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Do Cats Have a Belly Button? The Surprising Answer!

When you’re petting your cat, and it rolls over so you can rub its stomach, you might find yourself wondering if the cat has a belly button.

The answer to that question is yes; cats do have belly buttons. Like us, they have one belly button that connects to their mother via the umbilical cord. Unlike us, however, the cat’s belly button isn’t as prominent and is a little bit harder to find. In fact, your cat doesn’t have an innie or an outie like humans do. In this article, we’ll answer all the questions about cats and belly buttons that you might have.

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Are Cats’ Belly Buttons Similar to Ours?

Like us, a cat has one belly button. Other mammals, such as sheep, horses, and dogs, also have one single belly button. Both are located on the stomach, but that’s where the similarities end because your cat’s belly button doesn’t look anything like yours.

The cat’s belly button doesn’t collect lint either because it doesn’t have the depression in it that ours does. A cat’s belly button is flat; it’s a small scar rather than a shallow hole.

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Where Is a Cat’s Belly Button?

Not only is the feline’s belly button hard to find, but it doesn’t look like a belly button. If you feel around long enough, you can usually feel the raised scar, but it’s possible that the cat’s belly button has completely healed, and there might not be a scar or bump at all.

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Can There Be Health Concerns with a Cat’s Belly Button?

As a kitten, if your cat’s umbilical cord has an area around it that is red, irritated, or dark in color, it could have a skin or blood infection. Kittens with this condition must be taken to the veterinarian immediately for treatment.

If the kitten has what looks like an outie belly button, which cats don’t usually have, it could be a sign of an umbilical hernia and must be treated right away. These hernias most often happen in orphaned foster kittens. While this is one of the most common issues with kittens, it’s treatable. Sometimes surgery is required to treat the hernia.

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Image Credit: avi_acl, Pixabay

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Wrap Up

While your cat has a belly button, just as you do, that’s where the similarities end. During your next petting session, you can feel around for your cat’s belly button, but remember it’s usually just a tiny scar or bump, not a recessed belly button.

If your kitten has a belly button that looks like an outie, it could have an umbilical hernia, and you must get the feline to a vet immediately so that you can discuss the correct treatment to help your kitten be healthy and happy once again.

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