Siberian Cat Health Problems: 5 Common Issues

siberian cat in wood

The Russians have a phrase, “Siberian health,” used to describe the fortitude and vitality of the people of Siberia, who endure brutal winters with astonishing resilience. Siberian cats, also known as Siberian Forest cats, share these qualities, with a solid frame and generally robust health. They are famous for their thick fur and their dog-like … Read more

Siamese Cat Health Problems: 7 Common Issues

siamese cat sitting on a table

Siamese cats are among the most popular cat breeds in the United States. They are intelligent, vocal, affectionate, and have dog-like personalities. They are also strikingly beautiful with piercing blue, almond-shaped eyes. With these amazing characteristics, it’s no wonder they are one of the most sought-after cats. If you’re on the lookout for a Siamese … Read more

Burmese Cat Health Problems: 14 Common Issues

Closeup Burmese Cat Stands on Gray background

Bringing a cat into your home is always a fun and exciting prospect, but it also involves learning a lot about your new furry friend! You’ll need to discover the kind of food they like to eat and what litter they prefer. You’ll also need to figure out how much grooming you’ll need to do … Read more

Are Irises Poisonous to Cats? Common Houseplants Examined

Iris plant with flower

If you have cats who love eating things they shouldn’t, you know the feeling of terror you get when you discover they’ve eaten something, and you have no idea whether it’s safe. Some things kitties seem quite fond of are plants and flowers, which are common in households. While a few of these are okay … Read more

6 DIY Under Bed Blockers for Cats – Plans You Can Make Today

white cat under the bed

Cats are notorious for hiding underneath beds. Even if your cat isn’t necessarily scared, hiding under the best is simply a natural cat thing to do! If you want to prevent your cat from hiding under the bed, you have your work cut out for you. Usually, you’ll have to invest in a complete blocking … Read more

8 DIY Litter Boxes for Large Cats – Plans You Can Make Today

cat sitting in a red box

Every cat deserves a comfortable litter box to do their business, and for large cats, that’s a little tricky. If your cat doesn’t have enough space, he’ll make a mess or just find a place that he likes better. But that doesn’t mean you have to find an expensive or ugly option—in fact, there are … Read more

6 Best Fresh Cat Food Delivery in Canada (2022) – Reviews & Top Picks

cat eating boiled eggs

Subscribing to a cat food delivery service is a fantastic idea for the modern pet parent. We’re so busy that sometimes finding the time or energy to go to the store for pet food can seem like the most inconvenient chore. There are a lot of fresh cat food delivery services out there, but so … Read more

7 DIY Cat Wall Playground Plans (Easy & Cheap)

white cat on wall shelf

Cats are natural climbers and will take advantage of any high furniture in your house—including tall shelves, your refrigerator, or your armoire. Your cat likely enjoys the high vantage point to survey its surroundings or to escape other housemates, such as rambunctious dogs or territorial cats. If you prefer your cat to stay off your … Read more

14 Easy DIY Cat Furniture Plans (with Pictures)

two bicolor Seal Ragdoll Cats on cat tree

Cat furniture can make your home a fun and safe environment for your cat, and it can also add a playful feel to your living spaces. However, cat furniture can often become expensive, and DIY projects can quickly become complicated and difficult. We believe that all cats deserve some fancy furniture, and cat owners shouldn’t … Read more

Can Cats Eat Water Chestnuts? Are They Healthy For Them?

Water Chestnut

If you enjoy water chestnuts, then you know that despite their name, they actually aren’t nuts at all. Water chestnuts are a delicious crunchy veggie that some cats enjoy munching on. They are safe to eat for cats, though only in low quantities because they are high in carbs and fiber. While we don’t know … Read more