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20 Perfect Crying Cat Memes | Sad But Hilarious Cat Jokes

The crying cat meme is an internet classic, combining basic cat pictures with photoshopped tears and snarky captions. But unless you want to spend all your time making these hilarious memes yourself (in which case, send them over!), you’ll appreciate a good roundup.

Below, you’ll find the 20 best crying cat memes the internet has to offer. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…

Where did the crying cat meme come from?

Like most memes, the crying cat meme came from an enterprising photoshopper. The original jokester discovered that adding a teary glisten to a cat’s face made it just that much funnier. Cats that might normally have goofy, cute, or grumpy faces are suddenly tragic — which is surprisingly hilarious. But enough back story! Let’s get right to the best crying cat memes:

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20 Hilarious Crying Cat Memes:

1. The Original

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2. Life Hack

Want to be more productive? Learn from this very helpful life hack!

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3. Moms

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4. Friendship

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5. Hole in My Heart

Leave the bottle, bartender!

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6. Yeehaw

There’s nothing cuter than a cowboy cat… except maybe a crying cowboy cat!

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7. Closer Than It Appears

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8. Good Dreams

Why is it always the good dreams that get cut short?

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9. Offline

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10. Three Forks

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11. Alarms

Four hours is plenty of sleep, right?

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12. Healthy

Let’s be serious: that iceberg’s not going to happen.

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13. Final Music

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14. Getting Ready

Can we go back to bed now?

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15. So Deep

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16. Next Episode

Is there any feeling sadder than finishing a great series?

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17. 14 Year Old

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18. Scrolling

Any meme creator can identify with this feeling.

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19. Cake

They’re just so beautiful!

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20. Hungry

And finally… a very hungry crying cat!

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We hope you enjoyed these hilarious crying cat memes! Life can be tough, but luckily there’s a crying cat for every mood. Whether you hate mornings, struggle to eat salad, or tear up when you finish a great show, there’s a perfect meme for you.

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Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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