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6 DIY Under Bed Blockers for Cats – Plans You Can Make Today

Cats are notorious for hiding underneath beds. Even if your cat isn’t necessarily scared, hiding under the best is simply a natural cat thing to do! If you want to prevent your cat from hiding under the bed, you have your work cut out for you. Usually, you’ll have to invest in a complete blocking system that simply makes under your bed unreachable.

There are few commercial options out there that accomplish this. However, there are many DIY options that are pretty easy to build too. Keep reading for some of our favorite plans that will keep your cat out from underneath your bed.

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The Top 6 DIY Under Bed Blockers for Cats

1. Under-the-Bed Storage by A Fresh-Squeezed Life

Difficulty: Hard

One of the easier ways to prevent your cat from getting underneath the bed is to add storage shelves. These shelves should completely block off your under-bed area, which will prevent your cat from accessing it. Plus, it looks completely normal like they are supposed to be there, and adds some practicality to the space.

On the downside, though, you have to put in a bit more work to this storage construction. Some plans are quite hard, for instance. Others are simpler (like the one we included here). However, they are still a bit more work than other options on this list.

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2. Cardboard Bed Storage Container by Crafter in the Attic

Difficulty: Easy

For those that need something now to stop their cat from getting under their bed, we recommend this cardboard option. Originally, this plan was designed to help you add some storage to the space underneath your bed with little cardboard boxes. However, when the boxes are in place, your cat won’t be able to get underneath your bed, either.

Therefore, this is probably the easiest option by far for blocking your cat’s access to your bed. However, it doesn’t look the best, as it simply utilizes cardboard boxes.

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3. Under The Bed Storage with Plastic Tote Blockers by Shareably

Difficulty: Easy

You can also utilize plastic totes instead of cardboard boxes to block your cat’s access underneath your bed. First, you simply need to find plastic totes that fit underneath your bed. You’ll have to find those that fit perfectly, as any extra space may leave an opening for your cat. After all, felines can fit in very small spaces. Plus, you don’t want your cat to get stuck trying to squeeze into an almost-big-enough hole.

However, after finding the correct totes, the next steps simply involve decorating them and placing them underneath your bed. It is extremely easy, and you can put as little effort into it as you want.

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4. Upcycled Under-the-Bed Drawers by Olive and Love

Difficulty: Easy

Similar to the first option, you can also add drawers underneath your bed. With the outside of your bed covered, your cat will be unable to get underneath your bed at all. However, this plan utilizes dresser drawers, so you don’t have to build anything from scratch. Therefore, they are much easier to achieve than other options on this list.

It can look rather professional if you choose the correct drawers. You can decorate the drawers as you see fit to match the rest of the décor and you can easily upcycle older dresser drawers for this purpose. In fact, you can easily paint or change the knob on any set of older drawers to make them appear newer.

This plan gives you plenty of function, while also keeping your cat from accessing underneath your bed.

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5. Use Books by mooonshot on Flickr

Difficulty: Medium

While this isn’t exactly a plan, you can easily stack up books underneath your bed for a stylish and effective blocker. If you’re a reader, you probably have books sitting around your house that would fit nicely underneath your bed. With that said, this method relies completely on your bed being about the same height as a book. Most books are pretty much the same height. Therefore, if your bed is very tall or very short, this may not be a great option.

Plus, not all of your books will fit, since books do vary a bit. As you might imagine, very tall books likely won’t fit easily underneath your bed. You also have to have enough books to go completely around your bed, with can be challenging in some cases. The aesthetic also doesn’t look great if you do it on all sides. Therefore, this method works best for beds that are against the wall.

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There are many options for blocking the underside of your bed from your cat. Most of them involve adding some kind of storage, which can also block your cat’s access underneath your bed. Some of these are extremely easy, such as the cardboard storage option. However, easier options typically don’t look the best.

Using drawers as storage underneath your bed is also an option, though that relies heavily on the size of your bed and finding the correct drawers. Generally, none of these options is extremely difficult, so we recommend choosing whichever one you have the time for.

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Featured Image Credit: Piotr Musiol, Unsplash

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