Why Does My Cat Lick Me? 5 Reasons Behind the Behavior

cat licking the nose of the woman

The cat’s tongue is one of its greatest assets. It is lined with little barbs that act like a comb when they are grooming their fur. But apart from licking themselves, a cat will also lick their food bowl, bedding, or even you. There are many reasons why a cat would lick its owner. Usually, … Read more

100+ Egyptian Cat Names: Ideas for Enlightened & Divine Cats

cat with egyptian statue

When it comes to felines we actually owe a lot to the ancient Egyptians, as historians have a lot of evidence to show they were the culture that paved the way for the domestication of cats as we know it. In fact, it’s possible (albeit hard to imagine) that they loved these lazy little sun … Read more

Highlander Cat

Highlander Cat

The Highlander is a large, curly-eared, stubby-tailed cat breed that is growing in popularity. It’s really no surprise since they have all of the attributes that make a housecat so terrific. Many owners are taken by the positive energy and low vocalizations of the Highlander. They make excellent choices for apartment living since they are … Read more

Are Ferns Toxic To Cats? What You Need To Know

fern leaves

Many of us have ferns in our homes and gardens. Garfield, the fictional cat, was known to be a firm favorite of the fern, along with lasagna of course. But is this popular houseplant actually safe for feline consumption, or should it be placed behind closed doors or saved for the confines of a catless … Read more

Are Peace Lilies Toxic to Cats? What You Need to Know!

a peace lily

Most cat owners are aware of the dangers of a cat ingesting Lilies, specifically those from the Lilium and Hemerocallis family. These include the Asiatic, Easter, Japanese Show, and daylilies, and even just a small amount — one to two leaves — may be enough to cause severe acute kidney failure. Even the pollen and … Read more

Is Bamboo Toxic To Cats? Everything You Need to Know!

bamboo forest

True bamboo is the species called Bambusoideae. This is considered safe for all pets to eat, including cats and dogs. Its high protein level means that bamboo can be beneficial to your feline friend. However, several other plants and flowers contain the word bamboo but are not bamboo at all. Some, such as lucky bamboo … Read more

15 Easy Ways To Make Your Cat Happy

white maine coon kitten

Happier cats live longer and healthier lives. That’s why cat parents need to make sure to keep their little tigers as happy as possible. But it’s not all that difficult. Cats are very easy to please and entertain. Not to mention, you’ll naturally be having a blast with them in many cases. In this article, … Read more

Why Do Cats Like to Cuddle? 5 Reasons for This Behavior

woman hugging a cat

There is arguably nothing better than a warm cat cuddling on your lap while you relax on the sofa. While cats have a reputation for being rather aloof and independent creatures and some are somewhat deserving of that reputation, many cats defy stereotype and love to cuddle with their owners! In this article, we’ll explore … Read more

Bald Spots on Cats: Causes & Symptoms


Have you noticed bald spots showing up on your cat with seemingly no explanation? Maybe you’ve noticed your cat licking certain spots more or he’s itchy or irritable. Maybe your kitty has even been going potty outside the box. All of these can indicate stress or medical problems. There are quite a few reasons your … Read more

Cats Peeing on Shoes? 7 Reasons & How to Stop It


Nothing is worse than slipping your feet into a pool of cat pee—in your own shoe. If your cat has made a habit out of weeing into your Nikes, you’re looking for solutions. But before you can stop the problem, you have to figure out why it’s happening. It’s difficult sometimes that we can’t just … Read more