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7 Amazing DIY Cat Stroller Plans You Can Create at Home (With Pictures)

Even indoor cats enjoy the fresh air and great outdoors occasionally, but there are really only a few ways to get your cat outside safely. You can teach them how to walk on a leash (adorable but time-consuming), try taking them out in a carrier, or—best of all—take kitty out in a cat stroller. The downside to this is that  cat strollers can be super expensive.

So, why not make your own? It’s much simpler than you think to DIY a cat stroller to cart your favorite feline around. All you have to do is modify a used baby stroller, which you can pick up on the cheap from a thrift store, friend, or online. You might have to clean the stroller up a bit, but with the DIY cat stroller plans here, you can have a cat stroller in very little time.

No matter what you’re looking for or your skill level, we have a plan for you below!

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The 7 DIY Cat Strollers

1. iPetCompanion DIY Stroller

Materials: Old baby stroller, foam or cushion, washable cloth
Tools: Needle & thread, scissors
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Making this stroller is a breeze! To begin, you’ll need to acquire an old baby stroller (they recommend one with a reclining back, but a fixed back will work just as well). Once you have your stroller, take the foam or cushion and fit it into the seat (stitching a cover onto the foam or cushion before putting it in the stroller is optional). With any leftover foam or cushion, you’ll need to cover up the leg holes portion of the stroller. The plan says you can either make the original seat cushion extra large or do a cushion for the seat and one to cover the holes. Then, cut any belts hanging around the leg holes, along with any straps hanging off the stroller you won’t need.

And that’s it! This plan shouldn’t take long to complete at all.

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2. Awesome Jogging Stroller by Instructables

Jogging stroller, plastic tub, plywood or scrap lumber, non-skid shelf liner, pillow or towel, heavy duty zip ties, bungee cord, hand towel, masking tape, spray paint
Marking pen, screws or glue or nails (will vary), saw, drill & bits, wire cutters, scissors, screwdriver, level (optional), tape measure
Difficulty Level: Advanced

Repurposing a jogging stroller into a cat stroller will take a bit more work with this plan, but the end result will be worth it. The step-by-step instructions come with pictures, which are exceptionally handy, and there are 11 steps to get through. So, this one will take a bit of time. You’ll also need some experience with a saw and drill (or a pal with experience) to put together this stroller. And after you’ve completed the main portion by removing the stroller seat and replacing it with the wood and tub, there are optional instructions to add cup holders and more.

This stroller definitely has everything you’ll need for a jog in the park with your pet!

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3. Thrifty Pet Buggy

Materials: Used stroller, cat carrier, canvas, nylon ropes, hooks, grommets
Tools: Screwdriver, scissors, hot glue gun
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This pet buggy is far simpler to make than the last one but still involves a bit of work to complete. Most of that work will involve stripping the stroller of all the fabric on it (except if it has a cover to protect against rain; that you’ll probably want to hold on to). After you’ve done that, you’ll use the canvas to make a seat on the stroller with the pet carrier placed on top of that. Then, you’ll secure it all with the nylon, hooks, and grommets.

Overall, it’s relatively easy to do, but stripping the stroller of fabric might take some time.

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4. Mama Adventure Stroller

Materials: Used stroller, mesh cover, waterproof cover, ribbons
Tools: Scissors, needle & thread
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Though technically designed to hold rabbits, this stroller should work equally as well for your favorite feline. And though the plan makes it look somewhat time-consuming, it really shouldn’t take you long to do. The main reason it shouldn’t take a huge amount of time is that you’re mostly just re-covering parts of the stroller instead of tearing away fabric or rebuilding anything. This person simply purchased a used stroller, then added a mesh cover over the leg holes and a waterproof cover for the top to keep their rabbits safe while outside.

Mama Adventure managed to put theirs together for an incredibly low price, as well (although they got an excellent deal on the stroller part). But this is certainly one simple and affordable cat stroller!

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5. Cuteness Stroller

Materials: Used stroller, foam, vinyl tablecloth, leash, fabric mesh, batting
Scissors, measuring tape, needle & thread, Velcro, lighter, sewing machine
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This stroller from Cuteness isn’t too difficult to make, but it does require the use of a sewing machine in some parts, so we’re labeling it as a moderately difficult project. It’s quite similar in some ways to earlier strollers on this list—especially the parts where you use foam to cover up leg holes in the stroller and cut away any straps you don’t need. However, this plan also involves stitching a mesh cover onto the stroller to provide an enclosed area and stitching a seat for your pet, making it more time-consuming.

If you have any sewing skills, though, this project shouldn’t be too tricky!

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6. Simplest DIY Cat Stroller by ExcitedCats

Materials: Used stroller, pet carrier
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty Level: Beginner

By far, the simplest DIY cat stroller on this list is this one. You only need two items—a used stroller and a pet carrier—to make this one, and you can put it together in probably under 15 minutes. All you have to do is remove all the fabric from the stroller, place the pet carrier onto it, and then attach the carrier via its straps to the stroller. And you’re done!

If you’re looking for fast, simple, and convenient, this is your plan!

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7. One Brown Mom Stroller

Materials: Used stroller, blanket, laundry basket
Tools: Scissors, spray paint
Difficulty Level: Beginner

If you don’t have or don’t want to get a pet carrier, you can make a cat stroller similar to the one above with a laundry basket and blanket. Once you’ve removed any fabric or components you don’t need from the stroller, you can place the laundry basket in the seat and throw the blanket inside to make things comfy for your cat. It’s recommended you get a stroller with a strap so you can attach the laundry basket to the stroller safely. You’ll also need to put your cat on a leash so they don’t get out of the basket (unless you want to add on a step of making a mesh cover).

No doubt, this cat stroller is certainly on the easier side and won’t take much time to complete!

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Where Can I Find Used Strollers?

Used strollers are fairly easy to find, particularly online. Before searching online (or elsewhere), though, you might want to ask a friend with kids if they have an old stroller you could use. If no one you know has one, you can check around any of the following:

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Final Thoughts

When you want to safely take your cat outside, doing it via a cat stroller is probably your safest and least time-consuming bet. Don’t spend hundreds on one of these pet strollers, though! Instead, DIY one with a plan above. The majority are incredibly simple to make and don’t require a ton of time or materials, so you and your cat can get outdoors and explore the world sooner.

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