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22 Cute, Unique, and Funny Cat Beds in 2023 (With Images)

It seems owners and manufacturers alike are getting super creative with cat beds these days. You can practically find anything your imagination can conjure up. Instead of a cat bed being an eyesore among your other décor, you can get them to fit virtually any style. You can cater to your kitty’s personal preference while sprucing up your room.

We rounded up 22 of the coolest, cutest, and quirky cat beds to show you just how many options you have. Some of these options you might even be able to make right at home!cat face divider 2

The 22 Cat Beds

1. Wall-Hanging Bed Frames

How cute is this human-style bed for your feline? You could even match your own bedroom colors to their bedding. This idea would be adorable for multiple cats since you can stagger them on a wall or stack them on the ground. You could create quite the ideal room set up for your kitties.

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2. Square Wooden TV-Shape Cat Bed

How can you beat a vintage TV-style cat bed? Not only can your cat climb in to hide, but you can use the top for your own personal belongings. Well, if your cat doesn’t knock everything off, that is. It’s an elegant way to repurpose an item you aren’t using anymore, too.

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3.  Pet Pal Tan Sherpa Bed

Maine coon cat inside teepee tent
Image Credit: kimberrywood, Shutterstock

This teepee style cat bed is cozy and warm for all your kitty’s napping needs. The teepee portion detaches if you want a more open concept. It even has a cute little sherpa dangling bell to keep your cat busy. The bedding portion is memory foam with a corduroy and sherpa cover, so they might even sleep in more comfort than you.

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4. Cat Bed Macrame Cat Hammock

If you rock a boho-style, these macrame cat hammocks might be just what you’re looking for. You can buy one of your personal choices from lots of sites on the web. But one super cool thing about macrame is that it is so easy to make yourself! Check out some online tutorials to see if it looks like a fun project.

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5. Cat Window Perch

fat calico cat sleeping in the window perch
Image Credit: Lisa A. Ernst, Shutterstock

All kitties seem to love a spot where they can see the great outdoors. If you want to accommodate your cat, allowing them to get some rays and see the sights—this cat window perch might very well be a hit. After all, what’s better than napping and watching those pesky birds tease you from behind the glass?

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6. Ceiling Complex for Cats

If you want a fancy, modern-looking wall climb for your cat so they can cozy up—this might be the ticket. It provides a spot that is out of the way and up off the floor. But the dome’s clearness lets the cats rest while being able to see what’s going on below.

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7. Pet Hammock

cat in a hammock
Image Credit: Fernando Calmon, Shutterstock

If you would like a shabby chic modern look, you can buy one of these gorgeous macrame cat hammocks. This is a design idea that is just as beautiful as functional.  You can hang one of these close to a window of their choice. Or you can display it in practically any room.

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8. Cat Furniture “Catfeine” Cup

Could you put together two things you love more? The cup itself is incredibly durable, being very well sewn and incredibly soft. Plus, it’s deep enough that your cat can get in to hide, but there is no obstruction holding them out or in. This is an eye-catching, well-made selection for someone who is totally into kitties and caffeine.

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9. Hanging Cat Bed

This hanging cat bed is a practical choice for the kitty who loves to perch. They can sit above the ground on an area all their own to check things out. There are four openings, so your cat isn’t enclosed. It gives them the freedom to come and go as they please.

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10. Kikki + Lulu: Comfy Cat Furniture

You could spruce up your existing decor by adding a small hammock underneath a current stand. For convenience, you can purchase a premade version, too. These adorable end tables can go beside furniture to create an aesthetically pleasing look for virtually any room.

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11. Friends Cardboard Cat House

There is no argument that your cat is royalty. Why not give them a comfy throne for all their kitty needs? One really fabulous feature of this particular cat bed is that they can sleep both on top and inside of it. So, if you have a cat who prefers to be behind the scenes they can crawl into the enclosed portion. Or if you have a cat who loves to sunbathe, they can stretch out on the top.

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12. Hanging Bridge

Cats want to climb to the highest point of practically anything. These hanging bridges look absolutely awesome—and your cat will have a blast during play or use it for snoozing. If you are skilled enough to create this hanging bridge, your cat is sure to love it.

You can put this bridge across doorways, suspended on walls, or even attach one down low. It is an exciting look that would add character to your home.

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13. Crocheted Couch Bed

If you’re skilled with a crochet hook, you might be able to make one of these bad boys for next to nothing. If you prefer your cat cozy up on their own sofa, this is a perfect choice. You can just get the design pattern, get out your favorite yarn and crochet hook, and begin this project immediately. Or you might be able to find crafters that hand make and sell these adorable contraptions.

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14. Cat Teepee + Extras

This neat repurposed TV stand comes in a package deal. Not only will you get a sturdy stained wooden A-frame cat bed, but you will also get a food and water dish to go with it. Your cat can have its own little corner of matching belongings.

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15. Felt Cat Bed

It seems like these felt cat beds are all the rage these days. Cat lovers everywhere seem to give a big thumbs up to this style. The bed is soft enough for your cat to climb inside and snuggle up. Each is shaped in such a way that your cat can feel secure and out of sight. There are tons of color variations, and many of them are made by hand.

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16. Castle Teepee Pet Bed

The warm, inviting design will allow your cat to nap like a prince or princess. The neutral colors will match with just about any decor that you already have. This would look extra cute in a bohemian-style environment. So, if you want to give your cat some mood lighting, this should be at the top of your list.

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17. Cat Tree House

Cute pet sharpening claws on cat tree at home
Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

This cat bed set up would be a perfect addition for a screened-in porch or an open window space. The tree might be fake, but it gives the illusion of foliage within the house. Since kitties are notorious for climbing trees they should feel right at home.

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18. Wood Rocking Cat Bed

black cat lying on bed
Image Credit: cottonbro, Pexels

This adorable little rocking cat bed doubles as a play place and nap spot. It has a comfy cloth padding and a rock a bowl design, so your cats might have fun playing seesaw. The colors are vibrant and bright with strong stitching. Plus, could it get any cuter?

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19. Pumpkin Cushion Pet Bed

If you have a little pumpkin that needs some cushion, this sweet cat bed is sure to be comfy for your kitty. The entire design is plush, and one entrance is at the front. It’s large enough to accommodate two cats, depending on how big they are. So, it may work for your multiples, too.

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20. Suitcase Cat Bed

Do you enjoy a vintage aesthetic? If you can find a classic-looking suitcase that could use some sprucing up, you can turn it into an interesting cat bed. As you can see, the cat in the picture is cozy inside with photos of his family behind him. You could get imaginative with your own design.

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21. Cat Condo

Here’s another repurposed dresser for the win! This one even has a hiding spot to put the litter box. If you were like many other cat owners, you might have a real dilemma on how to keep the litter box out of sight. After all, no one wants to smell a litter box close to the kitchen while they’re eating dinner. This is a way to take care of the problem while offering a visually attractive setup.

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22. Cat Cave Bed

These contemporary cat cave beds are super interesting. This modest, simplistic cylinder is a good pick for your little napper. It’s a rather open concept, so if your kitty likes to look around while relaxing, they’re able to. They have a sleek appearance, too. So, it won’t be an eyesore in your living room.yarn ball divider

Final Thoughts

People come up with new ideas every day on crazy-cool pet furniture. Many DIY tutorials, handmade goods sites, and private sellers have concepts you might never have thought of before. It’s amazing to see just what your options are in terms of cat beds.

Some folks want to blend their cat furniture with their existing décor. Other people might just want something totally creative that stands out among the rest. No matter your creative way of thinking, you’re sure to find something that matches your vision these days.

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Featured image credit: Eric Han, Unsplash