Can Cats Eat Cheese? What You Need to Know!

cat eating cheese

Who doesn’t love a nice slice of cheese slapped across a juicy hamburger? Cheese compliments meat in almost every situation. Since your cat probably salivates over every meat on your plate as much as you do, it’s natural to think they can enjoy cheese the same. But can cats eat cheese, too? While cheese is … Read more

How Long Can Cats Go Without Eating? What You Need to Know!

Cat eating in a food bowl

It can be kind of scary when your cat loses their appetite, especially since our cats are usually the ones reminding us that their food bowl is empty. But if you find them neglecting their food or water, it may raise the question—how long can cats go without eating? It depends on a few factors, … Read more

Can Cats Eat Popcorn? What You Need to Know!

cat reaching for popcorn

If you’ve just sat down to watch your favorite movie with a big bowl of popcorn, what do you do if your cat comes over and starts trying to eat a few fallen kernels? Popcorn is a popular snack for us humans, but should you let your four-legged friend share in the fun as well? … Read more

Can Cats Eat Broccoli? Is Broccoli Safe for Cats?

cat with broccoli

It is an unlikely scenario that you would want to feed your cat broccoli, or that your pet would come over and sniff the dinner plate with broccoli present, however for those wanting to know if cats can in fact eat this rather delicious green vegetable – the answer is yes they can. In fact, … Read more

Can Cats Eat Watermelon? What You Need to Know!

cat with watermelon

During hot summer months, a cool snack always sounds good. Many of us choose the healthy route by cutting up a watermelon and bringing it with us. While humans enjoy it and can get plenty of benefits from such a tasty snack, can cats eat watermelon? The answer is yes, cats can eat watermelon. You … Read more

Can Cats Eat Bread? What You Need to Know!

Cat with bread mane

Humans love their bread products. Hamburger and hot dog buns, sourdough loaves, pita bread, French bread, breadstick, pizza crust — the list goes on! With bread being such a staple of our diet, it isn’t a surprise that our cats might show interest in it from time to time. But the burning question is: Can … Read more

Can Cats Eat Bananas? What You Need to Know!

cat with banana

Humans and dogs can benefit from eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, including bananas. They are tasty, filling, and full of nutrition. They are generally inexpensive, and they’ll keep on the counter for a few days before going bad. They can be eaten fresh, frozen, baked, fried, and even barbecued. But are bananas as … Read more

8 Best Brush for Long-Haired Cats 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

brushing a ragdoll cat

Our long-haired cats are stunningly beautiful, but their coats sure do take looking after to stay tangle-free. Keeping your cat’s long coat free from shedding hair, tangles, and mats is a labor of love, but it’s worth it to sit back and look at your cat in all their beauty! One thing that makes the … Read more

11 Best Waterless Cat Shampoos in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

gray cat newly bathe

Did you know that it can be harmful to bathe your cat too often? It may sound like a carefully crafted feline lie, but most healthy cats just don’t need baths more than once a month. Excessive bathing can strip their natural oils, make fur brittle, and dry out their skin. And for cats that … Read more

14 Cat Breeds With Curly Tails (With Pictures)

cornish rex in grass

Although lots of cats curl their tails around themselves to communicate or keep warm, very few cats have tails that naturally curl up all the time. Kitties with this rare trait have tails that curl back on themselves, even when the rest of their body is stretched all the way out. Having a curly tail … Read more