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Do Tortoiseshell Cats Meow a Lot? Facts & FAQ

If you have recently adopted a Tortoiseshell cat, you might already know that the Tortie is a color pattern, not a different breed. Tortoiseshell cats can fall into several breeds, including Domestic Shorthair, Domestic Longhair, Persian, Ragdoll, and more.

Torties have been said to meow a lot and quite aggressively at times. We’ll discuss the Tortie’s vocalizations, a few reasons felines meow a lot, and more in the article below.

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Do Tortoiseshell Cats Meow a Lot?

In general, Tortoiseshell cats meow a lot. However, so much of this depends on the breed and personality of the cat. However, it is said that if a Tortie has something to say or wants something from its pet parent, it has no problem speaking up and letting the owner know.

Are Tortoiseshell Cats Rare?

While Torties are a bit rare, male Torties are extremely rare. In fact, a rough estimate has shown that only one in every 3,000 torties are male cats. Females, though rare, are much easier to find and adopt.

Tortoiseshell cat looking out of the window
Image Credit: Michaela Filipcikova, Unsplash

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The 3 Main Reasons Your Cat Is Meowing

There are several reasons a cat meows, and some breeds and colors vocalize more than others. Torties typically meow when they need something or are trying to tell you something.

1. To Say Hello

Many times, your Tortie is just meowing to say hello. If you’ve been gone all day, your cat might meow and rub against your legs when you walk in the door. This could also mean they are hungry and want to be fed, or they may be happy to see you.

Tortie Maine Coon
Image Credit: Nynke van Holten, Shutterstock
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2. To Get Attention

Sometimes your feline friend only wants your attention. Their meows are to tell you, “Hey, I’m here; remember me?”

You see this most often when a cat comes out of somewhere it’s been hiding or sleeping. They are alerting you to their presence and demanding that you pay them attention. Talking to your cat in a gentle, loving manner when they come out for attention can help them destress and may cause them to quiet down.

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3. To Make a Demand

There’s one vocalization that all Tortie parents need to learn. It is the demanding meow. This meow is to tell you that the cat needs something immediately.

Here are some of the common things that your Tortie might be demanding:
Tortoiseshell Turkish Angora
Image Credit: Natalie Rose Bainbridge, Shutterstock

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Final Thoughts

Tortoiseshell cats can meow a lot, but it depends on their breed and personality. Most cats meow, but some are more vocal than others. The Tortie, like other cats, has different meows and reasons for meowing at you.

As a Tortie pet parent, you need to learn the different meows and keep your cat healthy, happy, and loved for the best results. Your Tortie will return your affection and understanding with undying love and loyalty.

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Featured Image Credit: Mrdidg, Pixabay