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5 DIY Cat Cones: How to Make Your Own at Home (With Pictures)

When cats have surgery or wounds, cat owners are no strangers to using Elizabethan collars—otherwise known as the “cone of shame.” Not only do cats typically hate these collars, but they are also quite restrictive.

If you want an alternative option that you can make at home with a few quick snips and cuts, there are plenty of DIY plans that provide a nice change of pace. These next few DIYs are easy to assemble, cheap to make, and secure. Buckle up while we teach you how to make a cat cone!

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Benefits of DIY Cat Cones

Elizabethan collars don’t work for all animals. They’re bulky, irritating, and oversized. If your cat can’t deal with the collar, there are more comfortable ways to keep them safe and comfortable.

DIY cat cones can be better because:

  • Many allow more room for movement
  • They provide more cushion and comfort
  • They can be much less expensive
  • You might not have to buy extra supplies
  • You can create a custom fit for your cat

You can customize your cat cone with style if you’re extra crafty. Let’s take a look at these awesome DIY options.

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The 5 DIY Cat Cone Plans

1. Alternative Pet Cone—Onesie

DIY Cat Onesie
Image Credit: EPBOT

If your cat squirms out of a cone, this is a great alternative to keep them from licking or tearing at problem areas. All you need is an old baby onesie or an old shirt. You make a few leg holes, a tail hole, and strips to tie, and you’re golden.

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2. Foam E-Collar

DIY Alternative to the Elizabethan Collar
Image Credit: Autodesk Instructables

For this e-collar alternative, you use simple foam piping that’s pretty inexpensive. You cut measured chunks out of the inside, creating a zig-zag shape. Once the general shape is made, you’ll wrap it up with strong tape. You can use the string of your choice to tie the collar up.

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3. Soft Pet Cone

DIY Soft Pet Cone
Image Credit: Blizzard Arts

You can really personalize this DIY collar. Choose any color, pattern, or style you think looks snazzy on your kitty. You need simple hand-sewing skills, an iron, and a little patience.

Once you finish up, your cat may like it better, and they’ll look seriously picture-worthy, too.

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4. Soft Fabric Elizabethan Collar

DIY Soft Elizabethan Collar for Cats
Image Credit: cuteness

This collar is a bit more time-consuming than other selections but also very practical. You must take some measurements to create an appropriately sized circle on a thick poster board or piece of cardboard. You’ll need a pair of scissors, a compass, tape, a hole punch, and a decorative ribbon or string.

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5. Posterboard E-Collar

In this video, the instructor teaches you to assemble a handy little posterboard collar that’s easy as pie. You even get to watch a handsome feline model help out with measurements. The video guides you step-by-step on how to cut and piece together the collar so you can create a snug fit.

This collar is another inexpensive, easy-to-assemble choice if you’re less crafty and need something quick.

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DIY Cat Cone: Final Thoughts

As you can see, you can get as fancy or as simple as you like. Learning how to make a cat cone can give your kitty the best fit for their body. You can finally say goodbye to the annoying cone of shame for good, and your cat will thank you.

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