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8 DIY Cat Litter Mats You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

We all know how messy some cats can be after using their litter box, and if you are tired of cleaning up, a cat litter mat is an ideal fix. The primary function of a cat litter mat is to keep excess litter from being spilled and tracked all over your floor. While store-bought ones do work well, why not save a few dollars and simply make one yourself?

Making a DIY cat litter mat is generally easy, makes use of otherwise useless items around your home, and saves you money! We scoured the internet to find the best DIY cat litter mats that you can make today!

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8 DIY Cat Litter Mat Plans

1. Yoga mat upcycle

An old, used yoga mat is a common item found lying around the home, and if you don’t have one, someone you know most likely does! An old (or even new) yoga mat can easily be repurposed to use as a functional cat litter mat. It is ideal because it is grippy, catching litter before it rolls onto the floor, and you can cut it to whatever unique size that you desire.

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2. Garage tile cat litter mat

Plastic or rubber garage tiles are relatively inexpensive and easy to find. These work great because you can buy as many as you need to fill the area underneath your cat’s litter box. The litter simply falls into and through the holes, which you can simply sweep up afterward. Also, these tiles are super easy and quick to clean.

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3. Carpet cat litter mat

Carpeting is inexpensive and grippy, making it ideal for use as a cat litter mat. You can buy it cheaply and may even have some lying around your home, and it can easily be cut to any size that you need. Plus, your kitty will love the soft texture! The only problem with carpeting is that you’ll need to wash it fairly regularly to avoid foul odors.

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4. Rubber car mat

A rubber car mat is an effective and low-cost cat litter mat alternative. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to find and are the ideal size to place underneath your cat’s litter box. These mats are also grippy and soft, and your cat will enjoy the texture! A car mat is also easy to remove and clean with warm soapy water.

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5. Shower mat

A simple, inexpensive, and effective DIY cat litter mat is to simply use a rubber shower mat! These mats can be bought cheaply and are soft and grippy and a breeze to clean. Some shower mats have holes that the litter can fall through and you sweep it up later, essentially acting exactly like far more expensive cat litter mats!

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6. Plastic Pallet

Plastic pallets may be a challenge to find in your area but can easily be purchased online. They come in varying sizes and typically have loads of holes for your cat’s litter to fall through onto the floor. They are fairly inexpensive and can be used for loads of other projects. They are also easy to clean.

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7. Simple bathroom mat

We know that you don’t want your new bathroom mat tracked with litter, but once it gets old and well-used, it can be repurposed to use as a functional cat litter mat. Your cat will love the soft texture and grippy bottom, and they’ll have their very own carpeted entrance to their litter box! You may need to wash it more often, however, to prevent bad odors from lingering.

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8. Metal grid

A simple metal grid placed outside of your cat’s litter box will work perfectly to remove litter from your cat’s feet. The litter will simply fall to the ground and can simply be swept up afterward. You can also try using newspaper underneath the grid for even easier litter cleanup.

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Is your cat still tracking litter?

If you’ve made your own DIY cat litter mat or bought an expensive pre-made mat and your cat is still tracking litter, your best bet may be to change up their litter. Switching to a clumping litter or wood or paper-based litter will help reduce tracking dramatically, and combined with a cat litter mat, it should hopefully stop the issue altogether.

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Featured Image Credit: Litter Robot, Unsplash