9 DIY Cat Treadmills You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

cat on treadmill

In the wild, cats are ferocious hunters that rule the forest, jungle, or savanna in which they live. As they have become more domesticated, they have seemingly regressed to be lazier than their wild predecessors. It can be difficult to inspire your cat to exercise if they quickly grow weary of playing with their toys. … Read more

From How Far Away Can Cats Pick Up a Smell? What Science Says

orange cat smelling something

A cat’s sense of smell or olfaction is critical to its survival. Its significance starts from the day it is born as the kitten struggles to find an open teat on its mother to get nourishment. Remember that they are born blind and totally dependent on their parents. That fact underscores the importance of smell, … Read more

Can Cats Tell When You’re Sick? What Science Says

man sick with cat beside him

Cat owners will likely say that having a feline in their home is more like a relationship than living with a dog. They display a range of emotions and moods that explain the differences in these pets. Therefore, it makes sense that a feline would get to know your habits. When it comes to the … Read more

Can Cats Understand Humans and Our Language? What Science Says

little girl talking to cat

As loving pet owners, it’s all too easy to anthropomorphize our pets. We often assign human emotions to their facial expressions and body language or talk to them as if they understand what we’re saying. Dogs have been proven to understand some degree of human communication, and anyone who’s owned an intelligent canine can attest … Read more

How to Keep Ants Out of Cat Food (Quick & Simple)

ants in cat food bowl

Ants! Ugh! They can get into anything, and annoyingly, they seem to love your cat’s food. If you see one ant, there’s going to be more, and the last thing your cat wants to do is eat her food with ants crawling on it. You obviously can’t spray a pesticide all over her eating area, … Read more

Lethargy in Cats: Symptoms, Causes & Treatments (Vet Answer)

cat sleeping

Cats are well known for being stoic. They are also a predator-prey species. This means that, as much as they enjoy hunting mice, they are also wary of being preyed on themselves. This has led to a great ability to hide pain and illness, even from their pet parents. So, while it is often quite … Read more

What is the Best Type of Carpet for Cats (That Scratch)

tabby cat in white carpet

Cats and carpets are not a good match, with the main reason being cats’ love for scratching. Before you consider your cat bad for putting its claws on your precious carpet, furniture, and upholstery, you should know that they don’t do it to piss you off; scratching is vital for a cat’s wellbeing. Moreover, it … Read more

8 DIY Cat Water Fountains You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

cat drinks water

Cats aren’t completely similar to humans, but we are similar to our feline friends when it comes to water consumption. Generally, the more water we consume, the better it is for us. Cats especially need to be drinking adequate amounts of water to prevent bladder problems, which they are prone to. A 10-pound cat needs … Read more

How to Stop a Cat from Scratching Carpet (Quick & Easy)

black cat sniffing the carpet

One of the most significant downsides of owning a cat is its claws. Not only can they scratch you, but they can also scratch up your stuff—including your carpets. Some cats enjoy scratching more than others. Occasionally, a cat will hardly scratch at all. Most of the time, cats will scratch at least sometimes, though … Read more

How to Make a Cat Poop When Constipated (10 Helpful Tips)

constipated cat

A constipated kitty is no fun. Usually, constipation is not a sign of something serious, though it can be very uncomfortable for the cat and can lead to secondary problems if it isn’t fixed. However, constipation can be a symptom of some health problems. Unless you’re paying attention to your cat’s bowel movements, it can … Read more