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11 Cute Cat Commercials You’ll Love to Watch (With Videos)

In today’s fast-paced world, where our attention is constantly on various screens and devices, it’s refreshing to stumble upon something that instantly captivates us and makes us smile. One such delightful escape comes in the form of cute cat commercials. These short, often whimsical advertisements featuring our furry feline friends have a unique ability to grab our attention and evoke a range of emotions, from pure joy to uncontrollable laughter. So, keep reading as we list several of our favorites to help you escape the day’s troubles for a little while.

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1. Dear Kitten

“Dear Kitten” is a wonderful commercial from Purina Friskies that is touching and cute. It features an older cat advising a new kitten about what to expect in their new home. It’s longer than most of the commercials that you see on TV, but it is well worth watching and part of a series of similar commercials.

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2. Silverado Cat

The Silverado Cat is a commercial for the Chevy Silverado pickup truck. It shows a cat owner and his pet out on many adventures together, with the cat showing off many amazing behaviors. However, when a bystander comments in disbelief, the owner thinks that he’s talking about the truck. This commercial is creative, funny, and well worth a watch. It’s also part of a series with several more featuring this cat, and some even have Chris Pratt, who stars in “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

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3. Freeview TV Ad

The Freeview TV Ad is nearly a decade old, but it still looks great and is great fun to watch. It features a cat getting into the cage of a Budgie Parakeet just so they can start engaging in fun activities. The cat sings a wonderful song and is as cute as can be.

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4. DirectTV

This DirectTV commercial features the hugely popular star Taylor Swift, who returns to her room after a show only to find that her cats are not too pleased with her. They start acting out in typical cat fashion until Taylor calms them by changing the station. It’s a fun commercial that anyone with a cat can relate to.

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5. Scoop Free High Tech Robot Machine

The Scoop Free High Tech Robot Machine commercial is fun to watch and features several cats wondering why humans are so concerned with their poop. It’s one of the funnier commercials on this list, and it makes you genuinely wonder if cats ever think about these things.

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6. Patience for Cats

“Patience for Cats” is a fun commercial for a cat trainer. It’s humorous and explains the benefits and possibilities of a trained cat, including one that comes to you when you call them and one that lets you clip their nails. It looks great, isn’t too long, and doesn’t have too many views online, so you will be among the first to enjoy this uploaded treasure.

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7. Eych

“Eych” is a hilarious hairball-remedy commercial featuring several cats asking for the product by name. They even sing a cute little song while demonstrating what it’s for. Unfortunately, the quality of the video isn’t as good as some of the others on this list, but it’s still plenty of fun to watch.

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8. Meow Mix

This fun cat commercial from Meow Mix shows what happens when you try to give a cat food that they don’t like. It’s a short commercial that you might remember from a few decades ago, featuring an adorable, long-haired cat.

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9. Whiskas

This Whiskas commercial is cute and shows an owner extravagantly loving his cat before getting caught by his friend—we’ve all been there! This commercial is short and fun, and you might remember it from its time on television.

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10. Temptations

This short commercial for Temptations shows just how far cats will go to get these treats, and most cat parents will vouch for its accuracy! It’s a funny and cute commercial that you are sure to enjoy watching.

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11. Toyota

This ad for a Toyota Rav 4 tries its hardest not to be a cat video but fails miserably as plenty of cats do cute things while the owner shows off the vehicle’s features. The cats are all adorable, and we think that you will enjoy watching them stress out the person advertising the SUV.

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As you can see, many great cat commercials are available for your viewing pleasure. Some of them are getting quite old now, but they are still fun to watch, especially the “Dear Kitten” commercial that pulls on the heartstrings and the Scoop Free High Tech Robot Machine ad that is quite funny. We think that you will enjoy watching all of these commercials, and there are plenty more if you keep digging!

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Featured Image Credit: Robert Way, Shutterstock