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How Long Do Devon Rex Cats Live? Average Lifespan Data & Facts

The Devon Rex cat is famous for its unique looks, marked by its triangular face, huge ears, and large eyes. But even more interesting than its appearance is its lovable personality. It is intelligent, playful, and loves being around people.

The Devon Rex emerged in the 1950s and has slowly become one of the most sought-after cats today. It is a rare breed, making owning one very desirable. But how long can this cat keep you company? A Devon Rex cat can generally live approximately 10 – 5 years. 

Below, we tell you how long Devon cats live. We also share essential tips on ensuring your cat lives longer.

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What’s the Average Lifespan of a Devon Rex Cat?

The average lifespan of a Devon Rex cat is 10 to 15 years. But your cat can live longer with proper care, a healthy diet, and adequate exercise.

Interestingly, Devon Rex cats never lose their kitten-like energy, even in their senior years. Their natural inclination to exercise helps keep health issues at bay, and many live up to their mid-teens.

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3 cat face divider The 8 Reasons Why Some Devon Cats Live Longer Than Others

As we stated earlier, a Devon Rex cat can live longer than their average lifespan. It’s not all down to luck, though. You can ensure your feline friend lives well past its expected age with proper care.

How long your feline lives will depend on various factors, including nutrition, breed history, and sex. We examine these in detail below.

1. Nutrition

Proper nutrition is essential since it impacts the health of your cat. A healthy balanced diet will provide adequate energy and prevent nutritional-related illnesses.

A Devon Rex cat’s diet should consist of animal-based proteins and moderate levels of fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. It should also include adequate calorie levels since the cat is active and engages in a lot of play and exercises.

Avoid feeding human food to the cat despite its persistent begging. Instead, go for high-quality cat food with a label from the Association of American Feed Control Officials1.

If you keep your cat indoors, watch how much you feed them to avoid excessive weight gain. Obesity can lead to various health complications that could cut your feline friend’s life short.

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Image Credit: Veera, Shutterstock
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2. Environment and Conditions

A Devon Rex cat’s coat is lightweight, sparse, and thin. As a result, continuous sun exposure can lead to sunburns. Chronic sun exposure can also lead to skin cancer.

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3. Living Quarters

A Devon Rex cat will be happy to stay indoors. However, your house needs adequate space to accommodate their natural inclination toward physical activity. They love exercise and play and require room to roam around.

Playing with your cat daily can give them the mental and physical stimulation necessary to stay healthy. It can also allow you to bond. But if you don’t have time, ensure your house has a variety of toys to keep the kitty-cat active.

Naturally, a Devon Rex cat will enjoy being outdoors. However, it would be best to keep a close eye on them since they can get into all sorts of trouble that could endanger their lives. An outdoor cat enclosure can help keep them safe.

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4. Size

Although no sufficient scientific evidence supports the claim, smaller cats tend to live longer than their larger counterparts. However, the difference is not as noticeable as with dogs.

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Image Credit: Angela Kotsell, Shutterstock
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5. Sex

Like humans, female cats live longer than their male counterparts. On average, a Devon Rex female cat can outlive a male by one or two years.

Neutering or spaying could also increase your cat’s lifespan significantly. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, a spayed female cat can live 39% longer, and a neutered male cat can live 62% longer2.

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6. Genes

Genetics also plays a role in a Devon Rex cat’s lifespan. For instance, a life-threatening condition can pass down from a parent to their offspring.

Devon Rex myopathy is a hereditary health condition that affects the breed. The cat is also genetically predisposed to Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Patellar Luxation.

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7. Breeding History

Don’t buy a kitten from any breeder. Only reputable ones will give you the vital information you need to learn about the cat’s breeding history.

First, the breeder should provide a health certificate indicating that the kitten has undergone all the necessary health checks and is free from serious health complications. Also, ask to see the kitten’s vaccination records.

Getting the parent’s and grandparents’ medical information is also essential since it will give you an insight into how long your cat will live. So, don’t forget to ask for the family tree. Ensure you find out how long the parents lived and the cause of their death.

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Image Credit: Veera, Shutterstock
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8. Healthcare

A Devon Rex cat can still get sick no matter how healthy it is as a kitten. Therefore, monitoring its health is vital in ensuring it lives long.

Apart from providing a healthy balanced diet, regular vet visits are recommended. A veterinarian can diagnose and treat health complications early before they become life-threatening.

Generally, Devon Rex is a healthy breed. Still, there are several common ailments for which you should watch out.

They include:
  • Patella Luxation: Devon Rex cats are genetically predisposed to Patella Luxation, a condition characterized by kneecap dislocation. It can lead to lameness or unusual skipping.
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: The Devon Rex breed is also genetically predisposed to Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, the most common heart disease in cats. The condition causes the thickening of the walls on the left side of the heart, leading to heart arrhythmia, blood clots and congestive heart failure.
  • Devon Rex Myopathy: Devon Rex Myopathy is a hereditary disease that causes muscle weakness in the head and neck. Its symptoms appear when the kitten is three weeks to six months old.


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The 3 Life Stages of a Devon Rex Cat

A Devon Rex cat goes through three life stages: kitten, adult, and senior.

1. Kitten

  • 0–12 months

Devon Rex kittens are tiny, with big ears. They are super energetic and playful but will spend a lot of time sleeping.

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2. Adult

  • 1–8 years

Adult Rexes reach maturity at 12 months. Although they sleep less than kittens, they never lose the kitten’s playful disposition.

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3. Senior

  • 8–15+ years
Devon Rex
Image Credit: Grisha Bruev, Shutterstock

A Devon Rex cat becomes a senior from age eight onward. It might start slowing down at this stage, but its purr is still as boisterous.

cat paw divider How to Tell Your Devon Rex Cat’s Age

It could be challenging to tell your cat’s age if you got it from a shelter or rescue center. But you can get a general idea by observing their size, teeth, and eyes.

It is better to visit a vet for a thorough examination if you want a more accurate age assessment. However, it is essential to note that the vet will still be making an educated guess.

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The Devon Rex is a healthy, energetic breed. It can live for 10 to 15 years if it doesn’t suffer from any life-threatening illnesses. You can ensure your Devon Rex cat lives longer by providing adequate care. That means feeding them a balanced diet, providing the space and environment for exercise, and visiting the vet regularly for routine check-ups.

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Featured Image Credit: Oleksandr Volchanskyi, Shutterstock