Why Does My Cat Need Mental Stimulation? 6 Vet-Approved Reasons

cat playing with a ball and a tunnel at home

Cats are quite curious and inquisitive by nature, so they require a significant amount of mental stimulation to satiate their curiosity and keep them happy. Along with keeping them engaged, mental stimulation can also boost a cat’s mood, increase their confidence, and help them maintain a healthy weight. Mental stimulation is essential to a cat’s … Read more

Can I Crate My Cat During the Day? Vet-Approved Tips & FAQ

Grey cat fell asleep in crate

If your cat gets into trouble when left home alone, you might be desperate for a solution, especially if they’re prone to destructive behaviors. Maybe you’ve even wondered if you can crate your cat during the day like a dog. While crate training can benefit cats, you shouldn’t confine your kitty for more than an … Read more

How to Potty Train a Kitten: Our Best Tips & Tricks

cat toilet_kachalkina veronika_shutterstock

If you’ve landed on this post, odds are you just added a new kitten into your life. Given your new bundle of feline joy is a kitten, he will need a little direction from you. When it comes to litter box training, it’s not too difficult because cats are naturally drawn to litter boxes, and … Read more

What Your Cat’s Breed Says About You (With Pictures)

cat snuggling with owner

Studies show 1 that a cat owner’s personality can impact the disposition of their pet. Cat owners scoring high in the Openness personality trait generally had friendlier and less aggressive cats. Owners scoring high in the Neuroticism trait had more fearful cats likelier to have medical problems. So, we know that our temperament can affect our … Read more

Can Bird Mites Live on Cats? How to Get Rid of Them

cat scratching its head

Bird mites are parasites that feed on the blood of avian hosts. While they can’t survive off of feline blood alone, they can still cause irritation for cats for a couple of weeks. So, it’s best to address the issue as soon as possible so that your cat isn’t left feeling uncomfortable and agitated from … Read more

10 Surprising Facts About Cat Ears: Vet-Approved Guide

A man's hand scratches a fluffy cat behind the ear

Cats can be funny pets that do things that leave us feeling puzzled or amazed. As more research is being done on cats, experts are finding fascinating discoveries about cat anatomy that help explain their behavior and mannerisms. Cat’s ears may look fuzzy and cute on the outside but they’re actually built to help cats … Read more

How Early Can You Hold a Kitten? Tips to Safely Handle Them

woman holding cute kitten

Cats are known to be exceptional at taking care of their young ones, and there’s little more exciting than having a cat give birth to a litter of kittens at home. If you have a cat that has recently given birth, the first thing that comes to mind after ensuring that the kittens and mom … Read more

Are Air Purifiers Safe for Cats? Facts & What to Consider

cat Dehumidifier

Air purifiers may sound too good to be true: a machine that can clean the air in your home? But a high-quality unit can remove air pollutants, making your home’s air healthier for you and whomever you share your home with—including your pets. Studies show cats suffering from respiratory diseases were more likely to reside … Read more

How Long Can My Cat Stay in Their Crate? Vet Reviewed Safety Guide

cat in cat carrier

Cat fanatics know all too well that their beloved furballs can become real monsters at night and wreak havoc in the house. This makes the idea of putting them in a crate quite tempting. However, you should be aware that keeping a cat in a crate for long periods can be detrimental to their well-being. … Read more

Can a Cat Hear Better Than a Dog? A Vet Reviewed Comparison

Cat and Golden Retriever dog cuddling

Cats and dogs often get compared to each other, and many people engage in heated debates to determine which pet is better than the other. When it comes to the arena of hearing, science has proven that cats generally have better hearing than dogs. They can detect sounds from further away and hear a wider … Read more