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6 Amazing Hero Cats That Saved Lives (With Pictures)

It’s not every day that you hear stories of animal heroism, but it’s much more common than you might think. Many people think of dogs as heroes, and they’re not wrong. Dogs often save lives in their daily work, such as in search and rescue, but what about cats? Cats are the less likely heroes in society, but they show true bravery and selflessness to save the lives of both their fellow animals and humans. This article celebrates 25 amazing hero cats that saved lives by overcoming great obstacles or putting themselves in danger to keep their loved ones safe.

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The 6 Amazing Hero Cats That Saved Lives

1. Masha by Youtube

Masha is hailed as a hero in her native city of Obninsk, Russia, and around the world for her actions which undoubtedly saved the life of a newborn baby. Passers-by discovered Masha after her loud, unwavering cries led listeners to a cardboard box where she sat, curled gently around an abandoned baby boy. Masha kept the tiny baby warm and alive with her long fur, who survived his ordeal.

Masha cared about the child so much that she even tried to follow the car when officials took the baby to a local hospital! The locals praised the street cat as a hero, and she received some well-deserved treats and affection.

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2. Scarlett by Youtube

Scarlett, the cat, demonstrated incredible bravery and sacrifice by repeatedly running back into a house fully ablaze to save her precious babies. The terrified mom cat ran back and forth into the burning home in Brooklyn, carrying all her kittens to safety. The kittens survived relatively unharmed, but Scarlett suffered horrific burns to most of her body, including her face. Luckily, she thrived and lived a happy life until she died in 2008, aged 13.

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3. Tiger by Youtube

Tiger earned her stripes by saving her 97-year-old owner from a dog attack. Four Pitt Bull Terriers encircled the woman and began to bite, but Tiger ran into the circle and taunted the dogs, so they chased her instead and left the elderly lady alone. Both Tiger and her owner were unharmed, save for some minor wounds.

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4. Rusty by Youtube

Rusty, the adopted cat, saved his owner’s life by jumping on her chest and meowing into her face so earnestly that she instantly knew something was wrong. Thinking she had indigestion, Rusty’s owner tried to lie down and go to bed, but Rusty wouldn’t let her. Upon seeking medical attention, his owner discovered she’d suffered a heart attack that could have been fatal if not treated.

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5. Sally by Youtube

Sally, the cat, saved her owner from almost certain death after his house was fully enveloped in flames. Sally had jumped onto his head and screamed in his face until he woke, and he instantly smelled smoke. He grabbed the cat, and they both escaped with their lives, but his home was destroyed in the blaze.

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6. Opie by Youtube

Opie, the cat, inadvertently became a hero after he blocked a stray bullet from hitting a three-year-old toddler in Pennsylvania. Opie was sleeping near the child, which he often did as he adored the boy, and was shot in the head after a bullet crashed through the window. The bullet was on a trajectory to hit the toddler, so Opie is hailed a lifesaver by his family.

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These 25 stories of feline heroism are from around the world, showing how much our cats care about us. The heroics of cats come in many shapes and forms, with some seeming to be present even in kittens. No matter their background or previous experiences with humans, these cats all used their smarts and brave hearts to save their owners and families from life-threatening situations. There’s nothing more heroic than that!

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Featured Image Credit: Anton27, Shutterstock