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International Cat Rescue Day 2023: How & When Is It Celebrated?

International Cat Rescue Day has been celebrated around the globe since 2019 on March 2 of each year. It’s a day to bring awareness about cats in shelters needing loving, forever homes. Approximately 3.2 cats enter U.S. shelters each year, with roughly 2 million adopted out yearly.1

Many cats in shelters are strays, but some kitties are surrendered into shelters for a number of reasons, including moving to a new location that doesn’t allow cats, divorce, the owner taking ill, and so on. Join us in exploring more about International Cat Rescue Day.

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How Is International Cat Rescue Day Celebrated?

There are many ways you can celebrate International Cat Rescue Day. Let’s look at the ways below.

1. Rescue or Adopt a Cat!

A fantastic way to celebrate the day is by rescuing a cat. All you need to do is visit your local animal shelter. All shelters have their own protocols and fees, and they vary from state to state. All cats deserve a loving home, and you can provide that to a cat living in a shelter. You’ll gain a furry companion, and the cat will gain a family and home. It’s a win-win!

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2. Volunteer

You can always volunteer at your local animal shelter if rescuing a cat is not feasible for you. Not everyone is in the position to adopt or rescue, and that’s OK. By volunteering at your local shelter, you’ll be helping your community and giving all the kitties in the shelter love and attention they desperately want and need.

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3. Join a Search Team

Cats sometimes get into mischief or get lost from home, leaving their owners devastated. When you join a search team, you’ll be helping a cat reunite with its family, and that is priceless. Check with your local shelter to find out how you can join a search team.

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4. Donate

If you’re not in a position to rescue a cat, you can always donate to your local animal shelter. Shelters are always in need of monetary donations, blankets, food, and beds; anything you can donate means the world to these shelters and the animals that reside in them.

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5. Spoil Your Cat

If you’re already a cat owner, you can celebrate International Cat Rescue Day by spoiling your cat and showering your furball with lots of extra love and treats! Ensure any treats you give are healthy and remember to never give your kitty anything that could be toxic, such as grapes, raisins, or chocolate!

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What’s the Difference Between International Cat Rescue Day and International Cat Day?

The only real difference between the two holidays is they are celebrated on different days. International Cat Day is celebrated on August 8 of each year. Both holidays bring awareness about adopting and rescuing a cat, and they both aid in getting cats that live in shelters forever homes.

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What Are the Benefits of Rescuing a Cat?

For starters, you’ll be giving a cat in a shelter a chance at a great life. You will also pay much, much less for a cat in a shelter versus buying from a breeder. Some people prefer to buy from breeders because they want a certain cat breed, but you can always check your local animal shelter for a specific breed. Shelters house many cat breeds, so remember that cats end up in shelters due to various reasons, and only some are purebreds.

Cats in shelters already have all vaccines and will be spayed/neutered, which cuts out a big expense for you. Just think, rescuing a cat means you’re saving a life, and you’re also helping to break the cycle of cat overpopulation. And most of all, you’ll gain a companion that will be a part of your family.

Adopting or rescuing an adult cat lets you skip the “kitten phase,” which means less energy from the cat and fewer claw marks, bites, and chewing up your furniture. Some people love the kitten phase, but if you’re not up for it, you can always rescue an adult.

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International Cat Rescue Day is a day to bring awareness to cats in shelters that need loving homes. All cats deserve to be loved by a human family, and they need us humans to help them achieve that love.

One way to do that is to celebrate International Cat Rescue Day. Visit your local shelter, donate, volunteer, join a search team, or spoil your kitty to celebrate the day. Better yet, rescue a cat!

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