Thiamine Deficiency in Cats: 9 Signs to Look For (Vet Answer)

tired sick cat lying on bed

Thiamine deficiency, or vitamin B1 deficiency, is a clinical syndrome associated with vascular lesions and nerve damage caused by an insufficient concentration of this vitamin in a cat’s body. This deficit is due to insufficient intake of vitamin B1 (part of the B complex group) in relation to the body’s requirements. It is predominant in … Read more

Will Ignoring My Cat Make Them Like Me? Here’s How They Take It

Persian cat looking out the window_Shutterstock_NTP_RASTA

While cats are fun, they can be aloof and independent often. And we may find ourselves wishing they like us more sometimes. That may be why you wonder whether you can beat them at their own game. We hate to break it to you: Your cat will not like you more if you ignore them. … Read more

How Long Does a Cat Hold a Grudge? Signs That Your Cat Is Angry

angry domestic cat growling

Your cat doesn’t hate you. Thankfully, humans are the only species that write vengeful songs about our exes and actively harbor bitterness. Although cats don’t technically hold grudges, that argument might be a tough one to prove at times when your cat seethes at you from their favorite armchair. Cats have a pretty short memory, … Read more

Will Cats Protect Chickens? The Interesting Answer

Cat surrounded with chickens

Cats are natural predators. In fact, they often occupy the mesopredator spot in almost every food web, seeing as they have very few known enemies. If you put a cat and a chicken in a room together, even if it’s domesticated, chances are its natural instincts will instantaneously kick in. For this reason, it’s unlikely … Read more

Can Cats Kill Weasels? The Interesting Answer

Siberian Weasel

The debate over whether a cat or a Weasel would win in a fight has been around for years, especially when having a pet Weasel in your home with a cat or even other small animals. As to whether a cat can kill a Weasel, it depends on the weight and size of the cat … Read more

Will Cats Scratch Velvet? The Surprising Answer

Scottish Shorthair cat lying on a velvet couch

We’ve all been sitting on the couch watching TV only to hear the sound of fabric ripping as our beloved feline scratched the fabric on our couches or other furniture. You’ve probably done everything in your power to stop your cat from clawing your furniture to no avail. However, some pet owners say that cats … Read more

Will Cat Poop Kill My Plants? Prevention Tips & FAQ

cat pooping outside

A common challenge that many cat owners will inevitably deal with is the smell of kitty droppings. Cat poop has a foul smell, which can easily stench up the house. So, having your cat do their business outside can save you the trouble of cleaning and dealing with the not-so-aromatic fragrance of cat excrement. While … Read more

Will Steam Cleaning a Carpet Remove Cat Urine Smell? Top Sanitation Tips

cat near wet spot on carpet

Have you ever wondered which pet is easier to potty train—dogs or cats? Cat owners may argue that cats are much easier to potty train than dogs because of their natural inclination to use the litter box. While there is some truth to this, most cat owners have dealt with accidents with cats doing their … Read more

Why Do Cats Like Their Cheeks Scratched? 8 Interesting Reasons

a woman's hand petting a cat

Cats are mysterious creatures, and their behavior can often be puzzling to humans. One curious action cats take part in is rubbing their cheeks on people and objects. They love having their cheeks scratched and scratching their cheeks on surfaces. Have you ever wondered why cats do this? The answer lies within a cat’s natural … Read more

Will My Cat Eat My Guinea Pig? 8 Coexisting Tips & FAQ

Guinea pig with little kitten Guinea pig with little kitten

If you’re a cat person who is interested in becoming a guinea pig person, or vice versa, you may be wondering if it’s safe to bring the two together. Do cats eat guinea pigs? The good news is that many cats won’t eat guinea pigs, and guinea pigs and cats can coexist peacefully while remaining … Read more