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40 Fat Cat Memes | The Best Hilariously Tubby Cats

They’re not exactly light on their feet, they move only when they hear the fridge open or so they can watch you eat, and give Fido a run for his money when it comes to their weight class. We’re talking fat cats! Resembling more of a tubby bear than an agile feline, these plump pets are adorable and endearing.

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Lazy Fat Cat Memes

One doesn’t become a fat cat by acting on their kitty zoomie urges. The key to the perfect round body is remaining perched in one place, all day – all night, and moving only when absolutely necessary.

1. This is my DOG bed

2. There’s always tomorrow

3. Leaning tower of Cat-Tree-Za

4. THIS year will be the year I hit my goal weight

5. Who’s going to tell him?

6. Pot calling the kettle

7. Who needs cat furniture when your this large?

8. Redefining Exercise

9. When getting out of bed counts as your daily exercise

10. The yoga life isn’t for everyone

11. When you need a 5 minute break from doing nothing

12. The only place I run to is the fridge

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Hungry Fat Cat Memes

If you have a fat cat, you know these beautiful and majestic creatures are hungry ALL the time. 3 in the morning? Hungry. Just got in the bathtub? Hungry. Late for work? HUNGRY.

13. Actions speak louder than words

14. When your cat is the master of the household

15. He’ll probably get you back while you sleep

16. A new meaning for Sweet Dreams

17. I donut think there is anything wrong with having thirds

18. They also refer to me as the “Hoover Dam”

19. This process could take a few years before it’s perfected

20. Note to self – never come here again

21. Just doing my job

22.  Hold me back, Whiskers!

23. We call him Fat Tony

24. The Vet: How did this happen?

25. But it’s the best seat in the house

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Seasonal Fat Cat Memes

Whether you’re geared up for working on a summer bod, or satisfied with the winter body you have year-round, these Fat Cat Memes are funny because they’re so relatable.

26. At least my Calvins still fit

27. No need for winter clothes, when you have a winter body 

28. When you know you’re doomed going into the Holiday season

29. Nothing better than Christmas treats

30. When your weight is the ongoing joke

31. Who cares when charming and funny

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Funny Fat Cat Memes

These next funny fat cat memes are hilarious all on their own – no introduction needed.

32. Blame the fur

33. T-Rex’in

34. When you use your coat to hide your recent weight gain

35. Pants don’t fit? That’s why they invented overalls

36. Tipping the scales

37. Sounds like a mantra I’ll start working on tomorrow

38. Just Don’t

39. When your cat is more of a husky than your dog

40. The weight of your words is soul crushing


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We know that it’s a tough go for these plump felines, as they don’t choose the fat cat life, the fat cat life chooses them. Although they are fun to look and poke fun at, be sure to always give your kitty-cats an endless amount of love, no matter their size.

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