Open Farm vs Fromm Cat Food (2023 Comparison) – What Should I Feed My Cat?

Open Farm vs Fromm Family Pet Food

Globally, the pet food industry has never been larger and more profitable. Because of this, cat owners in 2023 are faced with choosing between an ever-expanding selection of diets for their feline friends. To help you out, we’ve written this in-depth comparison of two family-owned cat food brands that may appeal to a similar group … Read more

Why Do Cats Like Bread So Much? 5 Interesting Reasons

grey cat smelling fresh bread

Who can’t relate to a feline that can’t get enough carbs? It’s incredibly relatable, and interestingly enough, the reasons some cats crave bread so much are the same reasons some of us do too! But why can’t some cats seem to get enough bread while others could take it or leave it? There are a … Read more

Are There Cat Hemp Treats? (Health & Safety Info)

giving orange cat a hemp chew

Cats have their own unique dietary needs, and pet owners are increasingly turning to hemp-based products as a way to supplement their cat’s diet. Hemp treats for cats can provide important health benefits, including improved digestion, increased energy levels, and better skin and coat quality. However, there are some concerns that should be taken into … Read more

Can Cats Eat Apple Pie? Is It Bad for Them?

apple pie

Apple pie is a popular dessert, and the smell alone will attract any hungry and curious pet. If you catch your cat sniffing around the pie dish, you may be tempted to share a slice, or if your cat has taken a nibble from your plate, you may wonder if it is good for them. … Read more

Can Cats Eat Mac & Cheese? What You Need to Know!

close up of a mac and cheese

Most cats love cheese, and when this feline favorite is mixed in with a bit of butter, milk, and pasta, it becomes the pure deliciousness known as macaroni and cheese. But can cats safely eat mac and cheese? And if so, is it healthy? Run-of-the-mill macaroni and cheese containing just pasta, milk, cheese, cream, butter, … Read more

Can Cats Eat Beef Wellington? Is It Good for Them?

beef wellington

Beef Wellington is a popular dish for the holidays or dinner parties. It’s an impressive dish to make, and you may want to share it with your cat. However, Beef Wellington isn’t safe for cats to eat. While it heavily consists of meat, some components make it unhealthy for cats and can make them sick. … Read more

Can Cats Eat Corned Beef? Is It Safe for Them?

homemade corned beef sliced on cutting board

Cold corned beef and boiled cabbage may be a St. Patrick’s Day staple for many Americans, but unfortunately, this dish is another human food that your cat needs to skip. While cats can and should eat meat, the high salt content in corned beef can actually poison your cat. Additionally, seasonings and sugar should also … Read more

Transitioning Your Cat to Raw Food: 5 Crucial Tips

cat reaching dish with raw meat

There are arguments for and against a raw food diet for cats. Some say that it can be dangerous due to the prospect of contaminated meat and a lack of nutrients. Others say that it can be beneficial because it’s easy to digest and can be tailored to each cat’s specific nutrient needs as time … Read more

What’s the Cost of Cat Insulin in 2023? Updated Price Guide

Cat's owner measuring the blood sugar values of his feline using glucometer

Our feline friends can develop diabetes, and like us, they might have a need for insulin. If your cat has been diagnosed with this disease, you’re likely wondering how much you’ll be paying for cat insulin. The good news is that the price of insulin for cats has gone down in recent years, and there … Read more

When Should Cats Stop Eating & Drinking Prior to Spaying or Neutering? What You Should Know!

orange cat eating wet food

Before most surgeries, it is generally recommended that you stop feeding and giving water to your feline. When under anesthesia, there is always a chance that the cat may vomit while asleep and then aspirate. However, the chance is lower if there isn’t anything on the cat’s stomach. Therefore, having your cat’s stomach as empty … Read more