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50 Christmas Cat Memes | Naughty & Nice Holiday Cats

Merry Christmas! It’s that time of the year again when everything’s covered in candy canes and mistletoe. Whether you keep your decorations up all year round or prefer to be a Grinch, there’s a hilarious Christmas cat meme to help you celebrate.

So grab a cup of eggnog and get ready to ho-ho-ho! Here are the 50 best Christmas cat memes of the year:

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50 Hilarious Christmas Cat Memes:

1. Christmas Tree Cat

Every cat’s worst nightmare!

2. Mug Shot

3. So Little Time

4. It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

5. A Quick Catnap

7. Distracted Cat Boyfriend

As every cat knows, there’s always something better than a cat tree. Like a Christmas tree.

8. Simba Claus

Have you met Santa’s pet lion, Simba Claus?

9. So Wholesome

10. A-Plus Wrapping

11. Without You

12. Hairballs

Maybe you shouldn’t take decorating tips from kittens…

13. Grumpy Cat Does Christmas

14. Angelic

15. Letter to Santa

16. UFOs

UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Ornaments, right?

17. Gifts

18. The Twelve Days of Cat-Mas

19. Christmas Tree vs Cat

Sometimes you have to pull out the big guns. May we suggest fortifying your Christmas tree?

20. A Beautiful Sight

21. A Moment of Silence

22. A Matter of Survival

23. Incoming

24. Best. Christmas. Ever.

25. At Some Point

26. Grumpy Cat vs Grinch

Our money’s on Grumpy Cat.

27. Can’t Wait

28. Frazzled

29. OMG

30. Surprise!

31. Eggnog

32. Poor Rudolph

33. At Your Own Risk

34. You Shouldn’t Have

35. Cat Tree

The perfect compromise: your cats get everything they want, and you get the cats.

36. You’re Welcome

37. Temptation

38. Purr-esents

39. Whoops

40. Doomsday

41. Cat Selfie

42. So Shiny

44. Let It Snow

45. Santa’s Favorite Reindeer

46. O Christmas Tree

47. Christmas Pictures

48. The Whole Family

49. I Love the Grinch

50. Fa La La La La

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We hope you enjoyed this roundup of the funniest, grumpiest, and most festive Christmas cat memes on the internet. Take a break from opening your presents (or repairing the Christmas tree your cat knocked over) to laugh along with these hilarious kitties. Then glue your ornaments back together, dress your cat in a reindeer costume, and enjoy the holiday season! And don’t forget to give your cat a purr-fect purr-esent…

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