxedo cat is not a standalone breed but is a bicolor pattern found in many different species and is very common among American domestic cats. If you were thinking about getting a tuxedo cat for your home and want to know if they have any special traits or unique features, keep reading while we … Read more

3 Types of Wild Cats in North Dakota (With Pictures)

Bobcat sitting on rock with moss in a forest

With a border along Canada, North Dakota is one of the coldest regions in the United States, and the Great Plains cover a vast portion of the state. North Dakota’s nickname is The Peace Garden State, thanks to a 1932 pledge by the US and Canada never to go to war. In honor of that … Read more

Are There Wild Cats in Maryland? What You Need to Know!


The small state of Maryland only covers almost 12,500 square miles. However, within its borders, there is a mix of wild animals to be seen. White-tailed deer are found in most places outside major cities. An array of birds can also be easily spotted, from hummingbirds to birds of prey. In the western part of … Read more

2 Types of Wild Cats in South Dakota (With Pictures)

Bobcat's stare_Chandler Cruttenden_Unsplash

South Dakota became a state in 1889. While this gorgeous area is often thought of as part of the American West, it’s actually located squarely in the Midwest, sharing borders with Nebraska, Iowa, Wyoming, Minnesota, and Montana. It’s home to Badlands and Wind Cave national parks. But the state is probably most famous for Mount … Read more

3 Types of Wild Cats in Connecticut (With Pictures)

Mountain Lion

Connecticut is a wonderous state, with its villages filled with history, city skylines, coastline beaches, and rolling forested hills. There is also a notable diversity of wildlife, including beavers and badgers, white-tailed deer, and even wildcats. Although the number of wild cats is few, some wild felines call Connecticut home and can be seen laying … Read more

3 Types of Wild Cats in Wyoming (With Pictures)

mountain lion lying on rock

When it comes to national parks, few are as popular as Yellowstone National Park. If you plan a vacation to the beautiful state of Wyoming, prepare to see some wildlife. Several animals can be found in Wyoming, including plenty of large mammals. Among them are three wild cats: the Canada lynx, the bobcat, and the … Read more

2 Types of Wild Cats in New York (With Pictures)

Canada Lynx

New York is one of the bigger states in the United States, coming in at #27 in terms of size. New York State covers just under 54,600 square miles (about 141,000 square kilometers), and much of that area is wilderness, state parks, and national parks. That makes New York home to various large wild animals, … Read more