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12 DIY PVC Cat Furniture Ideas You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Cat furniture is an essential part of owning a cat, but it is certainly not cheap, especially if you have multiple cats. Cats love to climb and like to nap and rest where they have a high vantage point to scan their environment. Without dedicated furniture, they’ll climb whatever else they can find, resulting in broken ornaments and scratched furniture in your home!

You don’t need to fork out tons of cash to provide your feline with decent cat furniture, though, and there are so many designs online to help you out. PVC is a lightweight, inexpensive material, so it is an ideal choice to make your cat’s furniture from. In this article are 12 different DIY PVC cat furniture ideas that you can make at home today! Let’s check them out!divider-catclaw1

1. Five-Tier Cat Tree

Do you have multiple cats in your home and not enough space for them all to nap? This five-tier cat tree will do just the trick! Using standard 1-inch PVC piping and four-way and three-way brackets, you can build this tree in a couple of hours, and it won’t cost you much either! Each tier has a plywood base of 18×18 inches. Once everything has been cut to size, you can assemble it in minutes and then customize it to your (or your cat’s) preferences.

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2. PVC Cat Hammock

Cats love to nap on an elevated surface, whether it’s your bed or on the arm of your sofa. With this simple PVC hammock, you can make your cat their own elevated bed that is extremely lightweight and easy to move and quick and easy to make. All you need is a few lengths of 1-inch PVC pipe, four three-way brackets, and fabric of your choice to hang from the pipes. The thicker the fabric, the stronger it will be, but you could use strong, breathable material for summer months too. It’s also a breeze to remove and wash.

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3. Cactus Scratching Post

Cats need a dedicated scratching post if you want to keep your furniture intact, and PVC is a great way to build one cheaply and easily. This unique cactus design will enable your cat to scratch to their heart’s content, and it looks great too! All you’ll need is a thick plywood board to create a stable base for the post, PVC piping of around 3–4 inches (depending on the height that you want), two 90-degree elbow joints, and sisal rope to wrap around the piping. For added flair, dye the rope green for an authentic cactus appearance!

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4. PVC Cat Palace

Making furniture for your cat from PVC is usually quick and easy, but if you want more of a challenge and have the DIY know-how, why not try this PVC cat palace? This cat tree has four different levels, ramps, hammocks, hiding spots, and even a feeding bowl! The tree requires a fair bit of planning because there are different thicknesses of pipes being used and other accessories, but for a multiple cat household, this is ideal.

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5. PVC Cat Perch

This simple design creates a nifty cat perch/steps from three large PVC pipes and varying sizes of plywood board. We love this design because there are no screws needed; you simply cut horizontal holes into the PVC and hold the steps in place with small wooden pins. Best of all, this design is easily modified depending on how many cats you have and the amount of space in your home.

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6. PVC Cat Tower

This floor-to-ceiling PVC cat tower is a great idea if you have multiple cats. The tower has six carpeted levels and perches, with one central PVC pipe running through the entire structure. The tower is great as it is but has a ton of potential for adding more levels, hammocks, hiding boxes, and scratching posts. Plus, the corner design will save a great deal of space in your living room.

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7. Simple PVC Cat Cot

With a few lengths of PVC pipe, elbow joints, and your choice of fabric, you can quickly and easily make this cozy elevated cat /hammock/cot. Once all the PVC is cut to length and you’ve got suitable fabric cut to size, the assembly will take minutes. It’s a great way to keep your cat cozy and off the floor in winter, or during hotter months, you can use a more breathable fabric to keep your cat cool.

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8. PVC “Catio”

When it comes to PVC piping and all the variety of joints and sizes, the only limit is your imagination. With a bit of time and planning, you can build a wide array of furniture for your cat, including this incredible “catio”! This design has netting around the entire perimeter to keep your cat safe with a small built-in door, and you can add PVC ladders, hammocks, trees, or any other designs to make a safe PVC playground for your feline.

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9. Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Perch

This design looks so modern and stylish, we were surprised that this perch was made from PVC piping! With a few slabs of plywood cut into circles as steps and perches and attached easily with wood pins as opposed to screws or nails, this perch is actually easier to build than it looks. With careful planning, it shouldn’t take you more than a day. Plus, the floor-to-ceiling design makes it sturdy and safe for your feline friend.

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10. Cat-astrophic Climbing Tree

cat climbing down the tree
Image Credit: Pixabay

There is almost no end to the shapes and designs that you can dream up when using PVC, and this climbing tree is proof of that! Simply adding various joins and angling them in unique directions will create eye-catching shapes. Wrap up your artwork in thick sisal rope, and attach it to a sturdy base, and you have a one-of-a-kind cat tree that your felines will love to climb!

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11. PVC Cat Condo

This design has a great minimalist aesthetic to it, with three levels to perch on, scratching posts, and a cozy hiding spot. With PVC pipe, sisal rope, and plywood boards, you can easily make this perch in less than a day. You can add more levels, toys, or accessories if you have multiple cats.

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12. PVC Window Perch

Some cats love to rest while getting a VIP window view of the world, and window perches are great for them. With PVC pipes, you can quickly and easily make your cat their own window perch today! All that you need are four lengths of PVC, two T-shaped connectors, two U connectors, and a pair of strong suctions cups attached with wire and fabric of your choice. Your cat will love their new window view!



When it comes to PVC piping, your imagination is the only limit, and you can make amazing furniture for your cat in just a few hours, at little cost. Whether you need a new scratching post, cat tree, or even a large cat condo, PVC piping and a bit of patience can yield great results. Have you made furniture for your cats from PVC? Show us your pictures in the comments!

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Featured Image Credit: Roy Buri, Pixabay