5 Best Fresh Cat Food Delivery Services in Australia (2022) – Reviews & Top Picks


We love our cats here in the land down under, and we want the best for them. We’re always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to pamper our feline friends. One of the latest trends to hit Australia is fresh cat food delivery. This is where you can get your cat’s food delivered … Read more

10 Best Cat Treats in Australia in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

maine coon cat having treat

Sometimes, we need to give our kitties a good reward—whether that be for a job well done or simply appreciation. It connects and bonds our felines to us, creating a safe environment with lots of perks. So, if you live in Australia, you might wonder what your best bets are in the sea of cat … Read more

6 Best Dry Cat Foods in Australia (2022) – Reviews & Top Picks

grey cat eating food

Choosing the right food for your cat is one of the best ways to ensure your kitty’s health and longevity. It can be confusing to pick a cat food, though. There are tons of foods on the market, and many of them use marketing ploys and fancy packaging to catch your attention. How can you … Read more

10 Best Cat Treats in Canada (2022) – Reviews & Top Picks

Blue maine coon cat with treats outdoors

Cats are highly food-motivated animals that will do just about anything for their favorite treat. However, they are also picky and won’t work for just anything. Whether you are clicker training your cat to perform tricks or just want to offer a tasty reward for good behavior, you need a treat that your cat loves. … Read more

10 Best Wet Cat Foods in Australia (2022) – Reviews & Top Picks

orange cat eating wet food

There are many benefits to introducing wet cat food into your cat’s diet. It contains more moisture to help your cat stay hydrated, and it’s easier to eat and digest for older cats and cats with digestive issues. However, even if you eliminate dry food, you’re still left with tons of wet cat food options. … Read more

10 Best Cat Foods in Canada (2022) – Reviews & Top Picks

grey cat eating food

Did you know that around 50%-60% of Canadian pets are considered obese?1 Obesity is a serious health concern for cats as it increases their risk of developing potentially life-threatening conditions like cancer and heart disease.2 The good news is that obesity is 100% preventable. If you want to promote overall wellness in your kitty, you need to … Read more

6 Best Fresh Cat Food Delivery Services in Canada (2022) – Reviews & Top Picks

cat eating boiled eggs

Subscribing to a cat food delivery service is a fantastic idea for the modern pet parent. We’re so busy that sometimes finding the time or energy to go to the store for pet food can seem like the most inconvenient chore. There are a lot of fresh cat food delivery services out there, but so … Read more

Can Cats Eat Ants? Is It Healthy for Them?

black ants on wood

If you’re a cat owner, you’ve seen your furry friend eat plenty of questionable things. It’s an instinct for cats, but it’s also an instinct for you to wonder whether what they’re eating is safe for them. Ants are common household pests that are drawn to cat food, so you’ve likely seen your cat eating … Read more

Can Cats Eat Okra? Is It Healthy for Them?

okra on woven basket

If you love okra and would like to share some with your cat, you should know that cats can only eat okra in small amounts. Just remember that your cat is a carnivore that needs to get most of their nutrients from meat-based food. As a carnivore, your cat doesn’t need to eat any vegetables, … Read more

Can Cats Eat Beggin’ Strips? Are They Healthy for Them?

Two Beggin’Strips

Beggin’ Strips are popular dog treats and have a strong, meaty odor, which may make your cat seek them out. However, Beggin’ Strips aren’t healthy for cats and neither are most dog treats. Dog treats, like Beggin’ Strips, are intended and formulated for dogs, not cats. They may be two of the most popular pets, … Read more