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How Much Are Kitten Shots at PetSmart? Typical Cost & FAQ

Cats require vaccinations throughout their lives, but some of the most important happen when they’re kittens. This is a critical time in which kittens need to build up immunity, but those frequent shots can add up.

Fortunately, you can get kitten shots at PetSmart at a reduced cost. The company partnered with Banfield Hospitals and ShotVet to offer lower-cost vaccinations at store locations. Kitten shots range from about $35 to $42 per shot at PetSmart.

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What Shots Do Kittens Need?

Kittens are most vulnerable to infectious diseases between weaning and six months of age. Before then, they’re protected by their mother’s antibodies when they nurse. These antibodies offer protection but may also interfere with vaccinations, which is why kitten vaccinations should begin at 6-8 weeks of age. They’ll also need boosters every 3-4 weeks until they’re 16-20 weeks old.

Kitten vaccines fall into two categories:
  • Core vaccines, which protect against common and life-threatening diseases in kittens and adult cats.
  • Non-core vaccines, which are indicated for kittens and cats that are at high risk of a particular disease.
The three vaccines that all kittens should get are as follows:
  • FVRCP, which protects against feline rhinotracheitis, feline calicivirus, and feline panleukopenia. This is a combination vaccine that treats common contagious diseases that cause respiratory infections and other conditions.
  • Rabies, which protects against the fatal virus that can affect cats, other animals, and humans. Kittens can receive rabies vaccination at 12 weeks, though this may vary by state.
  • FeLV, which is a recommended vaccine to protect against the feline leukemia virus (FeLV). This is an optional vaccine that should be discussed with your veterinarian, and kittens should be tested before receiving the vaccination.

How Much Are Kitten Shots at PetSmart?

The cost of vaccinations varies based on your location, which shots you choose, your kitten’s age, and more.

With ShotVet, the costs are the same regardless of location, and you can save by purchasing a PureVax Kitten Club package that includes all three series of kitten shots for $189.

Otherwise, you can purchase individual kitten shot series, which are as follows:

  • PureVax Kitten A: $79 and includes FVRCP and strategic deworm for hook and roundworms.
  • PureVax Kitten B: $99 for FVRCP, strategic deworm, and FeLV.
  • PureVax Kitten C: $139 for FVRCP. Strategic deworm, FeLV, and rabies.

You have the option to pay at the time of visit or to prepay for your vaccinations with FAST PAWS, which shortens your wait time at the mobile clinic.

Banfield shots vary by the shot and the location. Generally, they’re slightly cheaper than ShotVet, but you won’t get the dewormer with them. They also have the same prices for adult cats and kittens and no value package for multiple rounds of vaccinations.

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Recommended Kitten Vaccination Schedule

The general recommendations for kitten vaccinations is as follows:

6–8 Weeks
  • FeLV (recommended)
10–12 Weeks
  • FeLV (highly recommended)
14–16 Weeks
  • Rabies (now required by law)
  • FeLV (highly recommended)
One Year
  • Rabies booster (required by law)

How Much Do Kitten Vaccines Cost at a Vet?

Depending on your location and the drug manufacturer, kitten vaccines can range from $25 to $50. Going to a vet also requires an exam, which comes at an extra cost but benefits like knowing your cat is healthy enough to receive vaccines and identifying any problems that may need further investigation.

Keep in mind that vaccines can have side effects. They’re usually mild, but it’s possible for kittens to have severe reactions with serious symptoms like facial swelling, trouble breathing, and shock. This is another reason that it’s best to develop a working relationship with a vet to ensure your kitten can receive vaccinations and to handle any issues as they arise.

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Do Indoor Cats Need Vaccinations?

Some cat owners mistakenly believe that indoor cats don’t need vaccinations because they don’t come in contact with other cats that can pass on diseases. Unfortunately, many infectious cat diseases can enter your home and infect your cat, even if the cat itself never sets foot out your door.

It’s possible to carry viruses into your home on your shoes or clothing, such as calicivirus and herpesvirus. Rabies is also a considerable risk as it can affect many different species, including humans.

Compared to the potential risks of these diseases—and the costs to treat them—vaccinations are a smart and cost-effective option.

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Having a cat comes with responsibility, including crucial vaccinations that protect a kitten from potentially deadly diseases like rabies and FeLV. While you should always develop a relationship with a vet to handle your cat’s care from kitten through adulthood, kitten shots at PetSmart using ShotVet or Banfield is an affordable way to care for your kitten’s needs on a budget.

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