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40 Happy Birthday Cat Memes | Funny Jokes to Celebrate

There’s nothing funnier or more festive than a great meme — especially when there are cats involved. So why not celebrate your birthday with a great cat meme? Cute, grumpy, hungry… there’s a cat for every celebration. And your birthday is no exception!

Whether you’re celebrating your own birthday or looking for the perfect happy birthday cat meme to send to a friend, this list should have you covered! Grab a slice of birthday cake and get ready to laugh.

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40 Best Happy Birthday Cat Memes:

1. Happee Burfday

2. Ceiling Cat

3. Crazy Cat Lady

4. A Toast

5. One Year Closer

Congratulations from Grumpy Cat.

6. Best Fishes


8. What a Gift!

Whose birthday is it again?

9. A Present

10. No Such Thing

11. Breakfast in Bed

12. Delivery

13. Party Cats

14. Purrrfect

15. Birthday Grooming

16. Boss Lady

17. Happy Birthday Cat

Why is this cat wearing clothes? Because it’s your birthday, silly!

18. With Difficulty

19. Cake Please

20. Death

21. Pass the Cake

22. Spa Day

23. Cat Lady

24. Whoopdy Doo

25. Yum

26. Sushi

Who needs a birthday cake when you can have birthday sushi?

27. World’s Oldest Cat

28. Ancient

29. Just So You Know

30. Winning

Nothing tastes as good as birthday cake feels! That’s how the saying goes, right?

31. A Cold Day in Heck

32. Enjoy

The best kind of birthday present: a mess! Time to check the litter box.

33. Sunday vs Birthday

34. Birthday Presents

35. Cake Changes Everything

36. For Star Wars Fans

37. Who Cares

It’s my birthday and I’ll eat cake if I want to.

38. Pawty Time

39. Birthday Chemistry

40. Bread & Birthdays

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We hope you LOLed at these hilarious happy birthday cat memes! Whether you want to send cute birthday wishes to your mom or need a good chuckle over the birthday candles, these memes have you covered. Grumpy Cat can put a smile on even the biggest birthday grinch — and any of these cats would love to share your birthday cake (or sushi). So put on a birthday hat and let’s get this paw-ty started!

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