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20 Creative DIY Cat Toys (with Pictures)

Cats seem to have a way of losing or destroying their toys during an intense game of fetch or chase. Replenishing their toys regularly can become exhaustive and expensive. Rather than having to purchase often over-priced items, it might be more beneficial to you, your cat, and your bank account to get creative and build your own! You might be surprised how much more you can get out of your cat toys when you spend some time building one they truly love.

Now, coming up with steller ideas is the hard part, so we’ve gathered our favorite DIY cat toys and listed them in an easy guide for you to use. Learning how to make cat toys is easier than ever. Each has its own step by step instructions to ensure you end up with a spot on toy every time!

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Top 20 Creative DIY Cat Toys

1. Crinkle Pompom Cat Toy

The simplicity of this toy is not only an easy build for you, but is full of enticing qualities your cat will love. A crinkle texture and sound, it’s light weight so they are able to bat them around, and can be created in bright colors to keep them intrigued. Get the instructions here.

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2. Hidden Cat Treat Toy

This puzzle toy is an excellent teaser for your kitty. They will be drawn in by the sound it makes and will be quickly be consumed by the delightful smell erupting from the center. Get the instructions here.

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3. Catnip Kicker

If you have a frisky kitty – this catnip cat kicker is a feline favorite! It’s large enough they can get a full grip and let their legs run wild, yet small enough they can still easily toss it around. Get the instructions here.

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4. Feather Cat Toy

What cat can resist the wisping of a feather? Although they are a hot item for cat toys, they are not always durable. Make your own feathered cat toy with this surprise fabric instead! Get the instructions here.

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5. Spiral DIY Cat Toy

When it comes to a simple cat toy – this one might take the cake. A pipe cleaner wrapped into a tight or loose spiral is more than enough to keep your playful kitty entertained! Get the instructions here.

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6. Mouse Plush Toy

Although you need a needle and thread to create this toy, it’s simple enough for beginner sewers. The effort will be well worth it once you see how much your cat appreciates it! Get the instructions here.

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7. Mega Cat Toy Puzzle

Start saving your toilet paper rolls immediately! This toy calls for quite a few but creates an interesting brain game your cat is sure to enjoy. Get the instructions here.

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8. The Two Minute Cat Toy

This two-minute toy might be just as easy to destroy as it was to build, but with an eco-friendly, recyclable base and taking next to no time to create, it really is a win win. Your cat will feel accomplished after winning the battle with this one! Get the instructions here.

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9. No Sew Cat Toy

No sew toys are the ultimate game changer when it comes to creating your own cat toys and this one is no exception. You can leave this plushy ball on the string to keep it interactive or cut it free so your feline can chase it freely. Get the instructions here.

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10. DIY Cat Tunnel

Cat tunnels are a great way to play hide and seek with your cat. Save yourself a ton by building your own. Get the instructions here.

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11. Fortune Cookie Cat Toy

Combine your love for cookies, with your cats love for toys and you have the adorable fortune cookie cat toy. These might not be filled with wise words, but you can toss in a bit of catnip for an added bonus your cat will love. Get the instructions here.

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12. DIY Stringed Feather Cat Toy

String toys are the heart and soul of cat toys! They allow you to bond with your cat while ensuring they get just enough exercise to eliminate those late-night zoomies! Get the instructions here.

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13. Cheap & Easy Cork Cat Toy

If you love wine just as much as you love your kitty, chance are you have a few corks kicking around. Refurbish your leftover corks into spongey toys your cat won’t be able to resist! Get the instructions here.

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14. Felted Cat Toys

Felt has the appeal and texture of real-life cat prey making it an ideal material for a cat toy. Learn how to roll it up into a perfect ball.  Get the instructions here.

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15. Refillable Catnip Toys

As we stated, longevity in a cat toy is rare. But with this idea, we are hopeful that you will get a bit more wear from this refillable toy. Get the instructions here.

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16. Cat Toy Ribbon Wand Tutorial

Wands and ribbon are an intriguing combination for a cat. Moving mysteriously, taunting them. Build your own for a fraction of the cost of their store-bought counterpart. Get the instructions here.

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17. DIY Macaroon Cat Toys

Again, this toy combines our love for sweet treats with a light and fluffy toy our felines adore. Make them in various sizes to keep your kitty on her toes! Get the instructions here.

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18. Cat Ribbon Play Gym

A stationary ribbon gym is the perfect cat toy for those who like to keep their kitties entertained while they are away. Add a little airflow in your home and your cat won’t even notice that you’re gone. Get the instructions here.

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19. Cat Toy Puff

This list wouldn’t be complete without a yarn toy. It’s an age-old pairing, cats and yarn – and the best part is it’s incredibly simple and inexpensive to create. Get the instructions here.

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20. Sock Cat Toy

Turn your old worn socks into a goofy cat toy with these simple instructions. Get them here.

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Wrapping Up

There you have it – a list of DIY cat toys sure to help with your monthly pet spending all while enriching your furbabies life! We hope that you have enjoyed learning how to build cat toys. Hopefully, you found one gadget that you both love and will continue to create on your own!

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