How To Clean Up Cat Vomit: 4 Effective Steps

Cat looking on as human spray cleans carpet

When our cats get sick, it’s vital that we take proper care of them, but a challenging part comes when they vomit inside the house. Not only do we have to make sure they’re okay, but we also need to react quickly to remove the vomit stain. Although it’s not the most fun job in … Read more

Can Cats Eat Alfalfa Sprouts? Vet-Approved Benefits & Advice

alfalfa sprouts in a bowl

Alfalfa sprouts may be a regular part of your healthy diet. Known for their fiber, high water content, and vitamins, they are an easy way to add to your nutrition. But what about your cat? Can he benefit from them too? Yes, but in moderation. The multiple health and nutritional benefits of alfalfa sprouts can … Read more

100+ Star Wars Cat Names: Great Ideas for Your incredible Cat

grey nebulung cat laying in window

When faced with the endless options of possible cat names, gathering inspiration from interests and passions is an excellent place to start. If you are an avid fan of the Star Wars franchise, donning your new cat with a Star Wars inspired name can express your interests and offer a fun talking point with visitors. … Read more

Can Cats Drink Lactaid? Health Facts & Risks

Cat drinking milk

Lactaid is a lactose-free milk product, free from the sugar found in milk. For many cats, digesting this sugar can be difficult. Luckily, because Lactaid does not contain lactose, it is much easier for cats to digest. Even cats that are lactose-intolerant can drink this form of milk. However, some cats may still have a … Read more

Do Cats Pee to Mark Territory? Cat Behavior Explained

cat pee in bed

Cats will certainly pee to mark territory. This is often called “spraying,” which is technically different from just urinating. Often, to spray, cats will back into an area and urinate. Sometimes, their tails quiver, and they may or may not crouch. Often, it is on a vertical surface, though other cats may mark territory by … Read more

Female Cat Behavior After Spaying – Changes You Should Expect

cat and vet

When you spay your cat, you can expect a few different behavioral changes. Some of these are short-term and directly related to the pain your cat is likely in after surgery. Plus, certain side effects are common as well, which can resemble behavior changes. Other behavioral changes are long-term. Often, these changes are the result … Read more

150+ Grey Cat Names: Great Ideas for Your Dusty Cat

grey nebulung cat laying in window

Adopting a new cat is always exciting. However, it also means that you need to make a lot of decisions. On top of picking out all of your cat’s new equipment, you’ll also need to consider what you’re going to call them. Picking out a name seems like a pretty straightforward idea. However, in practice, … Read more

125+ Space Names for Cats: Great Ideas for Your Interstellar Cat

cat in a space suit on the moon

Naming your cat can be overwhelming, especially if you want to select a name that is unique and fits their personality. One way to select the perfect name for your furry friend is to get inspiration from space! Space is filled with stars, planets, myths, and lore. As a result, there are tons of names … Read more

How Long Does It Take to Adopt a Cat? 3 Factors You Need to Know!

adopting a cat

How long it takes you to bring home a new purring friend depends on your location and the service you are using. Usually, the basic principle of supply and demand is at play here. If your area has more cats than people wanting cats, then you’ll likely be able to find one pretty quickly. However, … Read more

How to Get Cat Vomit Out of Hardwood: 4 Effective Steps

cat vomit on wooden floor

It’s very distressing when any member of your family vomits, but it can be alarming when it’s your cat. Cats sometimes get into things they aren’t supposed to, and it could be a sign they ate something toxic when they vomit. Vomit is acidic and can stain, not to mention any substances that are in … Read more