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4 DIY Cat Exercise Wheels (With Pictures)

Cat exercise wheels are somewhat of a new concept for owners, but they are really starting to catch on. It seems like we should have thought of this a long time ago. Many owners report their cats having the time of their lives spinning on this wheel. After all, why should hamsters have all the fun?

As you might guess, the prices of premade cat exercise wheels can get quite steep. Even though this won’t be a cheap project, making a DIY cat exercise wheel is a good alternative if you’re looking to save a little bit of money. You have to consider that it will take some time, but this could be an enjoyable project for a crafty person with spoiled felines.

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1. NoLi Cat DIY Cat Exercise Wheel

Not only does this video go step-by-step through each part of the process, it also contains a YouTube tutorial so you can visually see what’s happening. In the video, the teacher shows you how seamless the process can be—plus, you can pause to reflect on each part as you go.

It helps to watch someone else, especially if you aren’t as experienced in woodworking.

Note that even though they write down the measurements and supplies, there is a section in the tutorial that you should look at in section three called “Things to Improve.” They explain what they would change if they did it over again to make a more functional design.

For instance, the wood they used initially was a bit too heavy, replacing the 15-millimeter boards with 12-millimeter boards. It would help the entire design move swiftly without too much heaviness or lag. You could save yourself the trouble and do the post-updated product tips the first time around.

2. Instructables Living Cat Exercise Wheel Device

As usual, Instructables Living came up with perfectly detailed DIY instructions for a cat wheel. You can follow each step easily, reflecting on the process as you go. Not only does this explain step-by-step how to make a terrific cat wheel, but it also goes over some extra dos and don’ts that you can avoid along the way.

All of the instructions are incredibly thorough, so you don’t have to fill in the blanks yourself. There are also images showing you exactly what you’re talking about so you won’t get lost in transition. There is an in-depth PDF file you can download on the webpage, so printing is an option, too.

This design does get quite intricate, using tools that might not be familiar to everyone. So make sure to brush up on every aspect of this wheel before you dive in. They use tools such as Dremels and specific bolts and screws. Always be sure that the tools and materials are within your price range.

The author and creator have a highly comical way of explaining something otherwise somewhat tedious. You will be entertained by the explanation alone.

3. Pet DIYs Plastic Cat Wheel

If you aren’t so crazy about all of this wood construction and tool usage, this might be an easier choice. This DIY project has minimal supplies necessary and still has the same effect. In some cases, it might even work better because the plastic is lighter and just as durable.

You have to make a wooden platform with attached rubber wheels to ensure that the cat wheel will rotate as it should. Then, the creator takes plastic piping around both sides of the sheet of plastic. This creates a very put-together, circular design that won’t bend or warp.

On the Pet DIYs website, there is a link that takes you to a step-by-step process. It shows images as they go so you can get a firm understanding of how to create it.

Do note that the full instructions are in another language. So you will have to judge it by the images alone or choose Google Translate to figure out what they’re saying if you aren’t multi-lingual.

4. Ideas2Live4 Cat Exercise Wheel

The Ideas2Live4 blog shows a variety of cat wheels in images. The writing then explains why cat exercise wheels are a fantastic idea on how you can make one of your very own. Unlike some of the others on our list, there is a bulleted list of materials and tools you’ll need to complete the project.

If you’re looking for a bit more of a direct explanation, this is an excellent choice. This concept is slightly different, as it uses a yoga mat and other things you might have lying around your house. It can be quite a money saver if you already have some of these materials on hand.

Rather than reading so much material, they have a detailed 30-minute YouTube video on the web page that shows you exactly how they made this cat wheel. You can reflect on it as you go making sure that you’re doing everything in alignment with the video.

They also provide different images so you can tailor the cat wheel specifically to your style. It’s a lengthy project, but having a more concise list and visual guide can make things much more straightforward.

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Buying Premade Cat Exercise Wheels

If you do it correctly, creating your own cat wheel can be relatively inexpensive compared to buying one outright. Of course, time is precious. If you don’t have the time to create one, you can always search the web for premade options as well. Websites like Chewy and Amazon are getting full of cat exercise wheel options since they are ever-growing in popularity.

If you’re having trouble deciding, weigh your pros and cons to see what works best for you.

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DIY Cat Exercise Wheel: Final Thoughts

If you’re up for the challenge, making your own DIY cat exercise wheel at home is definitely possible. It might be a little bit aggravating at times, especially if you aren’t so construction-savvy. But once you have your finished product, you have something you can be proud of—and your cats can enjoy. Creating your own cat wheel gives you a sense of accomplishment, knowing you made something special and exciting for your beloved kitties.

Featured Image: Dmitri Ma, Shutterstock