How to Keep Cats Warm in Winter (7 Proven Methods)

Devon Rex kitten on a white fluffy blanket

If you own a cat, you’ve likely noticed that despite all of the fur most of them have, they easily get cold. You can often find them hiding under a blanket, sitting by a heater, or snuggling up with you to stay warm. If you would like to make your cat more comfortable without creating … Read more

7 Signs Your Cat May Need a Feline Friend

cats reflection II_ OlenaPalaguta_Shutterstock

If only our pets could talk, we’d have a much easier time understanding their needs. Cats can be even more difficult to decipher than dogs. Their natural aloofness means we have to work twice as hard to figure out if something is wrong. This is especially true when we want to know if our cats … Read more

120+ Chinese Cat Names: Ideas for Interesting & Intriguing Cats

shell persian cat

Perhaps, you’re drawn to Chinese names because you have a Siamese and want something traditional to the breed. Or maybe you have an affection for the culture. Whatever your reason for choosing a name of Chinese origin, we rounded up some of the most interestingly beautiful names we could find. Whether you’re looking for a … Read more

How to Keep Cats Cool in Summer Without Air Conditioning


Summer is fun since the sun is scorching. But when the humidity goes high, then it ceases to be fun. The sun affects pets, and this is not limited to cats. The heat is as uncomfortable for them as it is for human beings. Cats don’t sweat as human beings do, so they groom to … Read more

Why Do Cats Bring You Dead Animals?

kitten about to pounce on a rat

It may be a shock to find out your cat has bought you an unwanted ‘gift’, but what does this truly mean to your cat? Cats are smart and inquisitive creatures who still have many wild instincts even in captivity. Although it may be unpleasant to peer down upon the dead critter your cat has … Read more

How to Sedate a Cat for Grooming (3 Methods)

grooming ragdoll cat

Some cats just do not like being groomed, but if they’re longhaired, grooming is a necessity. If their coat is not free of mats and tangles, it can tug uncomfortably on your cat’s skin, causing discomfort. If you’re struggling to keep your cat calm during grooming sessions, there are a few different methods that you … Read more

Boating With Cats Guide: Living Onboard, Seasickness & Things to Know

Cat on boat

Cats are notoriously scared of water. But many breeds have been sailing on boats for centuries. Originally, cats were essential for boating due to their ratting abilities. Cats were necessary to keep the grain stores on the boat free from rodents. Today, mousers aren’t strictly necessary, but cats can still make great companions on a … Read more

Kitty Poo Club Review: Is Kitty Poo Club a Good Value?

Cat infront of Kitty Poo Club litter box

Review Summary What Is Kitty Poo Club? How Does It Work? If you ask virtually any cat owner what the worst part of owning a cat is, they’ll tell you that it’s the litterbox. Having a box in your house that your cat pees and poops in — and expecting guests to not notice the … Read more

How to Sedate a Cat for Car Travel ( 3 Methods)

maine coon in car cat carrier

Minimizing the upsetting events for your territorial-minded cat is the goal when you need to travel. Taking your feline friend away to an unfamiliar place or visiting the vet or even a new house is terrifying. Luring it to accepting that you have to travel is a challenge. Plan the move tactically to avoid stressing … Read more

When Do Kittens Calm Down and Begin to Mature?

British Blue Lilac Kitten

Kittens can be downright crazy, and any cat lover knows it’s true—regardless of how cute their little faces are. It seems like every time you turn around, they are hanging from your drapes or scratching on your furniture. And their pupils? Totally black from being overly charged. So, when exactly do they slow down? The … Read more