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8 DIY Catnip Toys You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Suppose you want a new toy for your cat but can’t access the pet store, no problem! You can create various stunning DIY pet toys using the basic supplies you may already have right in your home.

Every modern cat owner understands that catnips are a hit with cats. Catnip’s aromatic oils charm cats, and that’s a fact.

Catnip toys perfect for kitties since they are crazy about catnip. There’s a reason why felines love catnips, and there are plenty of cool ways you can make your kitty enjoy the substance. Check them out.

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The 8 DIY Catnip Toy Ideas

1. DIY Catnip Sock Toy by Honest and Truly

DIY catnip toy
Image Credit: Honestandtruly

If you have lots of worn-out or miss-matched socks and have been searching for their uses-DIY catnip toys are perfect for it. And, if they have some color and fabulous patterns, the better!

DIY catnip toys made from socks are straightforward and may or may not need sewing skills. You only need a chunk of polyfill and some catnips.

Spread the polyfill and sprinkle about a teaspoon of catnip over the polyfill. You can stuff a tiny bell in the sock, too, for added effect if you want.

You may need to fold up the polyfill for it to absorb the catnip and get into your toy securely and more quickly. After stuffing it in the sock, fold the opening if you lack sewing capabilities, or close it up with a needle and thread. Either way, it takes minutes, and your kitty will surely love it!

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2. Refillable Catnip Toy by Finding Our Frugal

DIY catnip toy
Image Credit: Findingourfrugal

Instead of buying pre-refilled catnip plaything, make a refillable catnip toy for your cat to enjoy over and over. Since catnips lose their effectiveness over time, refillable toys give you the chance to replace the overstayed substance with fresh good quality organic catnip.

Ensure you have some fabric, velcro, stuffing, a pouch, a zipper, some sewing skills, and of course, sufficient love for your kitty if you want to DIY a refillable catnip toy.

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3. Crocheted Catnip Toy by To Craft at Home

DIY catnip toy
Image Credit: Tocraftahome

If you have some knitting skills in you, you understand the thrill of making some colorful toys full of character. You can embrace your crotchet skills and knit some yarn around a ball of catnip in a sealed pouch, and make any toy design you want.

The most common crocheted catnip toy designs include feathered chicks, simple balls, or mice, although you can create any other adorable creature if you have the skills.

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4. DIY Bunny Catnip Toy by FaveCrafts

DIY catnip toy
Image Credit: Dreamalittlebigger

Cats are natural predators and may always prey on bunnies. However, there’s a way to accustom your feline friend to bunnies so that they can learn not to chase rabbits-make them bunny catnip toys.

This crafty toy is even more helpful if you plan to bring a bunny pet to your house or polish your embroidery skills. You may need a fabric marker to mark eyes and nose, sharp scissors, freezer paper to iron patterns on, acrylic felt, and embroidery floss.

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5. Mice Catnip Toy by Martha Stewart

DIY catnip toy
Image Credit: Marthastewart

Not only are DIY mice catnip toys cheaper, but they also feel like a lot more personal gifts to your feline friend. Mice catnip toys may take a bit of effort and skills but will be a much-appreciated gift and a worthy leisure time engagement.

The items you need to make this craft you can find at home, meaning that it should cost you almost nothing.  You may need an old t-shirt, paper and pencil for drawing out the mouse pattern, scissors, stuffing, needle and thread, something like twine for the tail, and of course, catnip.

If your toy mouse has eyes, ears, and a tail, you’re all done! Now, allow your cat to go on an endless catnip-mouse hunting spree.

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6. Cattail Catnip Toy by Sew4Home

DIY catnip toy
Image Credit: Sew4home

This cattail catnip toy is the perfect option for a sewing novice because it only requires a single seam to be sewn. The instructions call for a sewing machine, but you could also sew this toy by hand. You can select any fabric of your choice to make this, but it’s a good idea to invest in slightly heavier fabric intended for home décor or upholstery. This will ensure the toy lasts longer.

Be ready to spend a little bit of time making this cattail toy. There are multiple necessary supplies and multiple steps, but it’s not too difficult for the average DIYer to create. It’s recommended to store the toy in a Ziploc bag between play sessions to keep the catnip inside of it fresh.

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7. DIY Tree Stump Scratch Pad by Buzzfeed

DIY catnip toy
Image Credit: Buzzfeed

Scratching is more than a habit that cats have. Scratching is considered to be something that cats need to do to maintain their health and well-being. It keeps the claws sharp and healthy, stretches the feet, relieves stress, and provides your cat with stretching and movement of the entire body. This DIY tree stump scratch pad brings something as simple as a scratch pad and elevates it to an attractive piece of home décor. So, where does the catnip come in? Simply sprinkle it over it to attract your cat and keep them interested from time to time.

If you’re a big online shopper, you probably have cardboard boxes building up all over the house. This project is an excellent way to upcycle those cardboard boxes. Avoid using cardboard with plastic coating and make sure to remove any tape and shipping labels from the boxes you use. Be careful using a box cutter for this project. Other than dealing with the box cutter, this is an easy and fun project to fill your afternoon.

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8. DIY Catscraper by Shelterness

DIY catnip toy
Image Credit: Shelterness

Did we mention that scratching is good for cats? This DIY catscraper gives your cat the opportunity to scratch, as well as climb. You can make this project as big or as small as you’d like, making it perfectly customizable to your available space. Just make sure to make it extra sturdy if you make it tall. The last thing you want is your DIY project collapsing underneath your cat, even if they will probably land on their feet.

This is another project that can use sturdy cardboard shipping boxes you already have around the house. You can upcycle those boxes, getting them out of your way and providing them with new life. Be careful with the box cutter on this project, especially since it does require a little bit of fine cutting work. Once the pieces are cut out, this project will take you very little time to fully assemble, and it’ll be easy enough that you’ll be able to get it done in front of the TV. Just sprinkle some catnip over it to attract your cat. yarn ball divider

What Is Catnip?

Catnip, also known as Nepeta cataria, is a perennial herb and a mint family member responsible for creating euphoric effects in cats. The herb has nepetalactone – essential oils that induce mood and happiness. It’s a sense of euphoria with similar outcomes like a hallucinogenic drug has on humans.

Catnips acts like a feline’s sex hormones, making cats mimic a queen cat’s behavior in heat. A cat picks up a catnip experience after smelling the herb, where a single sniff triggers the kitty’s “happy” receptors, turning it into a crazy furball.

Although these reaction behaviors vary from cat to cat, most display excessive affection, relaxation, and cheerfulness; they may start to lick, chew, roll, and rub before they eventually zone out.

Some cats may also become hyperactive or downright aggressive for some time, after which it wears off gradually.

Image Credit: Sonja-Kalee, Pixabay

How Long Do Catnip Effects Last?

The high effect usually lasts up to 10 minutes, although it can go up to hours sometimes. Your pet may become susceptible to the catnip effect again after about two hours.

However, only adult cats experience catnip happy effects as kittens do not react to catnips. The sensitivity doesn’t show up until a feline is three to six months of age.

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Health Benefits of Catnip

  • Boosts the Health of the Cat’s Digestive Tract – Apart from smelling, cats can also eat catnip. Ingested catnips have antidiarrheal properties that may be helpful for a cat’s digestive system.
  • Encourages Activity – You can use catnip to enrich your cat’s routine, especially if it is lazy, as catnips encourage play and movement in cats.
  • Reduce Anxiety – The catnip’s relaxing effect helps reduce stress in anxious cats, especially if they are in unfamiliar settings.

Side Effects of Catnips

  • Catnip Resistance – Overexposure might reduce the effect of the herb on your kitty.
  • Health Problems – Although overdosing on catnips is highly unlikely in felines, they can fall sick if they overuse. Your feline friend may develop health problems like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, and walking difficulties. Being mindful of when your kitty has had enough and administering a little at a time helps prevent overindulgence.

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The 3 Types of Catnips You Can Give Your Cat

1. Dried Catnip

Dried green catnip for cats spilling from container
Image Credit: gvictoria, Shutterstock

Dried and frozen catnip is the most classic form of this substance and is readily available in pet retail shops. However, it would be best to buy dried catnip in pet stores that turn their stock supply frequently because dried catnip’s appeal depends on its freshness.

Although dried catnip tends to contain less nepetalactone oil than live catnip, it has a more robust smell. You can store dry catnips in the freezer to preserve their effectiveness.

Place the dry herbs in a well-sealed plastic container or bag before freezing it. The cold temperatures will prevent the nepetalactone oil from drying up, boosting its effectiveness.

You can remove the herbs from the freezer and sprinkle some on toys and scratching posts to entice cats when needed.

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2. Live Catnip Plants

Catnip plant in a pot
Image Credit: Ilia Baksheev, Shutterstock

You can plant catnip in your garden because it is easy to grow. It is readily available in most pet stores as seeds and seedlings, allowing you to develop them from scratch.

Live catnips provide your feline companion with the freshest and most potent possible euphoria version of this substance. You can offer your kitty cut leaves for it to chew, eat, paw at, or rub.

It would be best to plant these herbs outdoors if you have a garden because they grow large and thrive in sandy soil and sufficient sunlight. You can also dry and store live catnips for future use.

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3. Catnip Toys

Hepper Catnip Stick Toy

You can use catnip-enhanced toys to administer this stimulant to your kitty. These popular playthings are the most common method most cat parents use to engage their kitties.

Although you can find pre-filled toys in pet stores, they may contain low-quality catnip that may be ineffective, especially if you bought from a low-turnover store.

The good thing is, you can make a catnip toy from home as long as you continue to replace or refill the substance to ensure that it is always potent enough to impact your kitty.

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You can entertain cats with the simplest of things and even add a bit of catnip to your cat’s DIY playthings for happiness overload.

All in all, be sure to rotate the toys, change the catnip often, and store the herb carefully to ensure they remain fresh and fragrant because, unfortunately, a catnip’s potency is short-lived.

Most importantly, put the catnip toys away after playtime, so your kitty friend doesn’t get bored or accustomed to the substance.

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Featured Image Credit: Chendongshan, Shutterstock