Why Do Cat Collars Have Bells? The Explanation Behind the Bell!

black cat with collar lying outdoor

Cats have a knack for curling up on our laps and stealing our hearts. Just the sight of these felines traipsing through the house can put a smile on your face, even on your darkest days. One thing that has become synonymous with cats is their collars. Many cat owners choose to put cute breakaway … Read more

11 Adorable DIY Christmas Gifts for Cats & Cat Lovers (With Pictures)

Ginger cat wearing christmas sweater

Pets are an important part of the family, and that means they’re a special part of the holidays, too. They bring joy to your home, and they’re always there for you, so it seems perfectly reasonable that they would be on your holiday gift list! Whether it’s a gift for your own cat, or a … Read more

14 DIY Felt Cat Toy Plans You Can Make Today (With Instructions)

cat playing toy on the floor

Felines love to play (at least when they aren’t sleeping), so those of us with cats typically end up buying them piles of toys (many of which our cats end up not even touching). Rather than spend money on cat toys your pet may or may not actually play with, have you considered making cat … Read more

Are Bell Collars Bad for a Cat’s Hearing? All You Need to Know!

cat wearing red collar

Bell collars are very popular among cat owners because the cute little jingle allows anyone around to know the cat is nearby. It’s no secret that these types of collars can make anxious cats very uncomfortable by the random sound that keeps following them around, but could these bells also be bad for a cat’s … Read more

Breakaway Collars 2022 Guide: Uses, Safety & Advice

Breakaway Red Collar Cat

No cat owner wants to consider the possibility of their kitty getting lost, but it’s always better to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. If your cat escapes your house or yard, you want to make it easy for anyone who finds them to get your pet safely home. Wearing a collar and ID tag … Read more

5 Amazing DIY Cat Couch Protector Ideas You Can Create at Home

male domesetic cat scratching furniture with front claws

Cats are notorious for digging their claws into anything they can. This seems especially true when it comes to your couch. For years, cat owners have been trying to come up with economical ways to protect their sofas while also keeping their cats happy and content. Here’s a look at five DIY couch protector plans … Read more

9 Types of Cat Toys and How to Use Them (With Pictures)

a cat playing with toys

Cats love to play (though they can be picky about what they’ll play with), and for good reason! Play is an integral part of keeping pets stimulated. Plus, play helps our feline friends engage in their natural instincts and keeps them active and healthier. However, there are so many cat toys you can choose for … Read more

How to Make Cat Toys Out of Socks (Easy Step-by-Step Guide)

cat playing toy on the floor

With all these creative minds on the Internet, we never run out of DIY projects to create. There are so many things we can make for ourselves and our pets that are right there in our own homes. Thanks to the dryer eating all of yours, you might have a shortage of matching socks. So, … Read more

7 Amazing DIY Cat Stroller Plans You Can Create at Home (With Pictures)

Cat in a stroller

Even indoor cats enjoy the fresh air and great outdoors occasionally, but there are really only a few ways to get your cat outside safely. You can teach them how to walk on a leash (adorable but time-consuming), try taking them out in a carrier, or—best of all—take kitty out in a cat stroller. The … Read more

10 Best Unscented Cat Litters (2022) – Reviews & Top Picks

Cat near litter box_New Africa_Shutterstock

No one likes to think about cat litter, but it’s incredibly important. Not only will the right brand help keep your home smelling fresh, but it can make a huge difference in your cat’s happiness and behavior. Cats can be incredibly particular when it comes to their litter boxes. Using a product your cat dislikes … Read more