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100+ Korean Cat Names: Ideas for Stylish & Popular Cats

To the owners looking for something incredibly unique to call their cat, Korean names may be just what you are searching for. With an intriguing history, Korea is now divided into two vastly different regions, North Korea and South Korea. Korean culture and influence have exploded in North America in the last few years and we have the fabulous K-POP to thank for that. 

Whether you’re looking to choose a name to pay tribute to the pop industry or simply honor the culture, we’ve compiled a list of the most interesting, and our favorite, Korean names with meanings for you to consider for your feline.


Korean Female Cat Names

  • Ttal (Daughter)
  • Mee (Beauty)
  • In-Na (Graceful)
  • Yeosin (Goddess)
  • Ju-Mi (Gem)
  • Gaeul (Fall or autumn)
  • Kkoch (Flower)
  • Bong-Cha (Supergirl)
  • Ba-Da (Purple)
  • Yeoja (Woman)
  • Kwan (Strong)
  • Bo-Seul-Ee (Drizzle)
  • Ae-Cha (Loving daughter)
  • Bae (Inspiration)
  • Choon-Hee (Spring girl)
  • Ye-Bin (Pretty)
  • Hae (Ocean)
  • Yu-Na (To endure)
  • Jin Sol Ee (Truthful and honest)
  • Go-Mi-Nyua (Beautiful cat)
  • Bo-Ri (Barely)
  • Hye (Intelligent)
  • Na-Eun (Mercy)
  • So-Hui (Glorious)
  • Jang Mi (Rose)
  • Danbi (Welcome rain)
  • Areum (Beauty)
  • Min Nah Rae (Trustworthy)
  • Na-Rae (Creative)
  • Aeng-Du (Cherry)
Korean cats
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Korean Male Cat Names

  • Dong-Ee (Sunrise)
  • Suk (Rock)
  • Bam Ha Neul (Night sky)
  • Seo-Jin (Omen)
  • Hoo-Choo (Pepper)
  • Maeum (Heart and mind)
  • Ki (Arisen)
  • Nyang Ee (Kitten)
  • Ba Ram Ee (Wind)
  • Sal Gu (Apricot)
  • Go Mi Nam (Handsome cat)
  • Wonsoongi (Monkey)
  • Su-Won (Defend and protect)
  • Jeonjaeng (Waar)
  • Tae-Hui (Big and great)
  • Jun-U (Excellent)
  • Gam Cho (Licorice)
  • Dak-Ho (Deep lake)
  • Jung Nam Ee (Friendly)
  • Cho (Handsome)
  • Seulgi (Wisdom)
  • Woojoo (Universe and space)
  • Min-Ho (Brave and heroic)
  • Kyun-Ju  (Scenery)
  • Som Ee (Cottonball)
  • Ja Jung (Midnight)
  • Ma Roo Han (Leader)
  • Gun Po doh (Raisin)
  • Kyu (Standard)
  • Nyah Ong Ee (Kitty)
  • Soh Ri (Sound)
  • Sung (Successor)
  • Ro Wah (Wise)
Korean Asian boy with kitten
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Cute Korean Cat Names

We know that your kitten deserves a name that honors how absolutely adorable they are, and Korean names definitely do not disappoint. Whether your new addition has the most awe-inspiring eyes, playful personality, or fuzzy coat, there is sure to be a Korean name that compliments their charming features.

  • Keyowo (Cute)
  • Mi-Sun (Kind and tender)
  • Ha Roo (One day)
  • Na-Mooo (Tree)
  • Suk-Ee (Strong)
  • Ha Ni (Sky and wind)
  • Noo-Ri (World)
  • Jan-Di (Grass)
  • Shiro (White)
  • Ogboon (Jade powder)
  • Mo-Du (Everyone)
  • Podo (Grape)
  • Mongshil (Fluffy)
  • Na-Bi (Butterfly)
  • Sundo (Pure)
  • Sagwa (Apple)
  • Bam-Ee (Night)
  • Bo-Mi (Beautiful)
  • Nam-Sun (Pure and honest)
  • Ye-Jin (Precious)
  • Bo-Ram-Ee (Worthwhile)
  • Geu-Roo (Tree stump)
  • Roo-Da (To achieve)
  • Woo-Ri (Together)
  • Yeo (Mildness)
  • Haenguni (Lucky)
  • Ki (Arisen)
  • Yippee (Happy)
  • Juhee (Joyful)
  • Ye-Na (Talent)
  • Bo-A (Rare and elegant)
  • Dubu (Bean curd)
Korean stamp kittens
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Popular Korean Cat Names

For those looking for additional inspiration, and searching for something a bit more trendy, we have gathered a list of the most popular Korean cat names. This includes the chicest names coming from cat owners in Korea, as well as North America. Surely, there will be something cool enough for your popular feline friend.

  • No-rang-i (Goldie or Yellow)
  • Ya-oong-i (Meowie)
  • Chi-Ta (Cheetah)
  • Moon (Learned)
  • Upo (Korean Wetlands)
  • Wain (Wine)
  • Bbo-Bbo (Kiss Kiss)
  • Gom (Bear)
  • Soju (Korean vodka)
  • Kim Chi
  • So-Ah (Small and beautiful)
  • Jeju (Island in Korea)
  • Chung (Spring)
  • Korea 
  • Dong (East)
  • Gi (Brave)
  • Seoul (Capital city)
  • Jin (Jewel)
  • Kong-Ee (Bean)
  • Ra-Myun (Spicy noodle)

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Finding the Right Korean Name for Your Cat

Determining the perfect combination of a trendy and cute, yet authentically Korean-inspired cat name may be a bit of a task. However, we hope by providing you with a few distinct lists and including the meaning of each name, we have given you the winning combination and the perfect cat name

If not, and your still up in the air, please check out one of our other extensive cat names lists below: 

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