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15 DIY Cat Doors Ideas (with Pictures)

Dogs have long been given their own doors in many households so that they may let themselves outside when nature calls. It’s pretty easy to train a canine to use such a door, but don’t leave felines out of the fun! Cats love to go outside too, and they can be trained to use a pet door just as easily as dogs. We’ve found 15 excellent DIY cat door projects for you to draw inspiration and information from, including several that were built into a window, in case you don’t have an appropriate door.

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12 DIY Cat Doors:

1. Simple DIY Cat Door Tutorial

Simple yet stylish, this DIY cat door is easy to make and looks great. It’s got a black rim that offsets a white door nicely. You’ll have an easy time installing this cat door in any interior door, though the plans can also be modified to work in an exterior door. This project can be easily created in an afternoon with only a few simple materials and tools.

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2. Homemade Pet Door

This pet door is homemade, but you’d never know it from how well it functions. There’s even a hard insert you can use to block the door closed when necessary, such as when it’s very cold outside and you don’t want that cold air seeping into your home!

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3. DIY Wall Pass Through

Cat doors don’t always have to be built into doors. Instead, you can put a cat door right in one of your walls! It’s not as difficult as you might think. All you have to do is locate the studs and make sure you’re cutting between them. This one is framed out with a bit of trim to add that special touch and make it look like it was built with the house.

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4. Picture Frame Cat Door

Even if you’ve never done trim work before, you can easily trim out this DIY cat door using a picture frame! Naturally, this provides you with a lot of options. A trip to your local craft store should prove that there are hundreds of styles to choose from, so you can go as simple or as glamorous as you prefer without any extra work!

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5. Hidden Pet Panel Door

This hidden pet door is easy to build into any panel door, even if it’s an exterior door. The best part is, of course, that it’s entirely hidden! Most cat doors end up being obvious, and often, eyesores. But this one blends in perfectly with the existing door, so no one will know it’s there until your cat comes barging through!

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6. Simple Pass Through Picture Frame

Here’s another simple DIY cat door that’s trimmed out using a picture frame. This time, it’s in an interior door, which is probably the easiest place to install a cat door. You’ll notice that this picture frame is rather ornate, just showing how easy it is to make something that truly stands out, even on a tight budget.

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7. Dual Flap Pet Door

One of the problems with pet doors is that they don’t just allow your pets through. Anything can come through that open flap! Usually, the doorway is at least semi-sealed, but with this dual-flap pet door, you’ll have far more peace of mind knowing that critters and the elements are firmly trapped outside, even though your cat can still easily make its way in and out.

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8. Hideaway Interior Cat Door

When you’re building a cat door in an interior door, it doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. This hideaway interior cat door, for instance, is as simple as they come, demonstrating that it doesn’t take much in the way of time, skills, tools, or money to build an effective cat door.

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9. Easy Cat Flap

Especially if your cat door is in an interior wall, there’s no need to get crazy with attempting to keep it sealed. A simple pet flap will operate just fine as a door. You can take the flap from just about anything. Old curtains, a tablecloth, a shirt you no longer wear, or you can just pick up a piece of fabric you like at the craft store. Whatever you choose, you have tons of options to either complement or contrast your existing décor.

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10. Insulated Exterior Cat Door

For cat doors that lead outside, it’s essential to keep out the critters and the elements while still allowing you feline easy passage through. This insulated exterior cat door is perfect for that. It’s well insulated to keep out the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer, but your cat will have no problem getting and out.

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11. Attractive, Easy Cat Door

If you saw this cat door in your friend’s home, your first thought certainly wouldn’t be that your friend made it by hand. It looks like something purchased and installed by a professional, but this attractive cat door is an easy DIY project that you can tackle today and get the same effect.

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12. Custom Cat Door

You can build a custom cat door like this one into just about any door. What’s special here is the lock that allows you to keep the door securely closed when needed, such as nighttime or when you’re not home. Your cat door should be exclusively for cats, not for raccoons, mice, and tiny robbers!

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3 DIY Cat Door for Windows

Building a cat door in an exterior wall or door can be a difficult endeavor that takes a lot of skill and know-how. But windows are already open. Using the opening of a window to create a door for your cat is much less invasive, destructive, and difficult. Here are three easy options for you to choose from if you decide that building a cat door in a window is a better choice.

13. Cat Door in a Sliding Window

Almost every house has a sliding window on it. They come in all different sizes, but luckily, this project can be easily adapted to fit a window of any size. The materials, skills, and tools needed for this project are minimal, so don’t be afraid to take it on. It’s probably going to be easier than you think.

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14. Custom Cat Door in a Window

Here’s another take on the same concept. You can easily build this into any sliding window. Once again, it’s easily adaptable for windows of various sizes. This one even features a cat ledge on the exterior, so your cat doesn’t have to fall straight to the ground when it climbs through. Just don’t forget to provide a way for it to climb back up so it can get back inside on its own!

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15. DIY Window Cat Door

If your home has vertical sliders instead of horizontal ones, then this DIY window cat door will be a great choice. It’s still a really simple concept and works similarly to the previous window cat doors, but it’s turned sideways and modified for a vertical slider.

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There’s no reason that pet doors should be limited to dogs. Cats will also enjoy easy access into the backyard and back into the home. Best of all, you don’t even have to permanently modify your home to achieve this! You definitely can build a cat door in an existing wall or door, but you can also build one into a window without causing any damage. Your options are only limited by your creativity and DIY skills.

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