Do I Need to Give My Cat Supplements? The Surprising Answer!

Woman at home holding her lovely Devon Rex cat on lap and gives it a pill

Cats are family members, and we want to ensure they’re happy, healthy, and get all the nutrients they need to thrive. Cats require protein-heavy diets, much like their wild cousins. Because they’re obligate carnivores, felines absorb nutrients from animal protein. And they also have specific dietary requirements regarding protein, fat, minerals, and vitamins. Cats that … Read more

What’s the Price of an Ultrasound for a Cat? (2023 Guide)

cat having an ultrasound in vet clinic

Veterinary care can be expensive. Whether your cat needs an ultrasound for reasons related to pregnancy or a medical condition, there can be some hefty expenses associated with the procedure. The cost may vary depending on the type of ultrasound, your location, and other potential additional expenses. In general, a cat ultrasound can cost between … Read more

How Long Do Tortoiseshell Cats Live on Average? (Average Lifespan Data & Facts)

tortoiseshell cat close up

As a cat owner, you often wonder what the average lifespan of your feline pal might be. A Tortoiseshell cat isn’t precisely a breed of cat but refers to a color pattern, meaning that a Tortoiseshell cat’s average lifespan depends on its breeding. In this article, we’ll discuss the average lifespan of Tortoiseshell cats and … Read more

Are Frosty Ferns Toxic to Cats? Here’s What You Should Know!

Frozen Fern

Frosty ferns are delicate light green plants popular with gardeners everywhere. Its shimmery new sprouts make the entire plant look like it’s been delicately brushed with snow—hence the name! Frosty ferns, more precisely known as Selaginella kraussiana, aren’t ferns but members of the spike moss family. Thankfully, this holiday plant isn’t toxic to cats. The … Read more

Do I Need to Expose My Cat to Sunlight for Them To Stay Healthy?

American Polydactyl cat walking outside

You’ve probably read more than a few stories about the importance of getting enough vitamin D, “the sunshine” vitamin. It plays a critical role in muscle and bone development,  nervous system functions, and immune health for humans. But do domestic cats need to get in on this health trend and head outside to catch some … Read more

Sudden Death in Cats – 10 Most Common Causes

Sick cat in animal hospital

Sudden death in cats is a tragic event that often occurs without warning. There are many possible causes of sudden death in cats, although there are some preventative steps that can be taken to help avert this tragedy. One of the most effective things that can be done to prevent sudden death in cats is … Read more

Why Has My Cat Stopped Eating Dry Food But Is Still Eating Treats? 6 Common Reasons

grey vat near food bowl

Dry food is one of the most common foods for cats. It’s quick, easy, and affordable — depending on the brand that you choose. Once you find a flavor that your cat loves, they’re often happy enough to devour it for every meal. However, there are occasions when your kibble-loving cat decides that they prefer … Read more

How Long Does a Munchkin Cat Live? (Average Lifespan Data & Facts)

kinkalow munchkin

The Munchkin cat is an outgoing, confident cat with a lot of energy to burn, but at the end of the day, they love nothing more than curling up on the lap of their favorite human. They’re known best for their short, stubby legs, which have caused some controversy. There aren’t any health risks linked … Read more

Are Savannah Cats Hypoallergenic? What You Need to Know!

F1 savannah cat sitting on couch

As a hybrid between wild African servals and domestic cat breeds, Savannah cats are gorgeous animals with unique personalities. Because they tend to shed less than many other breeds, you might wonder if Savannah cats are hypoallergenic. Unfortunately, Savannah cats are not considered hypoallergenic, nor does a 100% truly hypoallergenic cat exists. In this article, … Read more

Purrfectiion Cat Bed Review 2023: Pros, Cons & Verdict

Review Summary The Purrfectiion Cat Bed is a high-quality and super fluffy bed that is as much of a kitty nest as it is a bed. This soft round bed practically envelops your cat as they settle in for a nap. Not only is this a very comfortable place for your kitty to sleep, but … Read more