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10 DIY Cat Harnesses You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

If you intend to walk your cat outdoors, whether in your own yard, to the park, or around the local streets, you will need to ensure that it has a secure and comfortable harness. Cats’ throats are softer than dogs, and a simple collar and leash are not enough.

It will cause damage and can have serious negative effects. At the very least it will be incredibly uncomfortable and will put your cat off ever wanting to go for a supervised walk again.

Harnesses attach around the neck and under the chest. They spread the weight and the pressure across the cat’s upper body, shoulders, and chest area. They tend to be made of a soft and sympathetic material, and can be cushioned for extra comfort. You need to ensure that the harness is the right size, is comfortable, and looks good.

Below are 10 DIY cat harnesses that you can make today. Some are listed or described as dog harnesses, but their dimensions and design mean that they would work equally as well for cats. While many of them do require some basic sewing skills, others rely on crochet, and some are described as being easy-sew or no-sew patterns so there is something for every skill level.cat face divider 2

1. Crochet Cat Harness Leash

Made from acrylic yarn, this crochet cat harness leash is affordable, durable, and can be made in a whole gamut of colors. Acrylic yarn is often advised for beginners, too, so if you’re considering making a harness leash for your first foray into the world of crochet, then this really is a good place to start.

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2. Custom DIY Cat Harness

Dog harnesses do not stop a dog from pulling. In fact, because they spread the pressure across the whole chest area, harnesses make it easier and less painful to pull. Although cats do not pull as powerfully as most dogs, it is still important that you can restrain them, direct them, and prevent them from getting away. A comfortable but well-made DIY harness will do that. This is one of the designs that is labeled as being a dog harness, but the design is the same.

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3. DIY Cat Harness

This harness is an adaptation of a Kimono dog harness and the creator claims that it can be finished in one hour. In keeping with the Japanese design, the finished item in the picture utilizes a Hello Kitty fabric, but you can change this for any design or any color. The instructions also give guidance on how best to measure your pet to ensure a good fit.

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4. Crocheted Cat Harness

Crochet means “small hook” and relates to the implement used to pull the material, rather than the material itself. The first instance of a printed crochet pattern was seen in an early 19th century Dutch magazine named Penelope. More recent examples include this crocheted dog harness which can easily be adapted to use for your cat.

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5. Fat Cat Harness

Cats of all sizes enjoy time outdoors and it could reasonably be argued that an overweight cat would benefit from the extra exercise it will enjoy while being outdoors. This fat cat harness uses Velcro fastenings, a D-ring to attach a collar, and it needs the use of a cat jacket. You will need your own instructions on how to make a coat and a collar.

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6. DIY Crystal Cat Collar

Fortunately, this tutorial shows you how to create an attractive collar that is slightly opulent and a little luxurious. It is covered in crystals and takes you from the items and equipment you need right through to the finished collar which can, of course, be combined with the fat cat harness above.

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7. Lined Harness Jacket

This jacket design has a D-ring on the back of the jacket that allows you to quickly and easily attach a harness or leash to it. It looks good, especially in the cat fabric, and it sits snugly around the cat without constricting him.

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8. Easy Sew Harness For Cats

This easy sew harness uses poppers that fasten under the chest area of the cat. The plans do require some sewing but they are relatively easy and the design can be customized according to your preferences, so you can choose a fabric and finish that best suits your feline buddy.

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9. Homemade Cat Harness

This homemade cat harness is made according to the size and dimensions of your cat. No two cats are the exact same size, so it is important that cat harnesses are not the same either. Even if two cats weigh the same, they can have different skeletal structures, which means that a harness fits perfectly on one but will not fit on the next.

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10. Cat and Kitten Tolerated Harness

Harnesses are unnatural to cats: animals that will sometimes not tolerate anything being too close to them, let alone a jacket-style item of clothing sitting snugly around them. This harness is designed to be accepted by cats of all ages, including kittens. If you start your cat wearing a harness when it is young, it will quickly become accustomed to the feeling of it and will continue to allow you to put one on as it gets older.

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DIY Cat Harnesses

Cats love the outdoors, but the outdoors don’t necessarily love your cat. Cats that are given the freedom to roam can get lost, despite their excellent navigational skills. Unfortunately, they can even be stolen or kidnapped, and as well as the dangers of the modern road and the vehicles on it, there are wild and domesticated animals that might attack.

With a cat harness, you can comfortably and safely offer your cat some time outdoors to get exercise and air, without the added dangers that this entails. Hopefully, you have found the perfect DIY cat harness plan for your feline companion.

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