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Chocolate Point Siamese Cat

Height: 8-10 inches
Weight: 4-8 pounds
Lifespan: 19-13 years
Colors: Cream with milk chocolate markings
Suitable for: People looking for active cats, kids, multi-animal households
Temperament: Fun-loving, independent, playful, cuddly

The Chocolate Point Siamese cat is a beautiful, sleek feline that has a cream-colored body with chocolate markings of varying degrees. They are a genetic variation of the Seal Point Siamese and are considered a rare breed overall. This cat breed is affectionate and loves attention, so they will not usually be found hiding under a bed or snoozing in the corner all day long.

Their curious personality can get them into trouble sometimes, but their agreeable temperament makes them easy to manage overall. They get bored easily and need many toys to interact with indoors or tons of free time to spend outdoors where they can explore and hunt. The Chocolate Point Siamese enjoys talking, so owners should expect vocal interaction throughout the day.

These cats can get along with other animals and children, making them the purrfect pet option for families of all backgrounds, shapes, and sizes. If you are wondering whether the Chocolate Point Siamese is the right fit for your household, the following guide should help you make a final determination.

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Chocolate Point Siamese Kittens — Before You Buy

Chocolate Point Siamese kitten
Image Credit: Altsva, Shutterstock

Chocolate Point Siamese kittens look just like Seal Point kittens when they are born. It is not until they grow into their “teen” years that they start showing off their distinctive milk chocolate coloring. Here is what else you need to know before buying one of these kittens:


What’s the Price of Chocolate Point Siamese Kittens?

Chocolate Point Siamese cats are rare, so they can be sold for as much as $2,500, depending on their lineage. If breeders have more kittens for sale than the market demands, they may reduce the cost by a few hundred dollars. But in general, you can expect to pay about $2,000 when adopting a Chocolate Point Siamese kitten.

Other costs should be factored in when preparing to adopt one of these playful kittens. An initial trip to the vet, bedding and toys, and food are all important things that must be bought when you bring your new kitten home for the first time.

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3 Little-Known Facts About Chocolate Point Siamese Cats

1. They Have Nicknames

The Chocolate Point Siamese cat has many nicknames that owners and enthusiasts have given to them. Choccie, Choccie Point, and Chocopoint are common ones.

2. They Can Get Confused With Seal Point Siamese Cats

This specific breed tends to get confused with the Seal Point Siamese cat because they look so much alike as they grow through kittenhood. Those who are not familiar with the breed may even confuse them for Seal Points as adults. However, Chocolate Point Siamese cats have pinkish noses and paw pads, while Seal Points do not. Also, Seal Points tend to have darker overall coats than Choccie Points.

3. They Love to Talk

Chocolate Point Siamese cats love to talk, whether to themselves or family members. They may see a wild animal outside and decide to start a conversation through the window. They might want to talk to themselves in the middle of the night while everyone is sleeping, because they are bored and lonely. They may also follow their owners around the house expecting reactions to their antics, so potential owners should be prepared.

Chocolate Point Snow Shoe Siamese
Image Credit: Anna Krivitskaya, Shutterstock

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Temperament & Intelligence of the Chocolate Point Siamese Cats

This Siamese cat breed is extremely intelligent and curious. Chocolate Points tend to interact with their surroundings throughout the day, especially when circumstances change. For instance, they can spend hours investigating the house after visitors leave, and they will happily play with any toys that are available if everyone else is too busy to give them attention.

Their intelligence makes them easy to train, so they can be taught not to talk so much (especially in the middle of the night), and they can learn cool tricks that are sure to impress humans of all ages. While awake, this Siamese breed will not sit still for long. They are not shy, so they do not typically run and hide when strangers come to visit their home.

These cats are not afraid to let their family know what they need or want. If they do not think that their available water is clean enough, they will let you know. If they are not getting enough attention, the entire household will hear about it. There is never a dull day at home when a Chocolate Point Siamese cat is living there!

Are These Cats Good for Families? 👪

The Chocolate Point Siamese cat is an excellent pet of choice for families with or without kids. These cats have a playful disposition that tends to shine when they spend time with children of any age. If teasing is kept to a minimum, this breed is gentle and affectionate. However, these hardy cats can handle a little roughhousing when the kids get boisterous. This specific breed tends to spend more time awake and active than many other breeds, and their human-centric reality will keep the family entertained all day long.

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

This cat breed does get along well with other animals. They enjoy the company of other cats, no matter the breed. They can easily learn to live with small pets like hamsters and ferrets as well. They will also make quick friends with dogs, even the larger breeds, if the ones they interact with are not aggressive in any way.

applehead siamese
Image Credit: Tatiana Chekryzhova, Shutterstock

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Things to Know When Owning a Chocolate Point Siamese Cat

There is quite a bit to learn about this awesome cat breed before deciding whether to adopt one of your own. Here are specifics about their diet, exercise, grooming, and possible health conditions.

Food & Diet Requirements 

The Chocolate Point Siamese cat enjoys both dry and wet commercial cat food. However, their food should be free of artificial ingredients and colors to ensure optimal nutrient intake. It should also include real meat as the first ingredient. It may or may not include fruits and veggies, but keep in mind that cats are obligate carnivores, so they should not eat a diet that includes grains.


Due to their active nature, Chocolate Point Siamese cats need a great deal of exercise throughout the day to stay satisfied. They do not need daily walks as dogs do, but they do need daily access to interactive toys and play sessions with their human and animal household members. They should get at least an hour of active human interaction each day and have unlimited access to their toys and the space to play with those toys.

Training 🧶

There is no training required to enjoy the company of a Chocolate Point Siamese cat, but the intelligence of this breed makes it possible to train them in various ways. These cats can learn to come when called, to fetch small items when asked, and even to sit and stay when commanded. They can also be trained to be quiet when necessary. Training takes patience and commitment, but with regular practice, it is certainly doable.

Image Credit: klimkin, Pixabay

Grooming ✂️

The Chocolate Point Siamese cat has a short coat, but they do shed regularly. Therefore, they should be brushed weekly to keep shedding to a minimum. Their nails should be trimmed every couple of weeks so they don’t crack and break or become dangerous to others. Their teeth should be brushed regularly, or they should be given dental treats once a week or so to keep tartar from building up. Also, a check-up should be scheduled at the veterinarian’s office once or twice a year to minimize the chance of health problems developing.

Health and Conditions

While the Chocolate Point Siamese cat is relatively healthy, there are a few health conditions that they are prone to. These conditions should be monitored throughout their lives, starting as early as kittenhood.

Minor Conditions
  • Asthma
  • Hip dysplasia
Serious Conditions
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Systemic amyloidosis
  • Mediastinal lymphoma

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Male vs Female

There are a couple of differences between male and female Chocolate Point Siamese cats that prospective owners should be aware of. First, males tend to mark their territory more often than females, especially if they have not been fixed. Females are more likely to be vocal when bored, while males are more likely to start exploring and investigating. However, both male and female Chocolate Point Siamese cats are lovable and playful and have similar temperaments in general.

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Final Thoughts

The Chocolate Point Siamese cat is loving, affectionate, fun, and gentle, all wrapped up into one exciting package. They get along well with families of all types and other animals, making it easy to introduce them into any household. Their playful nature and need for attention require that family members make time for them throughout the day, but overall, these cats are easy to care for. Do you think that this cat breed would make a great fit for your household? We want to know why or why not! Leave us a line or two in the comments section below.

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