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1 DIY Costumes for Cats (with Pictures)

Facts are facts, and we all know the fact is there’s not much that’s cuter than cats! Except for, that is, cats in costumes! No doubt, it’s an overload of adorableness, but what cat lover can resist dressing up their pretty kitty in a custom costume? But these 10 costumes do even better; they’re all DIY costumes, so you can make them yourself in the comfort of your home for a very small investment. Of course, no one but you will even realize that the costume is DIY, so all your friends might ask where you got it!

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Top 1 DIY Costumes for Cats

1. War Kitty! by sad and useless

Bored Quarantined Owners Have Started Putting Cats In Cardboard Tanks
Image Credit: sadanduseless

OK, your cat is probably not about to go to war with anyone or anything but its favorite mouse toy. That doesn’t mean you can’t dress it up like a war kitty though! You can easily build a tank like this one out of cardboard, tape, and a little bit of paint. Get creative with it and see what else you can come up with! The only downside is that your cat probably won’t be able to move around much in this tank. You can easily remedy that by cutting out the bottom so your cat can drive the tank Flintstones style!

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As you can see, there are plenty of cat costume ideas for you to run with. But you don’t have to make any of these the way they are now. Take these as a starting point and turn them into something uniquely your own! And remember, you don’t have to run to the store and get anything special to put together a DIY cat costume. Just look around your house and get creative! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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Featured Image Credit: Mervorika, Shutterstock