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10 Incredible Devon Rex Cat Facts You’ll be Surprised to Find Out!

Finding the perfect cat is often a difficult task. This is especially true if you want a unique cat that wants to spend time with you instead of always off in its own world. Enter the Devon Rex.  This cat breed is somewhat of a newcomer in the cat world, but when it comes to uniqueness, they are at the top of many lists. These medium-sized cats are fun to be around, great house companions, and one of the few cat breeds that don’t hesitate to show their love for you. Let’s take a look at 10 incredible Devon Rex facts to help you see that these little kitties are truly special.


The 10 Facts About Devon Rex Cats

1. Meet the Poodle Cat

While a Devon Rex has a lot going for it, one of the things that stick out the most is the breed’s unique coat. Many have nicknamed the Devon Rex the “poodle cat” thanks to its coat. These cats are considered low-shedding, like a poodle, with short, wavy fur that can appear in a host of colors. You’ll also notice that the Devon Rex’s coat lacks a lot of guard hair. This makes the fur extremely fragile. Many suggest that you should avoid brushing or combing your Rex’s coat to avoid causing it any damage.

Devon Rex cat
Image Credit: Oleksandr Volchanskyi, Shutterstock
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2. A Pixie Kitty

The Devon Rex’s coat may be famous, but so is that cute face. This breed is often said to have a pixie-like appearance. Others have used words like elf or alien to describe them as well. The Devon Rex has a sharp facial profile. The cheeks are wide and you’ll notice a dip in their profile that’s quite distinct. Add in the sharp chin, wide eyes, and low-set ears that are quite large and you can understand where the pixie reference comes from.

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3. Devon Rex Cats Are Jumpers

The body of a Devon Rex is made for jumping. These kitties have lightweight bodies with long legs. This helps them take on acrobatics around the house. You’ll also notice they have large toes, which is odd for breeds of cats mostly intended for indoor life. With all these traits combined, don’t be shocked to find a Devon Rex leaping from countertops, tables, and backs of sofas.

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4. The Devon Rex Is a Newer Cat Breed

Most of us are aware of the ancient history surrounding most cat breeds. Cats were worshipped and adored by Ancient Egyptians. With so many cat breeds being thousands of years old, it’s hard to find newer breeds but that’s exactly what the Devon Rex is. This breed wasn’t discovered until 1959. This took place in Buckfastleigh, Devon, UK when a cat lover by the name of Beryl Cox noticed a male cat with a curly coat.

While she couldn’t tame this feral boy, she decided to keep up with him. Before long she found that the tom cat she’d been following fathered a litter with a Calico. From this litter, Cox found one male kitten, a blackish-brown one, that inherited the father’s curly coat. She kept the kitten, named it Kirlee in honor of its dad, and the Devon Rex breed was born.

Red Devon Rex
Image Credit: Oleksandr Volchanskyi, Shutterstock
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5. Coming to America

The Devon Rex wasn’t imported to the United States until 1968. When they arrived, however, instant popularity struck. With the love people in the US gave this breed, it isn’t surprising that the American Cat Fanciers Association would recognize the breed only 4 years later in 1972. The International Cat Association recognized the Devon Rex in the same year it was formed, 1979. The Cat Fancier Association finally followed suit in 1983.

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6. A Devon Rex’s Unique Whiskers

Yes, the look and fur of a Devon Rex are unique, but so are its whiskers. When you look at the Devon Rex you may be shocked to see they don’t have long whiskers like other cats. Instead, the Devon Rex has very short, curly whiskers. That is if they have whiskers at all. Some kitties in this breed have no whiskers. Those that do may experience breakage or loss of whiskers as they are very fragile. While we know whiskers are used by cats as sensors, it appears the Devon Rex has learned how to navigate the world without them.

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7. A Quirky Playful Breed

The personality of a Devon Rex is a bit all over the place. This breed does great with families due to their loving, cuddly natures. They are also very playful. You may find your Rex racing through the house, bolting from couch to chair, or even hanging from the curtains. The next minute, they may be curled up at your side wanting to simply chill for a bit. These kitties are very quirky. They play fetch, have been known to love to play hide and seek, and are destined to keep you on your toes as much as possible.

devon rex cat is walking in the garden
Image Credit: Veera, Shutterstock
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8. The Devon Rex Is a House Cat (For a Reason)

We mentioned the Devon Rex’s unique coat earlier and the lack of guard hairs the breed has. This lack of guard hair makes the Devon Rex more susceptible to sunburn. Without a proper coat to protect it, the Devon Rex prefers life indoors. If you do take your Devon Rex outside, make sure to use a good coat of sunscreen and limit the amount of time you spend. The last thing you want is your kitty suffering the pain of a sunburn.

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9. An Intelligent Cat Breed

The high-flying antics of the Devon Rex are something fun to watch but don’t sell this breed short. There is more than meets the eye with the Devon Rex. Not only are they acrobatic and full of energy, but they are also highly intelligent. You can easily teach your Rex a few tricks to show off to friends and family. They can even be taught how to run agility and training courses.

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10. The Devon Rex Is a Loyal Cuddle Bug

If you’re looking for a cat breed that is fond of attention and being with its owner, then look no further than the Devon Rex. This breed loves to spend quality time with its owner and enjoys showing affection. They are one of the few cat breeds that welcome your attention. You’ll also find that they love to cuddle. Not only do they want to be near you and show how much they love you, but they also use your body heat to help regulate their internal temperature. Without a proper coat, a Devon Rex needs all the cuddles it can get.

Devon rex cat on couch
Image Credit: klevers, Shutterstock

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As you can see, the Devon Rex is an amazing cat breed. With a unique look, a great personality, and enough quirks to make life fun they could be considered a perfect kitty companion. If you’re hoping to bring a cat into your home that is playful and sure to be by your side most of the time, this breed could be your answer.

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