How to Get Cat Pee Smells Out of Clothes (Quick & Easy)

cat sitting on top of laundry pile

Cat pee can be one of the most stubborn smells around. There’s no mistaking it. That’s because kitties have highly powerful components in their urine that mark their area. Cats use peeing to tell all kinds of tales to other animals lingering around. Scent is commonly an understandable means of communication in the animal world. … Read more

Why Are My Cat’s Ears Hot? Everything You Need to Know!

cat ear close up

You may find yourself petting your beloved kitty, only to feel that their ears are abnormally hot. This can be worrying, especially if it’s something that you’ve never noticed before. Is it normal for your cat’s ears to be hot? After all, how much attention have you really paid to the temperature of your cat’s … Read more

Why Does My Cat Reach His Paw Out to Me? 9 Reasons for This Behavior

cat reaching out

There are several reasons why your cat may reach out to you, whether they are laying down or lightly tapping you with their paw while standing up. As you might imagine, the most obvious reason is to try to get your attention. Let’s be honest – reaching out a paw may be the most adorable … Read more

Cat Pregnancy Stages: Week-by-Week Guide (With Pictures)

pregnant cat looking

Cats evolved to get pregnant very easily. While a female can only get pregnant while in heat, the odds of them getting pregnant after mating while in heat are very high. Usually, the average feline pregnancy takes about 60 to 65 days. However, unless you know exactly when your cat mated, it is difficult to … Read more

100+ Unique Cat Names: Ideas for Rare & Eclectic Kitties

blue silver patched norwegian forest cat

When you start to think about what goes into a pet’s name, there are a lot of things to consider. Do you like the name, does it compliment their fur color or coat patterns. Will this name translates well throughout the many stages of cat-hood. Are there any goofy names that the other cats can … Read more

How to Tell if Your Cat Has Fleas (10 Signs to Look For)

cat scratching itself

If you’ve never dealt with fleas before, you might be unsure if all of the scratching your cat has been doing lately is the result of fleas or something else. You obviously don’t want to go through the time and expense of treating your cat if he doesn’t actually have fleas. We’re here to help! … Read more

Why Does My Cat Meow When I Sneeze? 4 Reasons for This Behavior

woman sneezing while holding a cat

If you’ve ever sneezed around a cat, you probably noticed that it responded pretty weird. Some hiss while others run away whenever they hear their owner sneeze. More commonly, cast meow whenever their owners sneeze, especially if the cat is super comfortable around the owner. So, why does your cat meow when you sneeze? Though … Read more

How to Stop a Cat from Scratching Doors (Quick & Easy)

door with cat scratches

Cats like to scratch…everything. We all know this, but what can we do to prevent them from damaging our doors? Is she trying to get into a room because you’re in there? Or is she just scratching because she’s a cat? We’re here to address the issues of your cat scratching your door, and the … Read more

Why Does My Cat Try to Bury Her Food? 3 Reasons for This Behavior

cat caching

Domestic cats can sometimes act a little strange. Whether that’s having a five-minute case of the zoomies or refusing to come out and meet your friend who popped by to say hi, it can be hard to predict what our cats will do next. One behavior that can be particularly baffling is your cat pawing … Read more

How to Quickly Get Skunk Smell Off Your Cat: 3 Methods

cat and skunk

It’s a scenario that none of us cat owners want to be faced with: seeing your cat running one way and a skunk the other — or worse, coming home to find your stinky cat on your bed after having a run-in with a skunk! Skunks can spray up to 15 feet away, so your … Read more