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10 Amazing DIY Feeding Stations You Can Create as Home (with Pictures)

When feeding your cats, whether outdoor or indoor felines, it can get aggravating to keep other animals out of their food and even clean up after them when they become messy. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to create feeding stations for your feline pals. Of course, if you’re on a budget, premade feeding stations can be well beyond your reach. Luckily, we have 10 amazing DIY feeding stations you can create at home with minimal materials and tools in the guide below. 

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The 10 DIY Feeding Stations

1. Plastic Feeding Bin Station (Outdoor) by Cats & Pats

Materials: Duct tape, large plastic box, lid, wood planks
Tools: Box cutter, permanent marker, hairdryer, drill
Difficulty: Easy

If you have outdoor cats or find yourself feeding all the feral cats in the neighborhood, they may need outdoor feeding stations. You’ll need a feeding station that keeps the weather out and the food in. One with a cover so that it doesn’t rain or snow inside, and a simple drainage system should do the trick.

This feeding station is easy to construct, fits almost any budget, and takes little time to make. In fact, it shouldn’t take you more than an hour.

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2. The Simplest DIY Wooden Pet Feeder by The Inspired Hive

Materials: Pine boards, wood stain, spray paint, pet food bowls,
Tools: Jigsaw, brad nailer, circular saw
Difficulty: Easy

Sometimes all you need is a simple, easy-to-assemble wooden pet feeder. Since it’s an attractive design, it’ll look great in almost any kitchen. The wood stain and spray paint are added touches to make the feeder look all-natural.

In our opinion, it’s best to use stainless steel pet bowls, as they add to the look of the feeder and re easier to clean. They are also lightweight and easily fit into the holes once the pet feeder is complete.

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3. Floating Cat Shelves Feeders by The Nest

Materials: Carpet, screws, Shelves made of wood, brackets for the shelves
Tools: Stud finder, glue gun, screwdriver
Difficulty: Simple

Floating cat shelf feeders are the perfect way to provide your cat with a safe, secure place to eat. For many of us who live in apartments or have very little room in the kitchen, floating cat shelves are the perfect option for keeping the cat feeder off the floor and giving your cats something to climb and relax on.

This project is also great if you have multiple pets, and your dogs love to eat your cat’s food.

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4. Electronic Door Feeding Station by Pat With Paws

Materials: Plastic box with a lid, cat door that’s electronic
Tools: Hairdryer, box cutter, a drill
Difficulty: Easy

As pet parents, we’ve all had cats that like to steal the other cat’s food. A feeding station with an electronic door can prevent this from happening to your cats. This version has an electronic door activated by the magnets you’ll attach to your cat’s collar. The door will only be activated and open for the cat that has the magnets. Setting up the box is super easy. However, the electronic door could be a bit more challenging if you’re an amateur do-it-yourselfer just getting started.

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5. Dog Proof Feeding Stations by Tales From a Sears Horse

Materials: Outdoor storage bench or a wooden ottoman
Tools: Drill
Difficulty: Easy

Sometimes you need a dog-proof feeding station to keep the canines out of your furry friend’s food bowl. This reliable feeder can be made from an outdoor storage bench or an old wooden ottoman you have lying around.

You don’t need many tools for this one. Once you’ve made the required adjustments, simply open the lid, and put your cat’s food bowls inside. When it’s mealtime, open the top, and your cat will go right in to eat. Remember to cut holes for ventilation because you don’t want your cat getting trapped inside.

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6. Bookshelves Cat Feeders by IKEA Hackers

Materials: Carpet, bookshelf
Tools: Epoxy
Difficulty: Easy

Who doesn’t love a good bookshelf? You probably do, and your cat will when it’s a bookshelf cat feeder. What’s so great about this easy feeder is that you can use any open bookshelf with platforms for your cat to sit on. Another advantage is that no tools are required. You only need a little bit of epoxy and glue to attach the carpet to the platform shelves.

Also, if the bookshelf you’re using has poles, you can turn it into a DIY scratching post for your cats.

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7. Outdoor Feeding Station (Wooden) by The Joy of Cats

Materials: Wood panels (4), wood planks, shower curtain, wood glue, nails
Tools: Saw, hammer
Difficulty: Easy

This outdoor feeding station is made of wood and has detailed instructions to follow, making it pretty easy to build. The only thing you’ll have to pay attention to is the size of the wood panels and planks you use; other than that, it’s a simple build.

If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain or snow, since it is an outdoor feeding station, you can use a shower curtain to cover the feeder so that the weather doesn’t get in and ruin your cat’s food. Stainless steel bowls are the best choice for your cat’s food, especially in an outdoor feeder exposed to the elements.

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8. Elevated Cutting Board Cat Feeder by Purina

Two shallow dishes, a cutting board, four one and ¼-inch wood screws, and a one-inch-thick round dowel
Tape measure, pencil, jigsaw, electric drill, protection for eyes and ears, sandpaper
Difficulty: Moderate

It seems that cutting boards aren’t just for chopping your food anymore. Now you can use one to make this adorable, elevated cutting board cat feeder. A cutting board serves as the feeder’s base, and then it’s elevated to keep the cat’s food off the floor and make it easier for the cat to eat.

What’s great about this project is that you can make your own design by using colorful cutting boards and bowls. Once it’s all built, you can add engravings that will make it even more special.

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9. Cat and Dog Combo Feeder

Materials: Pet food bowls, wood glue, carpet, cabinet
Tools: Jigsaw
Difficulty: Easy

Sometimes your dog and cat get along fine and eat meals in the same area. In that case, a cat and dog combo feeder can work wonders for keeping the food in a clean location that matches your kitchen décor.

The instructions are easy; all you need is a cabinet, carpet, and wood glue to create a masterpiece for your pet’s food bowls. The only tool required is a jigsaw, and the project is not difficult to construct. Make sure to glue the carpet on the edges securely, and you can begin painting the feeder.

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10. Fenced Temporary Feeding Station by Tales From a Sears House

Materials: Table, wire rack, zip ties
Tools: None
Difficulty: Easy

If you’re unsure about which of the feeding station plans you want to build for your cats and dogs, you can try this temporary feeding station until you make up your mind or have the time to create something better.

If you’re strapped for money or time, then all you need is a table, a wire rack, and some zip ties to get the job done. This project will work for your pets until you find a more permanent solution.

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Final Thoughts

Our pets can be messy creatures, and unfortunately, they lack the ability to clean up spilled food and water. Although you can purchase high-quality feeding stations online and at pet stores, a DIY project will save you money and provide the opportunity to show off your building skills. We hope your pet enjoys eating meals in a feeder constructed by its devoted owner.

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Featured Image Credit: Okssi, Shutterstock