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14 Easy DIY Cat Furniture Plans (with Pictures)

Cat furniture can make your home a fun and safe environment for your cat, and it can also add a playful feel to your living spaces. However, cat furniture can often become expensive, and DIY projects can quickly become complicated and difficult.

We believe that all cats deserve some fancy furniture, and cat owners shouldn’t have to spend too much time or money on these things. So, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite easy DIY cat furniture plans. Take a look and see what you can make today!

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The Top 14 DIY Cat Furniture Plans

1. Mosaic Pet Feeder Table by HGTV

Materials MDF boards, wooden legs, tile,
Tools Wood glue, wet saw, hand saw, drill, jig saw, wood screws, clamps, grout, sponge, water
Difficulty Beginner

This beautiful mosaic tile food station is a fun project that can brighten up your cat’s feeding area. It does require an extensive amount of supplies, but the process itself is pretty easy to follow and complete.

We like how this DIY project offers a lot of creative space for you to make all kinds of designs and patterns. So, it can easily match the rest of your interior decor and spruce up your space while being functional.

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2. Litter Box Cabinet by Pardini Hall Architecture

Materials Cabinet
Tools Drill, hole saw
Difficulty Easy

Litter box placements can be tricky for cat owners, especially if you have a small living space. This DIY litter box cabinet is a simple solution for conveniently keeping the litter box out of sight.

All you have to do is select a cabinet of your choice that can also fit your litter box. Then, you use a hole saw to cut out a hole large enough for your cat. Then, you’ll also want to drill some small holes on the other end of the cabinet for ventilation.

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3. DIY Cat Perch Hanging Window Basket by Hymns & Verses

Materials Basket, plywood, shelf brackets, jute rope
Tools Screws, drill
Difficulty Easy

If you have a cat that enjoys observing the outside world through a window, it’ll love this DIY window cat basket. This cat basket is pretty simple and easy to make, so your cat will have a nice place to perch in no time.

You can also add blankets or cushions inside the basket to make it a more comfortable space for your kitty where it can also lounge and nap. Just keep in mind that you can’t easily stow away this perch, so make sure to pick a location that isn’t going to be an obstruction for you.

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4. DIY Scratching Post by Dream a Little Bigger

Materials Wooden pole, sisal, rug, MDF board, carpet adhesive
Tools Staple gun, craft knife
Difficulty Easy

You can get really creative with this DIY scratching post by selecting sisal of different colors and fun rug patterns. It can take up a bit of time when you wrap the sisal, but your patience will pay off in the end. The final product will reflect your personal design tastes, and it’ll also keep your cats entertained.

To make this project simpler or eco-friendly, you can recycle an old cat scratcher. All you have to do is remove the old sisal and replace it with the new sisal. If you want to get even more creative, you can repaint the post with non-toxic paint.

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5. DIY Cat Hammock by The Bandit Lifestyle

Materials Old table, paint, rug, blanket, towel, cup hooks, large eyelets,
Tools Grommet pliers
Difficulty Easy

If you have an old coffee table or desk, you can easily convert it into a cozy hammock for your cat. All you have to do is turn it upside down and attach a towel to the legs to create a hammock.

You can also add bedding or blankets beneath the hammock for an additional bed. For extra creativity, you can also repaint the table in a color that better suits your tastes.

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6. Cat Condo by HGTV

Materials PVC pipe, wood disks, 1-inch screws, sisal, wood screws, baskets, angle brackets
Tools Hot glue gun, hack saw, drill
Difficulty Easy

Cat trees can get pretty expensive, so it doesn’t hurt to try making your own cat tree to save on costs. While it may be daunting to work on such a large project, the instructions are actually pretty straightforward and easy to follow. So, this can end up being a fun weekend project that will score some brownie points from your happy cats.

This cat tree can be as tall as you’d like and includes several cat beds, perches, and scratching posts. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can secure the PVC pipe to the ceiling for maximum height and stability.

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7. Cat Tree With IKEA Lack Tables

Materials LACK IKEA tables, sisal rope, glue, screws, chair braces
Tools Screwdriver
Difficulty Easy

If you’re looking for a shorter cat tree, you can always stack a few IKEA tables together to create a multi-level cat condo. You can easily make two or three stories by securing tables together with screws and chair braces.

For additional functionality, wrap and glue sisal to the table legs to create scratching posts. Once you’re done with making the structure, you can add different items for each level, such as a feeding station, pillows, and baskets.

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8. Hidden Cat Litter Box by HomeStars Blog

Materials Table, rod, fabric
Tools Sewing machine, wood glue
Difficulty Easy

If you’re looking for a quick fix to hiding a litter box, this easy DIY project uses curtains to hide it. All you need is a table that you can slide a litter box underneath, a rod, and fabric of your choice. It’s best to use light fabric so that it’s easy for your cat to walk through and doesn’t weigh down the rod.

Measure the fabric so that it covers the space between the surface of the table and the floor. Then, fold over the top of the fabric and sew along it so that it fits around the rod. Then, glue or screw the rod to the backs of the table legs.

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9. DIY Wall-Mounted Cat Hammock by The Merrythought

Materials Wood planks, paint, canvas, screws, brackets
Tools Miter saw, table saw, sandpaper, sewing machine, scissors, staple gun, drill
Difficulty Easy

If you’re short on floor space, try out this wall-mounted cat hammock. It does require a good amount of tools, but the project itself is relatively easy. You can get pretty creative with how this hammock will look. You don’t necessarily need to use canvas as the main material for the hammock. Other durable fabrics, such as denim, will work just fine.

This hammock can also look great next to other wall-mount shelves you might have or add more dimension to a plain wall. Overall, it’s a great way to expand your cat’s living space while also making your wall look more interesting.

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10. DIY Cat Tent Bed by Practically Functional

Materials T-shirt, box, metal coat hangers
Tools Hot glue, utility knife, wire cutters, pliers
Difficulty Easy

Cats that like dim and cozy spaces, will love this DIY tent bed. We like this project because it upcycles materials that you can easily find around the house. So, there’s a good chance that you don’t have to buy anything new to make this comfy bed.

Because this project is so simple and doesn’t use up too many materials, you can easily create multiple beds in a day and place them all throughout your home. Your cat will love the new hiding spaces where it can rest and nap.

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11. DIY Vintage Suitcase Cat Bed by beChewy

Materials Suitcase, legs with hardware, fabric, Mod Podge, wooden plank, pillow
Tools Glue gun, awl, scissors, screwdriver, electric drill, utility knife
Difficulty Easy

Here’s another upcycling DIY project that’ll make great use of any old suitcases or briefcases you have lying around the house. The main thing you’ll want to do is make sure that the lid stays open, and you can do this by using a wooden plank to keep the lid propped up.

You can really transform the interior of the suitcase by selecting fabric with a fun pattern and using Mod Podge to glue it in place. The wooden legs are optional, but they do add a nice touch that makes the suitcase look more like a bed.

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12. DIY Cactus Scratching Post by Nifty

Materials Green sisal, ABS pipe, 45-degree elbow, foam balls, wooden disk, coupling, flushing, wye joints
Tools Hot glue gun, cement, screws
Difficulty Easy

This DIY Cactus Scratching Post is a unique scratching post that’ll easily blend in with a home that has a lot of plants or a Desert Modern interior style. If you’re looking to add even more color, you can glue on felt flowers around the arms.

Along with being used for scratching, your cat can also have fun climbing up on the cactus’ arms and stay entertained for longer compared to a standard scratching post.

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13. DIY Cat Tree by Instructables Living

Materials Felt, plywood, screws, sisal
Tools Jigsaw, drill
Difficulty Easy

This DIY Cat Tree is made in just seven steps. It’s perfect for situating beneath a window so that your cat has a place for window watching and sunbathing. The felt provides grip and some comfort, and you can always add a blanket or cushion for additional comfort.

The basic design of this cat tree is pretty simple, and you can construct it fairly quickly. So, if you have additional time, wrap sisal around the pillar to create a scratching post.

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14. DIY Cat Tree from Old Ladder by Lucky Ferals

Materials A-frame ladder, fabric, carpet, plywood
Tools drill, screwdriver, carpet glue
Difficulty Easy

A unique cat ladder like this can look cleaner than regular cat trees while still allowing your cat to reach new heights. This project refurbishes an old wooden ladder and inserts hammocks and platforms on each step.

You can use any a-frame ladder to complete this project, but try to find one with flat steps so that your cat has a platform to help them reach the higher steps. For additional grip, you can glue on some carpet on each step. Another fun feature to add to this ladder is hanging toys or bells for your cat to bat around.

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Making your own cat furniture doesn’t have to be a complicated process. There are plenty of DIY projects that you can finish pretty quickly, and they also leave a lot of room for your creativity to flow. So, when you’re working on your own cat furniture, make sure to leave plenty of room for fun, and you’ll have some cool items that your cat will appreciate and love.

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Featured Image Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock