Do Bengal Cats Like Water? What You Need to Know!

Bengal cat bathing in blue tub

If you’ve ever wanted a cat that will play in the water with you, a Bengal is your choice! A survey done of Bengal cat owners showed that around 79.7% of Bengals are known to play with water so frequently that it becomes problematic for the owners. Some owners have even documented that their Bengal … Read more

Do Bengal Cats Shed? Are They Hypoallergenic?

bengal cat standing by the window

Cats are at the forefront of the world right now. However, cat allergies are one of the world’s most common allergies, and even many people who are allergic to cats are trying to find a cat that they can keep. Hypoallergenic animals are a fast-growing market. People are looking for low-shedding, hypoallergenic animals to help … Read more

Do Bengal Cats Like to Cuddle? What You Need to Know!

Bengal Cat

Here at Excited Cats, we take our cat cuddles very seriously, and if you want a cat who will cuddle you all night, we can help you find one! After all, who wants to settle down after a long day at work only to be ignored? Luckily Bengals tend to be pretty cuddly, with a … Read more

Are Bengal Cats Illegal in Some States?

brown spotted bengal cat

Bengals are the hottest cat on the block right now, and everyone is trying to get their little slice of the wild to bring home with them. However, with the cats being so close to their wild ancestry, some states and cities have regulated or banned Bengals. Before you look into getting your new cat, … Read more

Are Bengal Cats Aggressive? Are They Dangerous?

Bengal cat standing in the garden

Bengal cats are trendy right now for being “the closest you can get to having a leopard in your house.” It’s hard to forget their striking spotted coats and lithe, flexible bodies once you’ve seen them for the first time. These cats are close to their wild home, with many specimens being within 10 generations … Read more

10 Best Cat Shampoos for Shedding (2022) – Reviews & Top Picks

persian cat taking a bath

Shedding can be a big pain to deal with, especially if your cat spends most or all its time indoors. Cats just love to leave a little sprinkling of their hair everywhere they go, and it can be normal. However, some cats shed due to an unhealthy coat or skin issues. Baths with shed-reducing shampoo … Read more

9 Best Hypoallergenic Cat Shampoos (2022) – Reviews & Top Picks

Can You Use Human Shampoo on Cats? What You Must Know! Cats are equipped with all the tools they need to bathe and clean themselves, but there may be times when your cat needs some assistance, possibly after they have walked through or played in something particularly dirty. Besides the fact that your cat will probably hate the experience of being bathed, it is important to remember that regular bathing can cause more harm than good, so it should be reserved solely for emergencies. With that said, there is a good chance that you won’t have cat shampoo laying around in the cupboard. So, can you use human shampoo on your cats? Is it safe? The quick answer is no, you shouldn’t use human shampoo on your cats. We’ll tell you more below. Should You Bathe Your Cat? Your cat has a rough tongue and powerful teeth. He has the tools he requires to effectively keep himself clean most of the time. This is especially true of short-haired cats. As such, it is rare that you will even consider bathing your cats. However, it is also true that cats are incredibly inquisitive. Some might say nosey. They want to investigate every portion of every room. They want to know what you keep grabbing out of the cupboard, and what it is that has such a strong smell in the back of the shed. They rub against things, roll in liquids and substances you don’t want them to, and have a seemingly endless list of ways in which they can cause mischief and end up caked in mud and other nasties. There may, then, be occasion when you feel it is necessary to bathe your cat. Occasional bathing is fine. The same natural oils that help protect your cat’s coat from everyday dirt and grime will recover after a bath. Frequent bathing, though, can strip these oils from the fur. This will leave your cat with dry fur. It can also lead to dry skin, rashes, and other problems that not only leave their fur lacking luster but may actually cause them harm. So, you can bathe your cat, but you should only do so when it is absolutely necessary. If you have ever had to bathe a cat, you likely won’t want to repeat the process too often. It tends to result in a lot of soapy water everywhere except on the cat, and a terrified and angry cat warning you off. It’s a lot of water, claws, and hissing, but not a lot of cleaning. You should make the process quick, be confident, and you should have everything ready before you even consider turning the tap on. Should You Use Human Shampoo? Even the most delicate human shampoo contains chemicals and other ingredients that are harmful to your cat. A lot of shampoos contain perfumes and even essential oils, both of which can prove toxic to your cat. The ingredients are effectively absorbed through the cat’s skin and broken down by the liver, but a cat’s liver is not the same as a human’s and it is not as effective at breaking down the chemicals that are found in human shampoo. Therefore, it is safest to use a shampoo specially designed for cats. Using Specialist Cat Shampoo It is worth having a bottle of cat shampoo in the cupboard, ready for any mud-based emergency. These shampoos are formulated especially for use on cats. They have the right pH balance, so are not usually as acidic as human shampoo, and they do not contain the same essential oils and perfumes as are used in our own shampoo. Cat shampoo won’t dry out your cat’s fur or skin as readily. It will contain some natural odor that will help get rid of the smell of dirt and muck, but it uses natural ingredients that are not damaging to your cat. Is Human Shampoo Safe For Cats? Some human shampoo may prove relatively safe for cats, but the majority of ingredients found in human shampoo can prove dangerous for your filthy feline. Stick to cat shampoo, only bathe when necessary, and be prepared before you grab the cat because the process is likely to get a bit scratchy.

Just like us, our cats can have sensitive skin. If your cats can’t handle all the chemicals and fragrances that lots of companies use in their products, you might be on the search for something much more natural. Luckily, there are tons of products on the market that keep your cat’s coat and skin looking … Read more

Lykoi (Wolf Cat) Health Problems: 4 Common Issues

Lykoi cat

As one of the most unique and rarest cat breeds in existence, the Lykoi cat has not been studied much in the veterinarian or science worlds. That said, personal anecdotes can give us an indication of how these cats act and behave. We know that this breed is born with a mutation that makes their … Read more

How to Clean a Cat Tree in 11 Simple Steps

two maine coons in cat tree

With a cat tree, you can keep your cat entertained, prevent your furniture from being scratched, and provide your cat with a high vantage point for napping. The problem with them is that they can be cumbersome and difficult to manage, especially when it comes to cleaning them. The whole cat tree can’t just be … Read more

Bengal Maine Coon Mix Cat Breed Info: Pictures, Temperament & Traits

Bengal VS Maine Coon

The result of breeding a Bengal and a Maine Coon together, this mixed breed is beautiful, fun-loving, and a joy to spend time with. Both parent breeds are similar in size and temperament, making for a relatively predictable crossbreed cat. It’s tough to tell which specific traits that a Bengal Maine Coon mixed breed gets … Read more