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21 Fun Things to Do With Your Cat (Indoors & Outdoors)

If you’re stuck at home wondering what to do with yourself today, we’ve got plenty of ideas for you! We’ve rounded up 21 things that you can do with your cat. From indoor and outdoor activities, we’ve got everything covered! If you don’t have the toys or accessories that you need to get started, now is a great time to indulge in some online shopping. The fun that your cat will have when those packages start to arrive will be worth every cent! Click to skip ahead:

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The 13 Things to do With Your Cat Indoors

1. Invest in new toys

cat playing with owner
Image Credit: Dora Zett, Shutterstock

Plenty of cats love investigating new toys, so see if you can find a few on sale to keep your cat occupied. Cats love a selection of toys — from kicker toys to fishing rods, interactive battery-operated toys, and good old balls with bells in them, see what your cat likes best!

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2. Find cardboard boxes

european shorthair cat searching inside the cardboard
Image Credit: Pixabay

Don’t throw away the boxes that all those new toys arrived in! Cats love playing with boxes, sometimes more so than enjoying the toys that came in them. Put empty cardboard boxes around the house, pop treats in them or sprinkle a little catnip in the bottom, and watch as your cat enjoys investigating their new hidey holes.

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3. Buy catnip

cat enjoying cat nip
Image Credit: Georgia Evans, Shutterstock

If you’ve never used catnip with your cat, now’s the time! Plenty of cats love this natural herb, which can make them either super energetic or a little more laidback than normal. It’s also pretty good for them, but if you need convincing, read our article covering the benefits of catnip here. You can buy toys that are stuffed with catnip, loose catnip, or even catnip bubbles!

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4. Create a birdwatching station

cat watching bird
Image Credit: Andrzej Puchta, Shutterstock

Plenty of indoor cats love to watch birds through the window, and you can encourage this, safely knowing that your cat can never actually catch them! If your cat loves looking at birds as they fly by, you can set up a birdwatching station. Pop a few birdfeeders outside in your yard, near a window. If you live in an apartment, you can get feeders that attach to the window. Fill these with birdseed, and it won’t be long before your cat can enjoy watching even more birds! You can also get a cat hammock that attaches to your window, so your cat always has a front-row seat.

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5. Buy or build a cat tree

Cats love to climb, stretch their muscles on something tall, and sleep in high places. If your cat doesn’t already have a cat tree, they will probably love the chance to enjoy one. You can even make your own from a range of online plans that we’ve collected here.

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6. Make mealtime fun

Cat eating from a spoon_ratt_anarach_shutterstock
Credit: RATT_ANARACH, Shutterstock

Instead of just feeding your cat from their bowl and walking away, consider adding enrichment to your cat’s mealtimes. You can hide small portions of food around the house — although this is probably best with dry kibble, not wet food! You can also buy toys that you can hide food in, to encourage your cat’s hunting instincts.

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7. Use a food puzzle

Pet Safe Cat Food Puzzle

You can make food puzzles using treats. Create small holes in a cardboard box, and hide treats inside. See how long it takes your cat to figure out that they need to get inside the box to find the treats!

Or you can buy a food puzzle here!

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8. Teach your cat tricks!

Cats are quite clever, and if you give them the chance, they can make eager students! Teach your cat to play fetch, sit, or do a high-five, and impress your friends and family when you see them next. Using small, high-value treats given to your cat as soon as they perform the action you’re looking for will keep them motivated.

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9. Try a laser pointer toy

PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy-FI
Image: Chewy

Plenty of cats love to play with laser toys, and you can have fun watching your cat trying to catch the little red dot! Make sure that you give them a proper toy that they can “catch” after they’ve played with the laser for a while. This will give your cat the satisfaction of feeling like they’ve completed a successful hunt, rather than feeling frustrated that they didn’t succeed.

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10. Put toys on your door handles

cat playing with door handles
Image Credit: mariesacha, Shutterstock

Toys on a wand are irresistible to cats, but we don’t always have the time to play as often as our cats would like. Choose a few of your cat’s favorite toys, and hang them from your door handles. See if your cat can resist swatting them as those doors open!

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11. Spray cat pheromones around the house

Relaxivet Natural Cat Calming Pheromone Diffuser

This is a good way of enriching your cat’s daily environment. You can buy synthetic feline pheromones in diffusers or spray bottles. Using these can help your cat feel calm and less stressed.

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12. Buy your cat a water fountain

cat drinking from fountain
Image Credit: Nana_Hana, Shutterstock

Some cats can be fussy when it comes to drinking water, and anything that we can do to encourage our cats to stay hydrated is a good idea! Many cats prefer to drink from a moving water source, so treating your cat to a water fountain can be a great way to make sure they’re drinking as much as possible.

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13. Get your cat a friend

Two cute Egyptian Mau cats_Sarah Fields Photography_shutterstock

If you only have one cat, consider getting them a friend! Cats love to play together, and as long as you introduce your new feline carefully, your older cat will likely enjoy having a companion around the house.

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The 8 Things to Do With Your Cat Outdoors

14. Build a cat enclosure

Cuckoo 4 Design Easy DIY Cat Enclosure
Image: Cuckoo 4 Design

If your cat is an indoor cat, build them an outdoor cat enclosure and watch them enjoy the fresh air from a safe environment! Check out our collection of DIY plans here. Whether you’re looking for a small self-contained structure or a huge enclosure that connects to a window of your house, there’s plenty to choose from.

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15. Teach your cat to walk on a leash

cat with leash and harness
Image Credit: Pixabay

Training your cat to walk safely on a leash is a great idea. You’ll need a harness that’s the right size for your cat. Spend time with them indoors learning to get comfortable wearing a harness before you introduce the leash and short outdoor walks.

Taking your cat for a walk may sound challenging, but the right harness and leash can make all the difference! We recommend Hepper's Cat Harness & Leash Set because it combines important safety features with stylish and comfortable design elements.

hepper harness and leash set

From the highly adjustable, machine-washable velvet harness to the sturdy nylon climbing rope leash, this set has everything you'll need to start adventuring.

At Excited Cats, we’ve admired Hepper for many years and decided to take a controlling ownership interest so that we could benefit from the outstanding designs of this cool cat company!

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16. Plant cat-friendly herbs

a cat sitting near lavender flowers
Image Credit: Agnieszka Lizak, Shutterstock

We all know that cats love dried catnip, but you can also grow this in your garden. Buy seeds, and create a cat-friendly zone using pots or planting directly in the ground. You can do this in your cat’s enclosure if they’re an indoor cat.

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17. Take your cat on a road trip

cat inside the car
Image Credit: Pixabay

Some cats love the adventure of a road trip! If your cat doesn’t, then maybe give this activity a miss. If they do, they will relish the opportunity to head out on the open road and explore somewhere different. Make sure you use a cat carrier and a securely fitted harness and leash when you’re out and about.

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18. Create spots for your cat to hide

Cat hiding behind curtain
Image Credit: llaszlo, Shutterstock

A big expanse of bare lawn can be intimidating to a cat. You can make hiding spots for your cat to explore, using shrubs, wooden boxes, or even your old table and chair set.

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19. Add cat shelves

Orangelight Cat Window Perch-BG
Image: Amazon

Cats love to sit up high and watch the world go by. Add shelves to your existing fencing, using a variety of heights so your cat can choose which one gives them the best vantage point.

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20. Make an outdoor cat house

wooden cat houses
Image Credit: Yodgi, Shutterstock

If you have any leftover timber, you can create an outdoor cat house for your cat. Include shady inside spots where they can shelter from sun or rain, as well as an area on top where they can sit up high and sunbathe.

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21. Create a treasure hunt

You can hide treats and kibble around the yard in areas where your cat would usually explore. Watch as they sniff these out, and enjoy their enthusiasm as they find each treat! You can help your cat find any they missed, but be sure to clean up any scraps to avoid attracting vermin once the game is over.

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We hope that you’ve enjoyed our roundup of 21 indoor and outdoor fun activities and gadgets that you and your cat can enjoy together. Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know, and we might even add them to a future post!

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Featured Image Credit: Pixabay