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10 DIY Cat Window Perches You Can Build Today! (With Pictures)

Cats love to laze in the warm sun, and for indoor cats, it can sometimes be difficult for them to find a suitable sunny spot. Cats are also highly observant and curious creatures, and they love to spend their time gazing out of a window at the world outside and absorbing the sights and smells.

Windowsills, if you have them, are not really comfortable for your feline, and a simple window perch can be a wonderful place for your cat to hang out. Best of all, making a window perch at home is simple and inexpensive. This small addition will make a massive impact on the well-being of your feline. We scoured the internet to find innovative, inexpensive, and simple designs to help you make your very own DIY cat perch!

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The 10 DIY Cat Window Perch Plans

1. Easy cat window perch

This simple DIY cat perch is easy and inexpensive to make, consisting of just a piece of thick plywood, screws, and a length of chain. The perch is easily installed to any size window, and you can custom fit the perch to fit your cat’s preferred spot. The perch can then easily be stored up against the window when not in use.

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2. Hanging window basket

We love the idea of taking otherwise discarded items in the home and turning them into useful things once again. If you have any wicker baskets lying around (if not, they are easy to find), they can easily be turned into an attractive and functional window perch that your cat will love. Best of all, it is free!

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3. Window perch pipe

We love this simple and unique pipe perch. It is a unique design that gives your cat privacy if they’d like, as well as a view out into the world. All you need is a simple cardboard concrete form, which is inexpensive to buy, or a short length of PVC piping, as well as soft carpeting to cover it with. You can attach it to the window with suction cups or with screws in the wall for a more secure perch.

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4. Cat hammock

This simple cat hammock is designed for walls but can easily be adapted to windows too. It consists of two lengths of PVC pipe attached to the wall on either side of your window that are wrapped with rope or carpeting. You can then sew cloth to hang like a hammock or even attach a piece of wooden plywood shelving for a more solid option.

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5. Cat window box

This cat window box is a little more complicated to construct but is easy to install and remove. The box is built from wood, PVC, and plastic pet fencing, and is set inside the window, just like an air conditioner. This gives your cat fresh air and the feeling of being outside but without the danger. Plus, they have a box to escape to when they need some alone time!

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6. Simple cat tree

Sometimes a moveable perch is best because you can easily move it around to any window you prefer. While this moveable perch is slightly more difficult and expensive to make — you’ll need more materials and woodworking experience — its adaptability and mobility are hard to beat!

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7. Double-layer hammock

For multiple cat households, this hammock-style window perch is ideal. It is simple and inexpensive to make, consisting of a simple wooden frame with two lengths of stretched material. It can easily be hung from any window. The only problem will be your cats fighting over who gets the top bunk!

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8. Window steps

This multi-layer window perch/step is ideal for older cats with mobility issues or young kittens that haven’t quite honed their jumping skills! The design features three simple, wall-mounted shelves that form steps up the wall, with the top one at the window. They are simple, wood planks mounted to the wall, with soft carpeting for grip and comfort.

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9. The “Catio”

Give your feline friend their very own “catio” with this DIY cat patio. It is a simple wood frame with mesh on the outside, giving your cat plenty of air, space, and sunshine. The box, which is similar to a rabbit hutch, is mounted over a window on a wall outside and can give plenty of space for up to three cats and the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors without being in danger.

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10. The “Catio” 2.0

To create this catio, you can use any old shelving or create a wooden frame of your own and surround it with mesh to keep your cat safe. This design has multiple layers that you can fill with toys, ropes, ladders, and boxes, giving your feline a veritable cat playground that they can slip into through the window. This design takes the concept of a “cat perch” to a whole new level!

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Final thoughts

There are a wide variety of DIY cat perches to choose from, from the most simple designs to the complex catios. No matter which perch you decide to make, your cat will thank you and adore their new, comfortable, and safe window to the world.

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Featured Image Credit: Lisa A. Ernst, Shutterstock